Evening paper, Robin Li adjusted the price of the Beijing network and the release of the price of the car.

 Evening paper, Robin Li adjusted the price of the Beijing network and the release of the price of the car.

Chens achievements are closely related to cancer immunotherapy. Simply speaking, his laboratory has found the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway with the function of suppressing tumor immune response, and established the cancer immunotherapy targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 pathway, thus laying a solid foundation for the research and development of anti-PD-1/PD-L1 drugs. The most attractive aspect of this study is that it reveals not only in theory but also in clinical practice that medicine can kill cancer cells by elevating the patients own immune system, which has a better long-term effect on cancer than chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapy. [Link to the original text

The man who splashed water at Robin Li was released to his hometown for more than ten people to return to Shanxi.

At about 10:00 on July 9, Cheng Guanqi, a man from Yuncheng, Shanxi Province, was released by the Chaoyang District Detention Center. Police from the Olympic Park Police Station drove him away. On July 3rd, at 11 oclock, Cheng Guan Qi was splashing water at Robin Li at Baidu AI developer conference, and was detained by police for five days. Family members said that after release, Cheng Guanqi would return to Yuncheng, Shanxi Province immediately and would not stay in Beijing. [Link to the original

Steve Jobs was exposed to have commented on Cook as not a product maker.

According to foreign media reports, Walter Isaacson, author of The Jobs Biography, said in an interview that he had long known that Jony Ive, the former chief designer of Apple, was gradually reducing his work at Apple. He also said that Jobs had commented that Cook was not a product maker and that his book was not a product maker. It softens the complaint. [Link to the original

The first anniversary of millets listing saw its share price cut to the waist, and the mobile phone was a battle that could not be defeated.

In many peoples minds, millet has had a hard time in the past year - not only because of the decline in market value, but also because of the decline in shipments and market share of the mobile phone business, which is regarded as the foundation of millet. Although the IoT business is growing well, it mainly focuses on hardware sales and has not yet formed a synergy with the Internet business. [Link to the original

23,271 Tencent employees were awarded stock prizes with an average value of about 450,000 yuan per person.

On the evening of July 8, Tencent announced that it would issue 3418 2154 new shares under its stock incentive scheme in 2013, including 13026 938 shares awarded to 4426 awardees from 2018 to June 2019, and 21155 216 shares awarded to 18845 awardees on July 8, 2019. [Link to the original

Whats the truth about Noahs 3.4 billion words about Goofy and Chengxing International?

In response to the 3.4 billion yuan mine trampling incident on the afternoon of July 9, Goffer Assets said it had filed a judicial lawsuit against Chengxing International and Jingdong for the supply chain financing. As for the prosecution of Chengxing and Jingdong, Noahs latest statement said: Chengxing international parties are suppliers of Jingdong, there are a lot of long-term transactions between the two sides. [Link to the original

Drop by Drop Adjustment Beijing Online Appointment Price Starting Price Rising in Part of Peak Time

Today, drip travel issued Beijing drip net car price adjustment instructions, said that since July 11, 2019, Beijing drip net car prices will be adjusted according to the region. Early peak (6:00-10:00) start price, mileage fee rise, time cost remains unchanged, start price rises from 13 yuan to 14 yuan, mileage fee rises from 1.60 yuan/km to 1.80 yuan/km; ordinary time (10:00-17:00) start price remains unchanged, mileage fee decreases, mileage fee decreases from 1.60 yuan/km to 1.45 yuan/km, and time cost decreases from 0.60 yuan/km to 1.45 yuan/km. 5 yuan per kilometer to 0.4 yuan per kilometer. [Link to the original

British Airways will be fined $230 million for leaking 500,000 customer information

According to foreign media reports, British Airways, a subsidiary of IAG, will face a record 183 million ($230 million) fine for leaking information about its 500,000 customers last year. [Link to the original

Metro Chinas last round of bidding! Biographical Mei Yonghui Entered Suning Exit

After Carrefour sold itself to Suning in China, the ownership of Metros China business, another foreign retail and wholesale supermarket, has also attracted much attention. According to Bloomberg News, an investment consortium joined by Wumart, a Chinese supermarket operator, and Yonghui, a rival, has been included in the final round of Metros China business, while Suning has abandoned its bid. [Link to the original

State Intellectual Property Office responds to Senators proposal to Huawei: Hope for fairness and justice

Hu Wenhui, spokesman and chief of the office of the State Intellectual Property Office, said today that he was concerned about the U.S. Senators proposal to prohibit Huawei from seeking legal relief. The State Intellectual Property Office of China has consistently insisted on the equal treatment and protection of intellectual property rights of domestic and foreign enterprises. [Link to the original