Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition

 Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition

Netease Entertainment reported on July 9 that Spider-Man: HeroesExpedition produced by Columbia Film Company officially released nationwide on June 28. As soon as the film was released, it broke many previous records. It swept 668 million box office in the first weekend. Within 11 days of its release in China, the total box office has broken 1.1 billion, and it is still soaring. It has become the absolute first in the history of Manweis single superhero movie in the universe. Global markets all occupied the top spot in the same period. North Americas box office broke 185 million US dollars in the first weekend, setting the best record of Spider-Man Series in the first weekend, and the worlds box office has broken 580 million US dollars. Spider-mans powerful expedition, fierce momentum to catch up with the Confederation 4, has been praised at home and abroad as the best Spider-Man movies. Spider-Man not only takes the lead in the movie, completes the heroic transformation, but also has many relatives and friends to make brilliant appearances, many plays are very eye-catching. The film has landed on all major courtyards throughout the country, and is in a hot screening. It will accompany the audience through a pleasant summer vacation.

Relatives and Friends Care Special Edition Releases Spider-Mans Racing Drama of Transforming the Strength of Relatives and Friends

Just as Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition was released in full swing, the government released a special edition of Relatives and Friends Care, which edited the wonderful fragments of Spider-Mans relatives and friends. The highlights of the special edition were many and very eye-catching. First of all, Hapi emerged from the crack in the door. Spider-man greeted him warmly but ignored him completely. Hapis eyes were all on Aunt May. Spider-man had to stand between them, looking at them with a doubtful face and flirting and swearing. Will Happy and Aunt May have more emotional developments in this film? Will Hapi eventually become a Spider-Man relative? People cant help but imagine. But it is certain that Hapi will play an important part in the film, which will play a key role in helping Spider-Man transform completely and launch an epic confrontation with the powerful enemies in Europe.

Spiderman is no longer a good neighbor in Queens, but a real superhero who saves the world. But at the same time, the performance of relatives and friends around him is not inferior. Aunt May forced Spider-Mans battle suit into his suitcase, which enabled Peter to enter the unexpected battle. When he talked to Aunt May about her safety, Peter made a new discovery: Happy actually had lunch with her at Aunt Mays company! Although Happy didnt want to talk to Peter, at Aunt Mays request, he greeted him reluctantly and told him that he would take good care of Aunt May. This made people admire Aunt May, and could easily subdue Peter and Happy.

The films worldwide popularity boom box office is not allowed to dominate the summer archives

Weibo big V recommendation 93%, rotten tomatoes freshness 91%, Wanda movie score 9.5, Douban split 8.4, friends recommendation 82%... Since its release, Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition has been highly praised by the global film platform. CCTV, Vogue Film and other authoritative media have rated the film as exciting summer mega-series, visual shock, subversion of imagination and super-British mega-series must be seen every year. Meanwhile, the film won zero-margin reviews from audiences, and continued to rise for 11 days, which was called the best Spider-Man movie by audiences.

On the 10th day of its release in China, the box office of the film has broken 1.1 billion yuan, surpassing the previous box office record set by Captain Marvel, becoming the first in the history of single superhero films in the world, and breaking many records at the same time. The film won its highest box office record on Tuesday on its first day in North America, breaking zero-point and opening-day records even after its release in Hong Kong. North Americas box office hit $185 million in the first weekend, which is not only the best result of the series, but also the best result of the Manway movie Universe Single Superhero movie in North America. As media commented, This is the grand masterpiece that can really carry 2 billion word-of-mouth in the summer archives.

Spider-Man: Heroes Expedition is directed by director Joe Watts again. Spider-Man Tom Holland and Director Samuel Jackson have joined us. More powerful Hollywood star Jack Gyllenhaal plays the new role of Mystery Guy. Marisa Tome, Jon Feru, Zandaya and Jacob Butterrand all returned. The film was shown nationwide.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020