Mans Street murder high school teacher rescued a bloody woman with a knife in his bare hands

 Mans Street murder high school teacher rescued a bloody woman with a knife in his bare hands

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Do boldly what is righteous! Mans empty-handed sword rescue (Source:)

On July 2, in front of a hotel in Hulan District, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, a man and a woman suddenly had a physical conflict. The woman was covered in blood. Yang Baocheng, a math teacher who passed by, stood up and grabbed a knife to save people.

Photographs taken by mobile phones show that on the evening of July 2, in front of a hotel in Hulan District, Harbin, a woman was lying on the ground covered with blood and a middle-aged man was dressing the injured woman to stop bleeding in time. The man who saved the people was Yang Baocheng, a math teacher at the local Hulan No. 7 Middle School. Yang Baocheng said that at the time of the incident, he overpowered the man with a knife with his bare hands.

Yang Baocheng said that when he happened to be near the scene of the accident, he found a man and a woman clashing in the street, then the man moved a knife to the woman, and the woman kept crying for help. Yang Baocheng ran quickly to the woman and grasped the weapon stabbing her with both hands.

At that time, Yang Baocheng grasped the knife in front of him. His hand was pierced by the knife, but Yang Baocheng did not let go because of pain. Instead, he grabbed the knife and finally snatched it. Soon, the police arrived at the scene, and the knife-wielding man was under control. The injured woman was also sent to the hospital for treatment.

The next day, Yang Baocheng returned to school with injuries. He did not mention it with his colleagues and students. Until someone in the circle of friends sent a video of his rescue, the story of Yang Baochengs rescue was gradually spread in the school. Teachers and students in the school praised Mr. Yangs behavior one after another. On July 5, the local Education Bureau awarded Yang Baocheng 5,000 yuan for his brave behavior. It is understood that the injured woman has been out of danger of life, is receiving treatment in the hospital, the incident is being further investigated and dealt with.

Source: CCTV responsible editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143