Late night demolition was hit by dead media: how do health care committee cadres do demolition work?

 Late night demolition was hit by dead media: how do health care committee cadres do demolition work?

Recently, the news of the demolition and demolition of cadres in late night was hit and killed spread widely. According to CNN reports, the Propaganda Department of the Luohe City Committee of Henan Province confirmed the incident, and the police have intervened at present. The demolition triggered a bloodshed again, which made people sad.

A statement received by the reporter showed that in the early morning of July 3, more than 50 staff members were organized by the headquarters of the First Shed Reform Project in Luohe, Henan Province, demolishing Wang Enzhongs house, during which villagers alerted the police and 110 police officers rushed to the scene. At about 2:50, Wang Enzhongs son, Wang Mou, crashed into the location of the headquarters staff. Hu Huadong could not escape being hit and killed. Suspect Wang Mou was injured and 120 people were taken to hospital.

According to the latest local response, the deputy director of the Health and Health Commission of the East China Department of Hu was transferred to create two cities together in October 2016 to do the demolition work, he has been running both ends. The project involves 443 households, 441 households have been demolished before the incident, only two households do not agree to demolish, Wang is one of them, because the demolition compensation standards are not satisfied. However, there was no response to the statement that Wang worked in the construction department.

First of all, it should be pointed out that in any case, in the presence of the police, deliberately driving into people and causing death, has broken through the bottom line of the law, but also contempt for the legal system. Wang Mou, who deprives others of their lives, will also be severely punished by law.

In this consensus, looking back at the murder case, several keywords have attracted special attention of the public.

The first one is health Care Committee cadres.

Generally speaking, it is not uncommon for health care committee staff to appear at the demolition site. It may be to prevent sudden injuries and ensure the personal safety of demolition personnel. But like Luohe, it is rare to borrow health care committee cadres for long-term responsibility for demolition and relocation.

First, whether the health committee has its own work and can take both sides into account is a question mark; second, due to professional limitations, it is doubtful whether it has sufficient legal knowledge about demolition and relocation, whether it can do all acts in accordance with legal norms. The public may feel that the demolition was driven by power rather than by law.

Second, Leading the Team in the Late Night.

In response, the local government said that strict urban management and no large-scale machinery is allowed to enter the city during the day. Lets accept this explanation, but lets put it into reality. In the middle of the night, many people have already fallen asleep. With the arrival of more than 50 people and large machinery, we can imagine the pressure on the family to be expropriated and the conflicting mood.

From the villagersalarm action and the excessive behavior of driving and crashing people, it is likely that the two sides did not negotiate properly before the late night demolition.

Demolition means redistribution of existing interests and transfer and compensation of rights, which are usually accompanied by disputes and disputes. Therefore, demolition according to law and sunshine demolition are particularly important - both sides should put the issue on the table, negotiate according to law, and seek a balance between public interests and individual demands. From this point of view, the image of leading the demolition team in the middle of the night is the first to lose a city.

In a society ruled by law, it is a tragedy to be hit and killed by demolition in the middle of the night. But tragedy cant stop at the perpetrators prostration. What is the reason for a health system cadre to go to the front line of demolition, and what is the reason for Wang Mou to destroy the net at all costs - only by facing up to the problems and stripping out the causes of the tragedy without reservation, can similar tragedies be avoided. Next, it is hoped that the local police can disclose the progress of the case in time to ensure that the demolition is always on the track of the rule of law.

Henan officials led the demolition team late at night and were killed by the official: the police have intervened

In response to local rumors that officials led the demolition team late at night was hit and killed, Chen surname officials of the Propaganda Department of the Naocheng District Committee of Luohe City in Henan Province confirmed to reporters that there was indeed a case, and the police had intervened in the investigation. A written material purportedly transmitted from a real estate company associated with the incident shows that in the early morning of July 3, more than 50 staff members of Xiaoli Village Shed Reform Project Command in Naocheng District demolished Wang Enzhongs house, which was expropriated from Xiaoli Zhuang. Villagers alerted the police during the demolition process.