Director of Rio Trampoline 1 Silver 2 Copper Gymnastics Center: Tokyo will cover two gold medals

 Director of Rio Trampoline 1 Silver 2 Copper Gymnastics Center: Tokyo will cover two gold medals

Trampoline has two gold medals for both men and women in the Olympic Games. China has won the Olympic Games in Beijing. At the Rio Olympics, Chinas trampoline team won only one silver and two bronzes before the competition. In the Tokyo Olympic cycle, the Olympic qualifications of trampoline events will be changed from one-match qualifications to multi-match qualifications. That is to say, at the end of 2019, the World Championships will produce one qualification for each team, one qualification for each team, and the final ranking will also be determined by taking the best four-stop final rankings from February 2019 to the six-stop World Cups before the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. Each team must have an Olympic qualification for men and women.

Miao Zhongyi said that the preparations for the trampoline events of the Tokyo Olympic Games require high difficulty, high quality and stability. The goal is to win two Olympic gold medals again. At present, it is necessary to study and formulate new selection methods and new arrangements to meet the needs of the new Olympic qualification system for trampoline events.

Dong Jianguo, the head of the technical service team of the Chinese trampoline team, made a visual analysis of the performance of the main players and their main competitors in the two World Cup races in 2019 from the four scoring elements of difficulty, completion, height and displacement.

Miao Zhongyi said that the Chinese trampoline team should continue to enhance the sense of responsibility, mission and honor. Combining with the objective situation, according to each athletes technical characteristics, physical fitness level, injury and sickness situation, a more targeted training plan and implementation plan are formulated, and the battle is well prepared. To take such measures as transferring training to promote athletes to maintain a good state under various conditions and enhance their own strength. (End)

Source: Responsible Editor of Xinhua News Agency: Liu Jie_NS6529