Real estate speculation official by Qingdao Municipal Government Relocation: no northward relocation plan for the time being

 Real estate speculation official by Qingdao Municipal Government Relocation: no northward relocation plan for the time being

Some netizens consulted Teng Junhong, saying, The topic of relocation of Red Island by the municipal government has always attracted peoples attention, and even become a gimmick of some real estate speculation, affecting the investment choices of the citizens. Do the planning departments have any plans in this regard?

Teng Junhong responded to the above netizens and said, It is understood that the municipal government has no plans to move northward at present. The specific situation should be based on the official information issued by the municipal government.

Established in May 2012, Hongdao Economic Zone is in charge of Qingdao Export Processing Zone, Hongdao Street, Hetao Street and Qingdao High-tech Industrial Development Zone. In February 2015, the Qingdao Municipal Government incorporated the Blue Silicon Valley Core Area, Marine Science and Technology Innovation and Achievement Incubation Zone and Qingdao (Jiaonan) New Technology Industry Development Pilot Zone into the Red Island Economic Zone, with the adjusted development area of the Red Island Economic Zone reaching 327.756 square kilometers.

In 2018, the Hongdao Economic Zone (High-tech Zone) achieved a GDP of 10.77 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6%, ranking first in Qingdao; fixed assets investment of 26.16 billion yuan, an increase of 15%, ranking second in Qingdao; general public budget income of 3.18 billion yuan, an increase of 27.2%, ranking first in Qingdao.

It is noteworthy that the location of Rehabilitation University in Qingdao has been determined to be Hongdao Economic Zone (High-tech Zone).

As early as March 2019, Qingdao Government Network released information. On the morning of March 26, the Red Island Economic Zone (High-tech Zone) held a coordination meeting on land requisition and relocation for the establishment of Rehabilitation University. Meeting requirements: First, all departments and units should fully understand the importance of land requisition and relocation work in rehabilitation university. Secondly, the overall plan of requisition and relocation of Rehabilitation University is formulated according to the content of the construction of Rehabilitation University. Third, we should strengthen overall coordination and solve all kinds of difficulties and problems in our work in a timely manner. Fourth, do a good job in daily dispatching, establish and improve the daily report and weekly dispatching system.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Chengyu_NBJ11143