Wang Zhenhua was detained for molesting young girls: the pride of the clan is now a disgrace

 Wang Zhenhua was detained for molesting young girls: the pride of the clan is now a disgrace

Photo: Wu Xiaofei/Photo of New Town Mansion Villa, where Wang Zhenhuas mother lives

Wu Xiaofei, a reporter from the Economic Observatory Network, said, Nine-year-old girl, nobody has grown up. This man is worse than an animal! On the evening of July 5, 2019, a taxi driver in Changzhou was indignant and unfair. From time to time, there was a discussion among his peer groups on Wang Zhenhua, the former chairman of Xincheng Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xincheng Holdings, 601155.SH) in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, who was suspected of molesting young girls.

Good things dont go out, bad things go far. In the Internet era, information is all-pervasive, not to mention the scandal of suspected molestation of young girls by the chief executive of well-known listed companies. In Wujin, Changzhou, almost everyone knows from the elderly over eighty years old, taxi drivers, barber shops to the so-called upper political and business circles. Boss Wang has been arrested! Changzhou is famous all over the country! People with money cant do that!

Overnight, the former glory of Changzhou seems to have become the disgrace of Changzhou. People are eager to talk about him in the familiar community, but at the same time they are ashamed to say something to the outside world. In their plain understanding, the rich have some lace news that is acceptable, but the abuse of young girls challenges the bottom line of human rights. They believe that this is a kind of wealthy peoples work.

Where did Wang Zhenhua set up his hometown? What little-known past is behind this successful businessman?

Old man

Wang Zhenhua, born in March 1962 in Wanli Brigade, Hutang Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, graduated from Jiangsu Radio and Television University (now Jiangsu Open University) in August 1983 and Yangtze Business College in July 2005.

Wanli Community Resident Committee staff told the Economic Observatory that Wang Yeji Village had been demolished more than a decade ago, and now residents are scattered in more than ten districts, including Changhe Garden near Zhoujiagang Road, Wujin District.

Wu Xiaofei, Police Office of He Liucun, Wujin District

Sun Qiang is one year older than Wang Zhenhua. He lived next to Wangs family when he was at his home in Wang Yeji Village. He also moved to Changhe Garden more than ten years ago.

When Sun Qiang remembered, the Wang family was richer in the village than the average family. Wang Zhenhuas father was doing some fishing gear peripheral business at that time. Probably in junior high school, when we came home from school, we had to mow the grass. He went home to make money and sold the hook or something.

According to Sun Qiang, there are five brothers in Wang Zhenhua. He is the youngest. His childhood friends sometimes call him Wang Lao-wu. Comprehensive announcement and interview information, in addition to Wang Zhenhua, the rest of the Wang family are named as: Wang Xinhua, Wang Caihua, Wang Qiuhua...

In the eyes of his peers, Wang Zhenhua did not show any obvious differences when he was young. His brothers and his parents were still in harmony, and their feelings were relatively stable. Besides Wang Zhenhuas fathers irritable temper, he had not heard of such fierce contradictions as domestic violence.

His father has now passed away for about 20 years. Sun Qiang said that Wangs father had signs of mild stroke in his later years, and his spirit and mood were relatively unstable. Before his death, he had a fierce conflict with Wang Zhenhua because of emotional uncontrollability.

Wang Zhenhuas mother, Wang Xingdi, was about 90 years old. At the beginning of the establishment of New Town Holdings, Wang Xingdi held 28% of the shares as a sponsor. According to Sun Qiang, Wang Zhenhua respects his mother very much. The in-laws of his family need her nod to make a living in the new town. Wang Zhenhua entered the first cotton textile mill in Wujin District of Changzhou City in his early years, and also took over his mothers position in the factory.

Wang Xingdi currently lives in the New Town Mansion Villa District of Hutang Garden Street with no relatives besides nannies. Neighbouring residents told the Economic Observatory that when the night was approaching, Wang Xingdi was seen walking with his nanny. The old mans body looked stronger and his speech was clear.

According to Sun Qiang, Wang Zhenhuas brothers were mostly influenced by Wang Zhenhua, and the family relationship was harmonious, except that his second brother died of hanging himself in the early years because of the companys poor management, and his eldest brother was slightly suspicious of each other because his son-in-law failed to enter the new town holding work.


In the 1980s, when Wang Zhenhua married his wife and had children, he had not yet developed. In the early announcement, Wang Zhenhua disclosed information about his wife Chen Jing and son Wang Xiaosong.

Wang Yeji villagers told reporters that Chen Jing was also a Wujin lakesman. Chen Jing and Wang Zhenhua were married in 1985, according to Red Star News. Several independent sources said that besides Wang Xiaosong, who was in danger of being appointed in the accident, Mr. and Mrs. Wang Chen also had a daughter, born in Canada after 1990, who is currently studying in a domestic university.

Before he became rich, Wang Zhenhuading, after his mothers class at Wujin No. 1 Cotton Spinning Mill, went all the way from worker to workshop director to later director of Hutang District Weaving Mill. But in the textile industry, Wang Zhenhua can not be satisfied. Many villagers of Wang Yeji village told reporters that within a few years, Wang Zhenhua left the textile mill and began to do the mould business of textile equipment.

Wang Zhenhuas real prosperity has something to do with the business he started to do. According to the aforementioned announcement, as early as 1993, Wang Zhenhua began to engage in property development business, and in 1996 he founded the first property company, New Town Holdings.

After the founding of New Town Holdings, Wang Zhenhua set foot in real estate business. The first property development project he undertook was the second phase of Zhongliangcheng, located in the outskirts of Changzhou City. After the completion of the project, the company began to expand its business scale by acquiring and establishing subsidiaries.

Sun Qiang told reporters that Wang Zhenhuas early involvement in the real estate industry, land acquisition, project establishment, in addition to personal business savvy, but also benefited from the care of his uncle, the former Secretary of the Wanli brigade.

In 2001, Xincheng Holdings acquired Jiangsu Wuling Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiangsu Wuling) with RMB 108 million yuan, and further purchased Jiangsu Wulings equity by investing 157 million yuan. It expanded its business territory in Shanghai, Nanjing and other areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang to achieve B-share listing.

In 2012, New Town Development Holding Co., Ltd. (01030.HK) was listed in Hong Kong, and in 2015, New Town Holding Co., Ltd. was converted from B to A. Before the suspected child molestation case, Wang Zhenhua actually controlled three listed companies. In addition to New Town Holdings and New Town Development, there was also a Hong Kong stock company, New Town Yue Service Group Co., Ltd. (01755.HK).


In Wujin District, there is a long-standing ancient temple, Baolin Zen Temple, which was built in 527 A.D. and is said to be a royal temple built by Xiao Yan, Emperor Wudi of Liang Dynasty in the Southern Dynasty. It was rebuilt in 1995. Wang Zhenhuas mother has begun to do good deeds for him just as Wang Zhenhua has been exploring the frontier all the time.

In the old temple (before 2012), Mrs. Wang (Wang Xingdi) often came, usually on the first and fifteenth day of the junior high school. A resident monk at the Buddhist temple in Baolin told the Economics Observatory. Before 2012, Wang Xingdi had contributed more than 300,000 yuan to the temple.

In 2012, Baolin Zen Temple was renovated again. Looking from afar, Guanyin Cabinet, 91.9 meters high, is particularly noticeable: there are 99 Golden statues of Guanyin on the outer wall of Guanyin Cabinet, and one Golden statue of Guanyin on three sides, 39 meters high, for the Cabinet. According to the monks mentioned above, three of the 99 Guanyin Images on the outer wall have been pledged, one of which is Wang Zhenhua, with a pledge of 900,000 yuan. The temple is planning to engrave its name on the inside of the donation body.

Wu Xiaofei/Photograph of Baolin Zen Temple

In addition to being grateful for the turn of the hour, Wang Zhenhua also cares for the people of his clan. According to the Red Star News, Wang Zhenhuas personal donation amounted to 500,000 yuan just by repairing the Wang clans genealogy. The names of Wang Caihua and Wang Xinhua, Wangs brothers, are also published in the book of merits and virtues of Wangs genealogy.

In addition, kinsmen of the same clan were also arranged to make a living in Xincheng Holding Group, but such assistance was limited to kinsmen. If they usually seek help from villagers or people with foreign surnames, the Wang family seems to be the same as ordinary strangers. When we get rich, we dont say that we should build a road or donate a primary school to the village. Generally, when we meet, we nod at the most. If we dont have any extra words, let alone help. Yuanwang pheasant villagers said.

Wang Zhenhuas most well-known public welfare undertakings are embodied in the Seven Colors Light Plan under the New Town Holdings. In 2013, New Town Holdings established the public welfare brand Seven Colors Light Plan, which includes seven parts: equal rights in education, childrens health, green community, environmental protection, humanitarian assistance, cultural engineering and sports.

Among them, Glorious Library is the core project of the aforementioned plan, aiming at equal rights in education and bridging the gap between urban and rural education. It is reported that by the end of 2018, Glorious Library had donated nearly 100,000 books, and more than 5,000 students had received help.


On July 4, 2019, after the case of Wang Zhenhua came true, his son Wang Xiaosong became the new chairman of Xincheng Holdings.

Wang Xiaosong, born in December 1987, graduated from Nanjing University in environmental science. In August 2009, he joined Jiangsu Xincheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xincheng Real Estate) and was a civil engineer in the Engineering Department of Jiangsu Xincheng Changzhou Company and an assistant manager in the Engineering Department of Shanghai Company. In February 2013, Wang Xiaosong was appointed President of New Town Real Estate and President of New Town Holdings in March 2015.

Li Yu, a person close to Wang Xiaosong, told reporters that Wang Xiaosongs construction of Wang Zhenhuas ascendancy and Wang Zhenhuas father and sons struggle for a daughter are all false; Wang Xiaosong is indeed at odds with his father because his current wife is at odds with him, but the fact is by no means such dogs blood.

According to Li Yu, Wang Xiaosong is an introverted and modest man. He also fights against his friends. He likes playing games in peacetime. Unlike ordinary Changzhou entrepreneurs of the second generation, Wang Xiaosong usually dresses very low-key, and gathers with friends is a common drinking chat.

Around 2016, Wang Xiaosong planned to marry his girlfriend and wife at that time. Because her wife divorced and had a son, her father, Wang Zhenhua, and grandmother, Wang Xingdi, opposed her. As a result, the relationship between father and son once fell to a freezing point.

On October 24, 2016, Wang Xiaosong announced in an internal email entitled Never Forget the Beginning, Be Together that he would resign as president of New Town Holdings to show his father that although he did not give up the experience of the new town, he could also make his own living if he left the new town.

It is understood that Wang Xiaosong and his wife met during their study in Canada, and the womans family was quite good. In addition to Canada, she also studied in Australia, and her ex-husband was also the second generation of enterprises. His wife is a little like his ex-girlfriend. She speaks in a loud voice and lives at home. We cant understand his condition, but as friends, we can only respect his choice. Li Yu said.

Wang Xiaosong has three sons after marriage, one of them is twins. The arrival of children dilutes family contradictions, and Wang Xiaosongs relationship with his father Wang Zhenhua gradually begins to ease.


After Wang Zhenhua was suspected of molesting his young daughter, various rumors came out. A young girl in Changzhou was long-term adopted by Wang Zhenhua, Zhou Moufen in this case is Wang Zhenhuas mistress, Wang Zhenhuas illegitimate children, illegitimate girls countless... Wait for news, in many from the media Weixin public name and Changzhou local paste bar Hualong Lane spread.

That net red thing is true, she really looks very beautiful, Lao Wang (Wang Zhenhua) so-called long-term care, that is, a year or two... Her current gold owner is also a wealthy second generation in Changzhou. We often eat and play cards together. Li Yu told reporters. According to Li Yu, a family in Hongzhou, Changzhou, has a complicated background, parents have bad habits such as gambling, and their values are very distorted. Shes a missed girl. She knew to rely on men when she was very young.

In addition, according to the Beijing Youth Daily, on July 3, 2019, Wang Zhenhua was suspected of molesting a girl, another woman involved, 49-year-old Zhou Moufen, who was suspected of being Wang Zhenhuas mistress.

It is understood that Zhou Moufen is the daughter of Zhou Moude in He Liucun, Wujin District. In He Liucun, referring to Zhou Moode, the villagers mostly change their voice and tone, which means that they dont know. A villager who claimed to have worked with Zhou Moude told reporters that Zhou Moude did have a daughter, Zhou Moufen, who followed Wang Zhenhua after divorce and had a daughter, but it was not known whether she was a broker who kidnapped her young daughter.

In addition, in January 2016, Xincheng Holdings announced that Wang Zhenhua, chairman of the company, was being investigated by the Discipline Commission of Wujin District of Changzhou City for personal reasons, emphasizing that the matter has nothing to do with the operation of the company. Wang Yeji villagers told reporters that Wang Zhenhuas cooperation in the investigation may be related to bribery.

According to Xinhua News Agency, also in January 2016, Vice Secretary of Wujin District Committee of Changzhou, Vice Secretary of Party and Labor Committee of Wujin National High-tech Zone, Vice Director of Management Committee Ling Guangyao and Vice Director of Changzhou Agricultural Committee Wu Xiaoqin accepted an investigation on suspicion of bribery.

On the evening of July 5, 2019, New Town Holdings issued an apology letter, acquiescing in the fact that Wang Zhenhua was suspected of indecency. As a public company, New Town is deeply sorry and uneasy for the tremendous suffering suffered by the victims and their families during the storm. The initiator of this storm is the founder of the enterprise, deeply panicked, shocked and uneasy.

New Town Holdings said that social justice is the bottom line of human symbiotic development, and anyone who violates it must be punished. The new town will fully support and cooperate with the relevant departments in handling this matter.

However, no amount of apologies, shocks and uneasiness can ease the publics anger that has offended the cognitive bottom line. Besides the coercion of turbulent public opinion, the public is more eager to find out all the criminal facts of Wang Zhenhuas case and open and fair trial of criminals.

Source: Responsible Editor of Economic Observation Network: Chengyu_NBJ11143