Zheng Shuang: Audiences are not obliged to accept your bad mood and bad acting skills

 Zheng Shuang: Audiences are not obliged to accept your bad mood and bad acting skills

Zheng Shuangs Apology

It just proves that the credit of traffic stars with poor acting skills and poor texture of their works is bankrupting. This is an overall trend in the performing arts circle in the past two years. Originally, the flow stars who call for rain and wind and go all the way to the disadvantage have fallen one after another.

In the final analysis, Zheng Shuang is too red - she has always been very hot, has not been short of scripts, has not been short of money, which is her fearless spirit. Im not good at acting. What can you do with me? I still have traffic. Im still making a lot of money. She did not really learn from the market and the audience, so she always let go of herself. Although she apologized, she would not really learn a long lesson.

Zheng Shuang is indeed an anomaly in the Performing Arts circle. Her irresponsible speeches and performances are harmful to the audience and her peers. There are many actors in the performing arts circle who are more powerful than Zheng Shuang, but they have suffered for a long time from not having good opportunities. However, those who do not know acting skills and awe hold all kinds of resources and spend them without clapping. Such a market ecology is hard to say healthy, angry audience, will also make some peers feel aggrieved.

On July 8, Zheng Shuangyins comments in response to the doubts about the ratings of new dramas and cyber violence on his personal APP aroused heated discussion. Today, she apologized in her personal App, saying, If my comments hurt someone who loves me, I really apologize. At the same time, Shuang Meizi also said that so many remarks make me clear and feel the joy of this worlds controversy. Come on!