Yancheng Museum spent billions to build pure gold spire? Response: more than 600,000 copper

 Yancheng Museum spent billions to build pure gold spire? Response: more than 600,000 copper

Modern Express News: There is a pure gold spire in the museum under construction, which is said to be worth 100 million yuan. Recently, some netizens posted that the golden spire on the top of Yancheng Museum cost about 100 million yuan, which is stunning. To this end, Yancheng State-owned Assets Investment Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yancheng State Investment Group) responded that the spire is not real gold, is made of copper, the total cost is only more than 600,000 yuan.

Modern Express reporter noticed that the online posts first appeared on Yancheng 123. The general content showed that Yancheng Museum was invested by Yancheng State Investment Group, formerly named Taishan Temple, and was constructed by the Preparatory Committee established by the Investment Group and the Hong Kong Thousand Buddha Cultural Development Foundation. City Museum. At the end of the post, it said, According to the rumor, the golden spire costs about 100 million yuan.

Subsequently, the reporter tried to contact the sender, but never responded. Why use gold? Its a waste of taxpayers money. A hundred million dollars is a joke. The cost of such a project is very low. In fact, 30 million yuan can be completed by subcontracting at different levels... _________. Netizens have expressed indignation. There are also rational netizens leave messages: to produce evidence, not hearsay. On the morning of July 9, the modern express reporter arrived at the construction site at the junction of Jianjun West Road and Taishan Road in Yancheng. From the appearance, the main body of the project has been completed, the tower crane on the construction site is still working, the workers are stepping up construction, and the golden spire is particularly dazzling in the sunshine. According to the guard on duty, the project has been sealed up last year, and now it is the outer wall, which can be completed by the end of the year. The roadside billboards show that the Yancheng Museum project, with a total investment of 260 million yuan and an area of 224 Mu and a total construction area of about 30,000 square meters, is a comprehensive museum with modern buildings, ancient buildings and innovation. It started construction in May 2017 and completed in December 2019. The museum is constructed by Yancheng State Investment Group, designed by Jiangsu Mingcheng Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd. and constructed by Jiangsu Guanglong Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

So how much does the gold spire of Yancheng Museum cost? Reporters through online inquiries, failed to find the bidding information related to the spire.

The content on the Internet is pure nonsense. Zhu Juncheng, project manager of Yancheng State Investment Group, said that the spire itself was not made of gold, but was made of pure copper by special technology. In order to prevent fading due to wind and rain, the spire was wrapped in gold foil. The total cost of the spire is more than 600,000 yuan, and the gold foil wrapped on the outside is about 800 yuan per square meter. It is not made of pure gold at all. It is worth over 100 million yuan. Besides, there are plans for drawings, which are approved for public bidding and conform to the procedure. Zhu Juncheng said that the spire is more than 10 meters high and weighs about 5 tons, mainly playing the role of decorative beauty and lightning protection.

Modern Express reporter inquiries found that the name of the Yancheng Museum was indeed Taishan Temple. Public information shows that Taishan Temple and its traditional cultural area are part of Pioneer International Plaza. In 2009, the Pioneer International Square Project was designated as No. 1 Project by Yancheng Government, which was invested and constructed by Yancheng State Investment Group, and Taishan Temple was constructed by the Preparatory Committee established by Yancheng State Investment Group and Hong Kong Thousand Buddha Cultural Development Foundation.

Why should Taishan Temple be changed into a museum? Is this in line with the regulations? The head of the relevant departments of Yancheng Wenguang Tourism Bureau said that Yancheng lacked a large comprehensive museum, and now the museum has only one exhibition hall of less than 1000 square meters, with a small volume. In early 2019, Taishan Temple was transformed into a public welfare museum, which is a good thing. The above-mentioned person in charge said that the previous temples were antique buildings. Museums can use antique buildings or ancient buildings, as long as the internal functions conform to the use of museums.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express Network: Chengyu_NBJ11143