Ministry of Education: The relevant provisions of the TeachersLaw will be amended to clarify the right of disciplinary action for teachers education.

 Ministry of Education: The relevant provisions of the TeachersLaw will be amended to clarify the right of disciplinary action for teachers education.

On the afternoon of July 9, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference to interpret the opinions on deepening the reform of education and teaching and improving the quality of compulsory education in an all-round way (hereinafter referred to as opinions).

At the press conference, Peng Mei asked the question, Opinions put forward that the implementation rules will be formulated to clarify the right of teachers to punish education. Why put forward this point in particular? How will we formulate the rules for teachersdisciplinary power?

Lu Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, said that this was a problem of widespread concern to the society. According to the relevant provisions of Chinas Education Law and TeachersLaw, teachers have the obligation to criticize and resist phenomena harmful to the healthy growth of students in the process of teaching and educating people. That is to say, they have the responsibility and obligation to manage and educate students. However, in the past few years, some procedural provisions are not very strict, not very standardized or even lack, which also affects teacherscorrect exercise of the right to education and punishment. The outstanding manifestation is that some teachers dare not and do not want to take care of students. In fact, this is an irresponsible attitude towards students. In addition, there are also some excessive disciplinary actions, even corporal punishment of students, which is inappropriate and should not be.

Lu Yugang pointed out that there is also a phenomenon in society. Some parents do not understand teacherscriticism of educating children, and even cause conflicts between home and school. Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to standardize and clarify the rules of the teachers right to punishment in order to help children button the first button of their life from a young age in order to help students grow up healthily and comprehensively.

He also introduced that the next step, in accordance with the requirements of the Opinions, is to focus on the issue of teachersright to disciplinary education, first of all to clarify the basic principles. The purpose of educational punishment is to educate students. It is out of caring for and protecting students. It is based on the desire to promote the healthy growth of students.

Secondly, we should study and formulate specific implementation rules, clarify the scope, degree and form of the implementation of teachers right to education punishment, standardize the exercise of the right to education punishment, and promote teachers to care about students enthusiastically and strictly manage students, so as to promote the healthy growth of students. In this regard, we particularly hope that all sectors of society and parents will give a positive understanding, forming a common atmosphere of education among schools, families and society, and improving the effect of education.

Thirdly, we should amend the relevant provisions of the TeachersLaw to further clarify the exercise of teachers disciplinary power in education from the legal provisions, ensure teacherseffective exercise of disciplinary power, promote teachers daring and good management, protect teacherslegitimate rights and interests from infringement, and safeguard teachers dignity.

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