Im only 30 cm away from being abducted.

 Im only 30 cm away from being abducted.

With a mouthful of Shandong dialect, my uncle told me that he wanted to eat steamed buns, but I didnt have any cash at that time, and there was no place around to sell steamed buns. I really didnt know what to do.

Grandpa said its okay. You can help me. Ill pay for it myself. Its not far.

Seeing my uncles disappointment, I felt guilty.

As a result, I went home and told my boyfriend about it, and received a face-to-face education.

He also searched many examples of abducted and trafficked College students. After reading them, I had only one sentence in my mind: Hell is empty, demons are in the world.

The things that I felt I couldnt fight with before suddenly seemed to be around me, and the faces of the girls who were abducted and trafficked clearly appeared in front of me.

They plan to trick you into following him in some way and make more money by selling you wherever you go.

Every day, the abduction and trafficking of young girls happens.

In the movie Blind Mountain, female college student Bai Xuemei wants to make money with Chinese herbal medicine to lighten the burden of her family, and she drinks a glass of water and is sold.

Picture of the movie Blind Mountain

It used to be thought that this would not happen in real life, but reality is more cruel than film.

A female college student in Sichuan Province went to buy a night supper alone at night and was stared at by traffickers. She was trafficked into the mountains with drugs. She was abducted and sold three times in 15 years. She gave birth to two children and was beaten mentally disordered by her husband.

Female college students with good looks were abducted and sold to mountainous areas and overnight became sex slaves in the whole village.

The girl was raped several times to get pregnant. At the age of 13, she was diagnosed that there would be no children in the future. Who could be responsible for her future?

A 12-year-old girl was abducted and sold to the countryside to become a shared wife of the whole family.