Have you got extraterrestrial technology? It is said that the speed of the 6th generation will reach Mach 5. How to overcome so many problems?

 Have you got extraterrestrial technology? It is said that the speed of the 6th generation will reach Mach 5. How to overcome so many problems?

In the field of fighter aircraft, the United States has been the benchmark of the industry in recent decades. Several large-scale fourth-generation fighters, such as F15, F16 and F18, not only came out early, but also sold well. The performance of upgraded and improved models is no less than that of 4++ fighters launched in Europe. In the field of Five Generations Aircraft, the United States is outstanding. F22 has been around for more than 20 years, and F35 has become the first choice of NATO National Air Force. In contrast, there are only two Five Generations Aircraft independently developed by other countries.

The Storm model of the British Sixth Generation Aircraft (pictured above) and the FCAS model of the French and German Sixth Generation Aircraft (pictured below).

But in the field of the Sixth Generation Aircraft, the United States has been quiet recently. Last year, Britain first launched the first Sixth Generation Aircraft Storm, and then at the Paris Air Show in 2019, Germany and France jointly launched the Sixth Generation Aircraft FCAS, which once again made the world a sensation.

The European countries that have been left behind in the field of Five Generations seem to be joining forces on Six Generations. People are curious about how the United States, as the worlds largest aviation power, will respond.

In fact, the United States has long been developing its own six-generation aircraft, the F/A-XX, mainly to replace the Navys F/A-18, but it has very little information.

For a long time, there has been no unified understanding of what is the 6th generation machine and the definition of the 6th generation machine. We all know that the five generations of aircraft have the following benchmarks: stealth ability, supersonic cruise ability, supermaneuverability and advanced avionics system.

Six generations of aircraft and five generations of aircraft to form a generation difference, there must be an all-round improvement, so in terms of speed, we all think that six generations of aircraft should also be high-speed fighters - but did not expect that the speed will be high to this extent.

American Patriot Missile Test Launch.

If the sixth generation of American aircraft wants to achieve hypersonic speed, there is no doubt that it must use ramjet, because ordinary turbofan turbojet engine can not provide such high speed.

The engine used by the Black Bird reconnaissance aircraft is a good example.

The J-58 engine used by Blackbird can be regarded as a hybrid type of ramjet and turbojet engine. When it flies at low speed, the jet engine works with the ramjet engine. When the speed increases, the jet engine stops working. The aircraft relies entirely on the ramjet to provide power. Mach 3.2 is the most important type. Good cruise speed.

An X-51A wave rider is under the wing of a B-52 stratospheric fortress bomber.

However, scramjet technology is not mature, and its difficulty has been mentioned in previous articles. Ignition is very difficult because it needs to be ignited in supersonic flow. X51 failed in four tests.

In addition, the working condition of scramjet is very bad. To solve the problem of long-term stable operation under high temperature and pressure, a breakthrough in material science and technology is necessary. This is not a problem that can be solved overnight.

The design and manufacture of the six-generation engine has been so difficult, and the difficulty of the whole engine is not small.

Oil leakage occurs on the ground and high temperature occurs when high-altitude and high-speed flights occur. Therefore, SR-71 uses new fuels with high ignition point and low volatility to ensure flight safety.

For a strategic reconnaissance aircraft, the cost is tolerable, but if the fighter aircraft is so troublesome, it will basically lose the ability to equip the troops.

Are Americans really getting alien technology?

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