National Post Office: Establishing and Implementing the Blacklist System for the Trustbreakers in Express Industry

 National Post Office: Establishing and Implementing the Blacklist System for the Trustbreakers in Express Industry

In order to implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech at the Symposium on private enterprises, better serve the development of private express enterprises, stimulate the innovation vitality of private economy, deepen the structural reform of supply side, and promote the high-quality development of express industry, the following suggestions are put forward.

I. Overall requirements

Guided by Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and the Second and Third Plenary Sessions of the Nineteenth Central Committee of the CPC has been fully implemented, and the two unshakable and three unchanged have been deeply understood and consistently adhered to. We should firmly establish a new development concept, take deepening the structural reform of the supply side of the industry as the main line, focus on improving the quality and efficiency of development, and unswervingly support the development of private express enterprises. Create a fair competitive market environment, further stimulate the vitality and development power of small and medium-sized express enterprises, and promote private express enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Efforts should be made to improve the level of service guarantee, effectively solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of private express enterprises, lighten the burden of enterprises, boost development confidence, and form a long-term mechanism to support the healthy development of private express enterprises.

II. Reducing Enterprise Costs and Lowering Enterprise Burden

(1) Reducing institutional transaction costs. Focus on the institutional and institutional obstacles that restrict the development of express industry, adhere to fair, open and transparent market rules, and gradually improve policies and measures to adapt to the new format and new economic development of express industry, so as to promote fair competition. Deepening the reform of release uniform in express delivery field, further optimizing the process of examination and approval service, shortening the examination and approval time of express business operation license to less than half of the legal time limit. Actively promote the whole process of online management of one network to achieve the enterprise run once at most. The difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises should be helped by one enterprise, one policy.

(2) Promoting tax reduction and fee reduction. We will comprehensively promote the implementation of tax reduction and fee reduction policies in the postal industry, guide private express delivery enterprises to fully enjoy the national VAT tax rate adjustment, unified VAT small-scale taxpayer tax relief, and preferential policies for the purchase of new energy vehicles for express delivery, so as to effectively reduce the burden on express delivery enterprises. We should guide small and medium-sized private express delivery enterprises to broaden financing channels, reduce financing costs, and promote the solution of difficulties and problems in the implementation of relevant central and local policies. We will actively strive for special departments and local financial funds to support the construction of national logistics hubs, express parks, the elimination and renewal of old vehicles and the promotion and use of new energy vehicles in various ways. Strengthen propaganda and guidance on tax reduction and fee reduction policies for enterprises concerned, promote relevant departments to send policies to their doors, and help enterprises to grasp all kinds of policy information timely, comprehensively and accurately.

3. Strengthen enterprise cultivation and promote transformation and upgrading

(3) Promoting the quality and effectiveness of enterprise development. To cultivate private express enterprises with high market share, strong innovation ability, great development potential and excellent quality and benefit, and to promote the headquarters of private express enterprises to become stronger and better. We will further promote the express delivery to the countryside project, improve the network nodes of urban and rural logistics, and enhance the level of logistics organization intensification. We should guide postal enterprises to give full play to the advantages of postal network below county level in poor areas, innovate cooperation mode with express enterprises, and promote joint transportation and delivery of rural express mail. We will vigorously carry out the project of Express Entry Area, constantly improve the express terminal service network and enhance service capabilities. We will deepen the coordinated development of express delivery and transportation, promote the project of boarding, boarding and boarding of express delivery, strengthen coordination with relevant departments, help private express enterprises to communicate policy needs, strengthen transport linkages and enhance capacity assurance. We should guide private express delivery enterprises to go out, smooth the channel of international network layout of express delivery enterprises, speed up the improvement of cross-border delivery service system, enhance the network capability of cross-border delivery service, and cultivate express delivery enterprises with first-class international competitiveness.

(4) Enhancing the ability of innovation and development. Encourage the new generation of information technology applications represented by artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, block chains, etc. to improve the standardization and modernization level of production equipment in express industry. Supporting and promoting the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized express delivery enterprises, establishing a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented and in-depth integration of production, education and research, enhancing the technological innovation capability of enterprises, and fostering a number of specialist and innovative express delivery enterprises with outstanding main business, strong competitiveness and good growth, including private express delivery enterprises u3002 Supporting private express delivery enterprises to implement digitalization, networking and intellectualization transformation, realizing intellectualized production, networked collaboration and service extension, promoting new formats, new modes and fostering new momentum. Focusing on the management of mail express package and energy saving and emission reduction in transportation, we should strengthen structural optimization, resource saving, technological innovation and management upgrading to enhance the sustainable development ability of enterprises. We should actively guide private enterprises into the national one belt and one way construction, and enhance the ability of enterprises to introduce high-end technology, projects and talents.

(5) Improve the modern management level of enterprises. Support private express delivery enterprises to improve corporate governance structure and establish a modern enterprise system. Private express delivery enterprises should be guided to strengthen quality and standardized management, strictly implement international standards, national standards and postal industry standards, resolutely curb penalty for custody and unreasonable charges at the end of the countryside, and shift from price competition to service quality competition. We will support the development of personnel training for express delivery enterprises and improve the quality of private entrepreneurs and grass-roots managers.

(6) Improve the ability and quality of employees. Deeply carry out professional title evaluation of express engineering technicians, promote the establishment of skill level recognition system and 1+X certificate system, improve the industry vocational skills competition system, implement vocational skills upgrading plan, support the application of vocational skills training subsidies, and smooth the personnel growth ladder and development channels of private express enterprises. We will implement the plan for the promotion of scientific and technological talents and technological experts in the postal industry and give full play to the role of demonstration and leadership. Supporting private express delivery enterprises to strengthen strategic cooperation with the co-construction of colleges and industry talent training bases, jointly build staff training centers and jointly carry out talent training.

IV. Improving Supervision Measures and Creating a Fair Environment

(7) Standardizing administrative law enforcement. We should adhere to the principle of fairness and fairness, implement sunshine law enforcement, treat the objects of administrative law enforcement according to law, treat the same situations equally, and treat the same kind of problems equally. We will deepen the reform of comprehensive administrative law enforcement in market supervision of the postal industry, sort out, standardize and streamline law enforcement matters in an all-round way, promote the implementation of the management system of the list of law enforcement matters, and strengthen the application of spot checks and the disclosure of investigation and punishment. Scientific allocation of law enforcement resources, in-depth implementation of double random, one open, standardize and improve the main body of the postal market directory database and law enforcement inspectors directory database construction, to ensure the institutionalization and standardization of law enforcement inspection.

(8) Improving the way of policy implementation. Improve the performance level of government departments, and implement the same standards for all kinds of enterprises with ownership according to law in the implementation of various policies. Innovative regulatory mechanisms and means to speed up the formation of Internet + and other new modes, new forms of inclusive and prudent supervision. Except for the explicit requirements of laws and regulations, enterprises shall not be required to set up separate internal management bodies and staff, nor shall they interfere in the normal production and operation activities of enterprises.

(9) Strengthen the construction of industry credit system. Give full play to the positive market-oriented role of credit, according to the Express Industry Credit System Construction Work Program, focus on improving the industrys integrity awareness and level of credit. We will improve the joint incentive and punishment mechanism for breach of trust in the express industry and establish a blacklist system for the main body of breach of trust in the express industry. Explore measures to provide green channel and tolerance and acceptance for trustworthy express delivery enterprises, and give priority to consideration and arrangement in obtaining government policy support. Actively play the role of express industry associations, support through various forms to urge member units to strengthen industry self-discipline, guide enterprises to operate in good faith, and promote express enterprises to carry out the construction of user integrity system.

5. Strengthen organizational coordination and enhance the level of security

(10) Promoting pro-Qing exchanges between government and enterprises. We will improve the system, resolutely punish corrupt practices and styles, create a clean and healthy business environment, and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of private express delivery enterprises. We should smooth the channels of communication between government and enterprises, intensify research on enterprises, and establish regular communication and interaction mechanisms. We should adhere to seeking truth from facts, formulate industry development goals in accordance with local conditions, actively involve enterprises in formulating policies concerning enterprises, fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of enterprises, and refrain from one size fits all. Further improve the style of work, open and sincere contacts with private express enterprises, take the initiative to help enterprises solve the difficulties and problems faced in development.

(11) Promoting the level of spiritual civilization in the industry. We will speed up the establishment of Party organizations and mass organizations in non-public enterprises within private express delivery enterprises, give full play to the core role of Party organizations in the construction of spiritual civilization, and support youth innovation and entrepreneurship in the industry. Strengthen the propaganda and reporting on the advanced deeds and outstanding contributions of outstanding entrepreneurs, and display the excellent entrepreneurship. Actively organize the activities of Youth Civilization, Youth Safety Demonstration Post and Worker Pioneer in express industry, and increase the recommendation of the most beautiful courier and other advanced models. We should coordinate the selection and recognition of advanced collectives and labor models in the postal industry, including private express delivery enterprises and employees, care for the progress of private express delivery enterprises, care for express delivery practitioners and protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers.

(12) Strengthen the implementation of policies. Postal administrations at all levels should conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on supporting the development of private enterprises, give full play to the role of organizational leadership, policy coordination, guidance and supervision, and promote the healthy development of private express enterprises. We should refine and quantify policies and measures in accordance with these opinions, and promote the landing, detailed and implementation of policies. In accordance with the spirit of the Opinions, the State Post Office will strengthen supervision over local postal administrations in supporting the development of private express delivery enterprises and conduct timely on-the-spot inspections to ensure the effectiveness of the work.