Entertainment freshmen | Wang Zhe: Change singing from hobby to profession

 Entertainment freshmen | Wang Zhe: Change singing from hobby to profession

Entertainment freshmen reported on July 9 (interview/Xushan later period/Jiang Meitong planning/Zheng Lizhu) Wang Zhe grew rapidly from a top student in the Department of Mathematics to a youth idol. After Youth You, he released his first single, Search, and launched MV. He is currently planning to release his second single. Recently, as an entertainment idol interactive column Entertainment Fresh School, he shared his mentality after becoming an artist. He said: I really appreciate that Kola people can come with me to the present, especially in the game, my controversy is still very big, thank them for their persistence till now.

Netease Entertainment: Before and after attending Qingyou, whats the day like?

Wang Zhe: It used to be eating, sleeping, playing games, and then doing math problems. Maybe watching movies and listening to songs are quite simple. Now is shooting, clapping, clapping, and then singing and dancing, learning, meeting a lot of lessons that have not been taught before. Because singing, which used to be just a hobby, now has to become a professional.

Netease Entertainment: Why suddenly want to change their life trajectory?

Wang Zhe: There is no great opportunity. I prefer to do whatever I think. At that time, I happened to see a program similar to that of trainees. I actually envied them. I felt that I was working hard to learn to dance and then standing on the stage. That kind of picture made me like it very much, so I wanted to try it out. Before, I probably only knew how to listen to songs, but I didnt see other people dancing and singing. The first time I saw it, I felt very handsome. I also wanted to stand on the stage and try it.

Wang Zhe: This song is a story of seeking, because everyone is looking for who they are and what they should do. There are many sceneries, so we must watch MV.

Netease Entertainment: Is there anything delicious to eat in Spain?

Wang Zhe: The roast suckling pig in Spain is very delicious. I heard about it. Then when I ate it myself, I found that it was no different from China. But theres a puff over there. Its like Lightning Puff. Its very delicious. Its a bit like that fried stick. Then its filled with chocolate sauce and various vanilla sauces. Its delicious.

Netease Entertainment: In MV, whats special about your style?

Netease Entertainment: Has your family heard your new song?

Netease Entertainment: Why did you know that Deng Chaoyuan and Shi Zhan were broadcast live?

Netease Entertainment: Why are you keen on brushing gifts?

Wang Zhe: Not as good as I am. Ill show them live next time.

Thank you Kola for coming with me to the present

Wang Zhe: God, is he real or false? I dont know. He didnt tell me. Ive seen my own expression bag. I dare not look at it. I just clicked it in. I turned it off directly. Im going to see him.

Netease Entertainment: Do you have your favorite song recently?

Wang Zhe: Recently, Wang Feis Human World has been playing in circulation. In fact, I like to listen to old songs very much. I will take out old songs from time to time and listen to them again.

Wang Zhe: Chen Fangyus Love You, Liu Ruoyings Later, Lin Yujias Fool, Zeng Yikes Possible Night, Night Car, and Cai Yilins Love.

Wang Zhe: Duck blood. I especially like to eat duck blood, then duck tongue, as well as fat cattle, fur belly, and bullfrogs, all like to eat.

Netease Entertainment: What formula do you like to drink milk tea?

Wang Zhe: Look at that pearl is sweet or not. If he has sugar, Ill be three-point sugar. If there is no pearl of that sugar, it is pentose. Otherwise, nothing will be added.

Wang Zhe: Yes, that Du Minjun. Then in modern theatre, I want to play the super-competent type. If its an ancient costume play, I like the fairy-swordsman type.

Wang Zhe: E-sports, and then travel is also very enjoyable.

Wang Zhe: There used to be that kind of debate in school, but I was shy at that time, and I never participated. Then some of them have become masters of debate, but I havent participated yet.

Netease Entertainment: When you go to school, are there any other subjects that you are particularly good at or not?

Wang Zhe: I dont seem to have any subjects that Im not good at, only those I dont want to learn, such as Chinese. Because that teacher at that time, I felt that he was especially targeted at me, and then I had a temper, and I did not want to learn.

Netease Entertainment: What would you like to say to Kola?

Wang Zhe: Thank Kola in particular for coming with me to the present. In fact, in the game, my own controversy is quite big, thank you for their persistence until now. Especially during the group performance, it was a hard time, but because many people have been working with me behind my back to cheer me up, I feel that I can not give up myself first, so I really thank them.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Entertainment Freshmen: Hu Mengyao_NK5655