Women who sell their daughtersused clothes online are harassed by buyers: selling underwear or not

 Women who sell their daughtersused clothes online are harassed by buyers: selling underwear or not

I havent slept for two days and it hurts me to see my daughter insulted like that as a mother. Zhang Qian, from Jinan, Shandong Province, showed her free fish APP page to Red Star News as she cried.

Red Star News saw that threats such as Buy a rope to tie your daughter appeared on her idle fish chat page. There was even a photo of a man kissing his lips on Zhang Qians daughters photo.

Photos from senders

Zhang Qian said that because she sells her daughters used clothes on the second-hand platform of idle fish, her idle fish account has received some very perverted messages or private letters for a long time. Usually I blacken them directly, but this time, I received death threats, and I was really scared. Zhang Qian said that after she reported to the official idle fish, the investigation found that the harasser had registered at least three idle fish accounts and constantly changed the accounts to send abnormal harassment information to Zhang Qian.

In response to Red Star News, official staff of Leisure Fish said that the platform had permanently blocked several accounts of this person and retained their personal information. They are currently in contact with the police and Zhang Qian.

Today (July 9) afternoon, Red Star News learned from the Shenzhen Police Department that the sender of abnormal information had just been controlled by the police.

Idle fish sell used clothes of mixed-race childrens models

Occasionally upload life photos

Zhang Qians daughter, Anna (not her real name), is a beautiful mixed-race girl aged 13. Anna used to be a child model when she was a child, but in order not to delay her daughters study and life, after 8 years old, Zhang Qian stopped her daughter from taking photos as a model.

But in life, Zhang Qian liked to dress up her daughter and bought her a lot of clothes. Children grow fast, clothes cant be worn quickly. I used to give away or donate old clothes that my daughter couldnt wear before. Later, I knew there was a second-hand trading platform on the Internet, so I sold old clothes that my daughter could wear on it. Two years ago, Zhang Qian registered the idle fish account, but unexpectedly it triggered a nightmare.

Like many other idle fish users, Zhang Qian takes photos of her daughters clothes and hangs them on the idle fish. Occasionally, she puts some photos of her daughters life in these clothes as a display, so that buyers can see the upper body effect of the clothes more clearly.

Zhang Qians idle fish shop was registered in October 2016. Since the beginning of 2017, she has put photos of her daughters life wearing these clothes on it. The business of the shop has been very good. Over 400 pieces have been sold in two years. Gradually, however, I began to receive more and more perverted messages.

Account Received Abnormal Death Threat

Mother broke down and cried bitterly

At first, Zhang Qian would not respond to such abnormal messages or personal trusts. For example, I once received a private letter from someone under my hanging daughters old shoes, asking me to take a video of my daughter wearing shoes to them; or directly asking me whether to sell her underwear, etc. For these messages, I blackened them, and I no longer publish my daughters clothes on the platform. The pictures displayed in the clothes, but in recent years, there have been more and more messages like this.

On the afternoon of July 2, Zhang Qian received another obscene letter from an account. The obscene language in the letter made Zhang Qian sick. As usual, she blackened the account directly.

After a short period of calm, on July 7, the idle fish account Snowfield is also a kind of beauty began to send abnormal death threats to Zhang Qians account crazily, describing a variety of abnormal torture of Anna, buy a rope to tie your daughter and other words filled the content of the private letters sent by the account.

What really crushed Zhang Qian was that the account also sent a photo, in which a lips kissed on Zhang Qians daughters photo. Which mother will not collapse when she sees this? I cant stand it any longer! What makes Zhang Qian even more strange is that after sending this photo, the account immediately sent a message saying, Do you think you can stop me with a dead old witch?

Zhang Qian doubts that the account of Snow Plains is also a kind of beauty is actually the same person as the account of Lahei on July 2.

Zhang Qian immediately complained to the idle fish authorities and alerted the local police in Jinan.

After the alarm, Zhang Qian fell into endless worry. I have sold hundreds of daughtersclothes in the past two years. Every time I send a courier, I fill in information such as my own home address. I dont know if the buyers who bought my daughters clothes are mixed with unhappy people or even (I dont know) this one for me. Has the person whose daughter threatens death already bought my daughters things?

Message senders are controlled in Shenzhen

Police: They will be punished according to the circumstances.

After the report, the staff of the idle fish APP platform contacted Zhang Qian, saying that they had at least registered three idle fish accounts, sent information to Zhang Qian through different accounts, and suggested that Zhang Qian call the police.

Red Star News contacted employees of the idle fish APP platform, who said they had blocked all accounts of the person and provided the information to the police.

This afternoon, Red Star News learned from Ma Tian Police Station of Guangming Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau that the sender of abnormal information has been controlled by the police. This person is now in our police station. How will this person be handled? We will decide the punishment according to his circumstances.

Zhang Qian told Red Star News that she was gratified that the police had quickly controlled the sender, but she was also deeply worried: Im afraid that in a few days after he was released, he will come to me for revenge.

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