Low proportion of public compulsory education schools? Ministry of education: to ensure the main position of the public

 Low proportion of public compulsory education schools? Ministry of education: to ensure the main position of the public

Some journalists asked how to strengthen the main responsibility of the government to organize compulsory education according to law in view of the low proportion of public compulsory education schools in some local areas.

Liu Changya, Director of the Development Planning Department of the Ministry of Education, said that the compulsory education is a statutory responsibility entrusted to the government by the Compulsory Education Law. The implementation of government responsibilities is the key to improve the quality and development of compulsory education.

Liu Changya introduced that after the publication of the Opinions, the following aspects should be further strengthened.

First, we must adhere to the Partys overall leadership. Party committees and governments at all levels should always regard the development of compulsory education as the top priority of leadership education, implement the management responsibilities of provincial and municipal governments, and select and strengthen leading cadres of education departments.

Second, strengthen planning guidance. All localities should proceed from the local reality, scientifically plan the development of education, strengthen overall planning, rationally layout, optimize the allocation of resources, and ensure that the principal position of public compulsory education remains unchanged.

Thirdly, strengthen the supervision of evaluation. The State formulates the evaluation criteria for the quality of compulsory education at the county level, incorporates the comprehensive improvement of the quality of compulsory education into the scope of assessment and supervision of leading cadres of the Party and government, and takes it as an important part of education supervision.

Fourth, strengthen accountability. Where there are serious problems in the direction of running a school, investment in education, school construction and other aspects, and where the principal responsibility has not been assumed, the local government and the principal leadership shall be investigated in accordance with the law and regulations.

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