Jingdong: Noah stepped on mine has nothing to do with me, Chengxing international forgery contract fraud

 Jingdong: Noah stepped on mine has nothing to do with me, Chengxing international forgery contract fraud

On the evening of July 8, NYSE: NOAH, a U.S. listed company, announced that its credit fund of Shanghai Goffer Asset Management Company provided supply chain financing for third-party companies related to Camsing International Holding Limited, totaling 3.4 billion yuan. The actual controller of Chengxing International Holdings was recently detained by Chinese police for suspected fraudulent activities. As fund managers of these funds, Shanghai Goffer Asset Management Co., Ltd. has initiated various legal proceedings and is committed to taking the best action to fulfil its obligations and protect the interests of fund investors.

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As a result, Noah Wealth fell 22.53% at the opening and 20.43% to $35.60 at the end of Mondays trading.

Earlier, Boxin Co., Ltd. announced that the company received the detention certificate of Yangpu Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau on July 5. Ms. Luo Jing, the actual controller and chairman of the company, and Mr. Jiang Shaoyang, the director and financial director, were detained by Yangpu Branch of Shanghai Public Security Bureau on June 20, 2019 and June 25, 2019 respectively.

The person in charge of Goffer Assets said that because Chengxings actual controllers were suspected of criminal fraud, the case was still under investigation, many information was not completely clear, and no more substantive content could be shared now.

However, during the extension period of the Fund, Goffer will actively handle the withdrawal of the Funds investment and the disposal of the Funds property. During this period, any cash available for distribution received by the Fund will be allocated to the holder of the Funds share at the first time in accordance with the provisions of the Fund Contract, and the holder of the Funds share will be guaranteed in accordance with the law. Legitimate rights and interests.

2. Send a reminder letter to the relevant parties of the supply chain, requiring them to fulfill their repayment obligations in accordance with the transfer agreement of creditors rights;

3. Relevant partiesreconciliation and asset sorting;

4. Penal and judicial proceedings have been instituted against the funds that have already expired.

5. Start the information disclosure announcement on the compliance of the investors of the fund;

In response to the incident, Goffer has formed a special emergency and response team to take all necessary measures.

Source: Responsible Editor of Economic Report in the 21st Century: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541