The man who splashed water at Robin Li was released to his hometown for more than ten people to return to Shanxi.

 The man who splashed water at Robin Li was released to his hometown for more than ten people to return to Shanxi.

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Beijing News Today (July 9) 10:00, Shanxi Yuncheng men Cheng Guanqi was released by Chaoyang District detention center, the Olympic Park police station drove to pick it up. On July 3rd, at 11 oclock, Cheng Guan Qi was splashing water at Robin Li at Baidu AI developer conference, and was detained by police for five days. Family members said that after release, Cheng Guanqi would return to Yuncheng, Shanxi Province immediately and would not stay in Beijing.

Cheng Guanqis aunt waited outside the Chaoyang District detention center. New Beijing News reporter Peng Ziyang

A woman who claimed to be Cheng Guanqis aunt told the Beijing News that her family was engaged in food processing in Beijing and had little contact with her family. When Chengguanqi accident happened, people in their hometown called to help take care of him and pick him up from the detention center. Cheng Guanqis aunt told reporters that she did not know what Cheng Guanqi had done, only that he had made trouble.

During the interview, Cheng Guanqis Yuncheng villagers prevented his aunt from talking to reporters several times. Cant say, said a fellow villager, in order to ensure Cheng Guanqis smooth departure, more than 10 people came to Beijing from their hometown, rented a car, ready to drive back to Yuncheng. At about 10:40, Cheng Guanqis uncle, aunt and accompanying staff got on a black car and left the scene quickly.

Robin Li was splashed at the scene, calm down that the determination will not change direction.

Robin Li water splashing man suspected micro-blog exposure: in advance called ready to go up.

I am more concerned about Baidu AIs progress than watered by Robin Li.