Uber CEO: autopilot will be on its way in 5 years.

 Uber CEO: autopilot will be on its way in 5 years.

(TechWeb) July 9th, according to foreign media reports, Uber CEO (CEO) Dara Koslow Sassy (DaraKhosrowshahi) said that the automatic driving vehicle will be on the road within 5 years.

In March last year, a Uber autopilot killed a pedestrian in Arizona. This is the first time in the United States that an autopilot has killed a pedestrian. This raises concerns about the major safety concerns of the start-up auto driving industry.

The accident also led to a major setback in the development of Ubers autopilot car. The company then decided to suspend the automatic driving test on public roads in California, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Ontario, Canada.

Because of this accident, Ubers autopilot road test has been suspended for more than 8 months. Later, the company was allowed to restart road tests in Pennsylvania in December, but was subject to many restrictions, such as Ubers need to provide more security for the tests, including at least one driver and two when the test speed reached 25 miles (about 40 kilometers) per hour.

Before Pennsylvania was allowed to restart the test, Uber promised that the test would not exceed 25 miles per hour, that it would only be conducted during the day and that it would not be conducted in bad weather.

In March, new progress was made in the Uber autopilot car crash test. The US prosecutors have confirmed that Uber does not need to bear the responsibility for automatic driving vehicle detection and death.

In April of this year, Uber announced that its Uber AdvancedTechnologiesGroup, or UberATG, will be invested by US $1 billion in Softbank, TOYOTA and Japanese auto parts manufacturer Denso, which is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year.

Under the agreement, Toyota and Electric Equipment will invest $667 million in UberATG and Softbank Vision Fund will invest $333 million in UberATG. (Little Fox)

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