The 23-year-olds wife, who accidentally died in the playground, questioned the gardens inadequate rescue efforts.

 The 23-year-olds wife, who accidentally died in the playground, questioned the gardens inadequate rescue efforts.

Huang Lipeng, 23, and his wife are scheduled to get married in September, but Huang Lipeng can only be absent from their wedding forever.

Huang Lipeng (first left) and his wife

On the evening of July 6, Huang Lipeng and his wife and friends went to Guose Tianxiang Water Paradise to play. After sliding down from the Happy Naughty Castle project, Huang Lipeng suddenly had an accident and died after rescue.

Happy Naughty Castle Entertainment Facilities

After the incident, family members questioned the inadequacy of rescue and rescue related to water park, there was no life-saving staff present, and the best rescue time was missed after the incident, resulting in death.

On the 9th, the person in charge of the Water Paradise exclusively provided the surveillance video to Red Star News: within four minutes after the discovery of abnormal tourists, security, police and first aid workers arrived at the scene, and the first aid work continued until 120 first aid workers arrived.

Sudden death at a 23-year-old mans playground

The companion tells the story

Ai Zhaojun, a friend and colleague of Huang Lipeng, told Red Star News that the same day (6) was Saturday. Six people (including a minor) bought night tickets for the National Tianxiang Water and Land Paradise. After entering, they first went to the swimming pool, where there were singing and dancing performances. At about 7:52 p.m., they arrived at the second event, namely Quick. Ai Zhaojun took his younger brother to play next door project because he was a little scared. At about 7:56 p.m., Meng Hui, Huang Lipengs wife, sent a video to her mother by micro-mail, saying that she was playing in the playground.

When I came to look for them, he (Huang Lipeng) was sitting in the water. Ai Zhaojun said that Huang Lipeng was the first person in the group to slide down, followed by a friend of the same trade. He saw that the friend went to pull Huang Lipeng, and then told himself, Something has happened. Ai Zhaojun said that the water depth is only about to the calf, Huang Lipeng is only one or two meters away from the shore, there is a staff member standing at the exit of the slide, with his back facing Huang Lipeng.

Emergency scene

Ai Zhaojun said that when he heard the accident, he did not go forward any more. Instead, he ran outside the project to find staff and medical staff. But the staff at the entrance of the project did not respond at first, and he ran back to the scene. At this time, Huang Lipengs wife Meng Hui also slid down. Ai Zhaojun ran out again to find the staff.

Hes already sitting by the pool. Meng Hui said that at that time, he saw the water flowing out of Huang Lipengs mouth, as if he was frightened, and when he shouted, he could look at himself with his voice. Meng Hui said that he asked the staff to carry Huang Lipeng ashore, because Huangs weight was relatively heavy, about 140 kilograms. When he arrived on the shore, there was no help. He cried out and asked (whether anyone would give first aid). A middle-aged man in his thirties began to help with cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Then a young lady joined in. Yes, they all wear swimsuits. They all look like tourists. About five or six minutes after the tourists helped with the first aid, the staff in white coats came, followed by the first aid staff in the hospital. During CPR, Huang Lipengs mouth and nose overflowed with cold noodles, ham and sausages he had eaten that night.

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Meng Hui said that after the first aid workers in the hospital rescued in situ for a while, they asked to be sent to the hospital. Huang Lipeng was lifted onto the stretcher. In the ambulance, Meng Hui saw that the line of heartbeat on Huang Lipengs ECG monitor was flat. After the electric shock rescue, a little heartbeat was restored. There is no (autonomous) breathing. u201d Meng Hui said that Huang Lipeng was sent to ICU again after being rescued in the emergency department of the hospital, but doctors have always stressed that there is basically no possibility.

Two announcements of amusement park: cooperating with investigation

At 18:36 on the 8th, @Guose Tianxiang Water and Land Paradise issued a Information Bulletin on the Accidents of Guose Tianxiang Water Paradise. The contents are as follows:

At about 20:08 on July 6, 2019, our staff found a visitor sitting in Happy Naughty Fort (water depth 30 cm) with abnormal attitude, and immediately took the visitor out with his companions. The staff immediately reported the emergency rescue process, and then within one minute the companys emergency rescue personnel arrived at the scene, rescue and medical treatment. Ambulance personnel immediately gave the tourist CPR first aid. Security personnel also dialed 120 first aid telephone. The first aid lasted until 120 arrived at the scene. After 120 arrived, the visitor continued to give first aid to the park staff, and then 120 took the visitor to the hospital for further rescue. At 11:00 on July 7, after a night of rescue efforts, the tourist still had no independent breathing and heartbeat, and relied on ventilators and other equipment to maintain his life. The parents of the tourist chose to give up treatment and signed the relevant hospital documents. On July 7, Chengdu Fifth Peoples Hospital issued the death report of the tourist. The report diagnosed that the death of the tourist was caused by cardiac arrest, acute coronary syndrome, multiple organ failure, pneumonia and gastrointestinal bleeding.

We are very sad to lose a young and promising friend. Paradise deeply regrets this incident. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to family members and friends on this incident. At present, the company is actively cooperating with relevant departments to investigate, communicate and coordinate with family members, and strive to do a good job of related rehabilitation work!

Chengdu Lexin Investment Co., Ltd.

8 July 2019

At 12:58 on the 9th, @Guose Tianxiang Water and Land Paradise Released a Briefing:

Netizens, on the evening of July 6, a 23-year-old male visitor visited the Happy Naughty Castle project slideway in the amusement park. Because of his sudden illness, amusement park staff and their companions found abnormalities and carried out the patient out of the equipment area together. The emergency personnel of the amusement park arrived at the scene within one minute after receiving the notification and gave first aid within five minutes. After 120 emergency calls, the park side took active and appropriate treatment measures and methods in the whole rescue process, and fulfilled its corresponding responsibilities.

We are very sad about the departure of a life. Paradise deeply regrets this incident. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to my family and relatives and friends on this incident.

On the afternoon of July 8, the joint investigation team of relevant government departments has been stationed in Paradise. Paradise actively cooperates with relevant government departments to investigate and collect evidence. Next, it will actively cooperate with family members to deal with the relevant aftermath matters.

Please wait patiently for the authoritative investigation report of the government departments, and constantly take the right words, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors.

Family members questioned the inaccuracy of the playground announcement

Meng Hui questioned the fact that the announcement issued by the amusement park was not in line with the actual situation. Later, they saw the surveillance video provided by the amusement park (not allowed to take video photos). Because the Happy Naughty Fort project was S-shaped, the surveillance could only take part of it. It happened that the scene was not within the scope of surveillance, and they saw it from them. The surveillance screen showed that the medical staff arrived at 20:02 that evening. At 20:04, the stretcher was lifted out. The time of the national situation report was 20:08.

Meng Hui said that according to the emergency medical records, the time to receive the emergency call was 20:14, the time to go out was 20:16, the time to arrive at the scene was 20:28, the time to leave the scene was 20:30, and the time to arrive at the hospital was 20:40, which was not consistent with the time of the situation report and the monitoring screen. In Meng Huis hospital emergency visits, Red Star journalists saw this part of the content.

Mrs. Meng, the wife of the deceased

Meng Hui said that at that time, two tourists in swimsuits were involved in the first aid. One was a middle-aged man in his 30s, with a beard and the other was a young woman. Family members also said they wanted to find the two first aid visitors through the media to express their gratitude and to confirm the incident that night.

Meng Hui said that the playground announcement was that Huang Lipengs parents gave up treatment. In fact, Huang Lipengs parents rushed back from Guangzhou that night. Doctors had always stressed that there was little hope of rescuing them. Their feet were cold. Its because theres no way out, not because theres no way out.

Meng Hui said that he and Huang Lipeng only got their marriage certificate on March 14 this year. Whether they had a pre-marital examination or in normal life, Huang Lipengs health has been very good and there are no heart problems.

All original surveillance video

It has been submitted to the police and relevant departments.

On the afternoon of the 9th, the Red Star journalist came to Tianxiang Water Paradise. A director of the Water Paradise showed a video of the incident to the Red Star journalist, which came from a monitoring site on the amusement project.

(Huang Lipeng) came down from the slide, went to the post by himself, rested, lay down and got up again. The person in charge said that at this time, was blocked by the column of the amusement project, the monitoring did not take the relevant pictures. The project staff and Huang Lipengs friends at the same time found that Huang Lipeng had an abnormal situation and helped him up. Huang could not stand. It was the staff who carried him to the shore. After a simple rescue, they immediately dialed the park telephone and the alarm and first aid telephone in accordance with the procedure.

According to the video provided by the park, the 7th second of the video (playback progress bar) shows that the staff found an abnormality. At the 38th second, the staff recited Huang. At the 1st minute, the first police officer arrived. At the 3rd minute, the security officer arrived. At the 3rd minute, the security officer arrived. At the 3rd minute, the 2nd police officer in white clothes arrived. At the 3rd minute, 26th seconds. Door supervisor arrived, 3 minutes 42 seconds, medical staff arrived. The person in charge explained that after 20 seconds, ambulances in red clothes arrived, but the video was not intercepted. The rescue of tourists by the staff was continuing, and the vomiting foreign bodies were cleared up until the hospital emergency personnel arrived at 20:28. CPR had not stopped. We confirmed with the medical staff that by the time she arrived, there was already an ambulance worker undergoing CPR, which took about three minutes. One staff member added that there were many roads leading to the project, and it was possible that the ambulance worker had not gone through the section that had been monitored and photographed.

First of all, before the opening of the park in April this year, the equipment of the project passed the periodic inspection of the amusement facilities (with special equipment use signs), and passed the inspection. In many places of the amusement park, posters were posted to inform that the project could not be played under unfit conditions.

Happy Naughty Castle Safety Information Board

Water Paradise Admission Notes Article 6, hypertension, heart disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hepatitis, severe trachoma, acute conjunctivitis, otitis media, skin diseases, asthma, fracture or joint dislocation history, epilepsy history, drinkers, dermatophytes (including tinea pedis), venereal diseases, intestinal infectious diseases and other infectious diseases, psychosis. Patients and pregnant women, who were medically identified as inappropriate to participate in intense sports, refused to enter the park. If all kinds of losses caused by concealment of entering the park are borne by the tourists themselves.

Happy Naughty Castle Safety Information Board

Secondly, all the staff and rescue workers are on duty with certificates. After the accident happened to the tourists, the medical and rescue personnel of the aquatic park have been trying to rescue them. There is no such situation as the family members said that there is no staff on the scene.

The person in charge said that all the original surveillance videos had been submitted to the police and relevant departments, and now all the videos were copied by Paradise, so the time could not be seen. At present, the park is cooperating with relevant departments to investigate, and will provide all survey data.

According to the current investigation, the park has no responsibility for the incident and has consulted with family members for many times. The park can provide relevant humanitarian compensation, but there are gaps with family members. It is suggested that the responsibility be clarified through judicial procedures.

Source: Red Star News Responsible Editor: Youyuan Garden_NO4712