Close to 4.4 billion shares were lifted on the first anniversary of millets listing, and the emotional stability of the employees covered by millet was stable.

 Close to 4.4 billion shares were lifted on the first anniversary of millets listing, and the emotional stability of the employees covered by millet was stable.

Today, there is no difference between the group and the usual, or the same, everyone is stuffy at work. An employee of Millet Group told First Financial Journalist.

On July 9, Millet Group (01810.HK) celebrated its first anniversary of listing. At the same time, nearly 4.4 billion restricted shares were lifted. Unlike the previous lifting of the ban, the lifting of the ban did not have much impact on the decline of stock prices. By the end of the session, millets share price was HK$95, down 1.14%. The stock market was worth HK$228.2 billion. Todays volume was 99.82 million and HK$940 million.

The pressure of lifting the ban is slightly lower.

On January 9, 2019, the ban on the sale of 3 billion shares of Millet Group was lifted. On that day, the sell-off occurred frequently. The disclosure of the rights and interests of the Stock Exchange showed that the fourth largest shareholder of Millet Group, Apoletto Managers, led by Yuri Milner, a Russian billionaire, reduced its holdings by 594 million shares on that day, with a value of HK$6 billion. Apoletto started to invest in Millet in 2011, followed up from Round C to Round E, and the entry price ranged from 0.4115 to 3.0732 yuan, with obvious returns. On the same day, millets share price went down all the way, reaching a low of HK$9.440. On the same day, millet group bought back its shares in large quantities, and its share price barely returned to HK$10 or more.

In addition, the senior vice president and chief financial officer of the millet group, Zhou Zi, voluntarily promised that within 365 days from the announcement date, it would not sell directly or indirectly beneficial shares of the company (whether held at present or in the next 12 months) at its own discretion.

The future is uncertain

Firstly, when the ban was lifted for the first time in January this year, the market shocked a lot. With the decline of the stock price, market sentiment was released to a certain extent. At this time, market endurance was stronger; on the other hand, 5. Since mid-January, millet continued to buy back nearly HK$1.2 billion, which also has a supporting effect on market sentiment. In addition, the recent peripheral market sentiment is relatively stable, so the impact of lifting the ban is relatively small.

Even so, the impact of millet groups near-halfway share price on Millet employees with different shareholdings continues. An insider of the millet group told First Financial Journalist that, in addition to a small number of executives in the initial stage to achieve financial freedom, most ordinary employees holding millet stocks were trapped. It is customary to turn over software every day to observe stock price changes. Selling is unlikely, because the price is too low, cutting meat is not worth it. Yes. But he is also uncertain when millet shares will return to the issue price in the future.

In view of the future trend of millet stock price, local securities analysts told First Financial Journalist that the first half of 2019 had just passed, and the mid-term report season was coming. The most influential factor in the near future may be earnings or important industry statistics, but the direction of stock price still depends on whether the data disclosed in the future meets market expectations.

But in the middle of the year, Fortune Securities analysis said that the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange has not yet promulgated clear rules. Recently at the Davos Forum, President Li Xiaojia said: Wait and see again. So at present, the timetable is still not very good to judge, but if implemented, there will be more liquidity for millet and more significant help for market sentiment. From past experience, the performance of high-quality targets included in Hong Kong Stock Exchange is better than before.

As for the list of millet eco-chain enterprises that continue to appear on Kechuang board, the person said that the development of millet eco-chain company can prove the health of millet ecology, and the subsequent listing can also have some impact on Millet report forms, but the core of determining the trend of millet stock price is still the shipment volume and mutual exchange of core mobile phone business. In the development of networking business, we should distinguish the main contradiction from the minor contradiction.