Xia Lianji (4): Twelve years ago, Li Nan and the 08 Golden Generation of the feat, the mens basketball team also achieved!

 Xia Lianji (4): Twelve years ago, Li Nan and the 08 Golden Generation of the feat, the mens basketball team also achieved!

Very excited, this is the second time that we win in the summer league. In the face of questions from foreign media, Li Nan was inspired. He smiled lightly at the 84-80 scoreboard beside him, and the public opinion of losing the first two games did put a lot of pressure on him.

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Li Nan: Winning gives the team confidence (source: Netease Sports)

But after tonight, Li Nan can finally enjoy the two excitement alone: in 2007 and 2019, 12 years later, he won two summer league victories as a player and coach respectively, which is also the second victory of Chinese mens basketball team in this field.

Turn to the summer of 2007, when the Chinese mens basketball team came to the U.S. Summer League for overseas training in preparation for the next Olympic Games in Beijing. At that time, Li Nan was still a player and the teams top dressing room owner.

In July 2007, the mens basketball team was defeated by Grizzlies and the King in two matches. In the first battle with the King, the mens basketball team was defeated by 26 points. Including coach Yunus and team member Li Nan, they were criticized by the public.

However, with the gradual adaptation to the strength of Xia Lian, the Chinese mens basketball team finally found its state in the first battle with the Cavaliers, and through Yi Jianlians back jump shot, 0.4 seconds to complete the kill, a thrilling victory. This year, Allianz entered the draft green house and landed in the NBA as No. 6.

Looking back at this slightly blurred picture, it is still exciting.

History is so similar that the Chinese mens first two summer league matches lost very ugly. After losing 41 points in the first show, the team was booed by American fans. In the second game, the team improved and finally reduced the score to 17 points.

Li Nan has always been very patient with his team. First, he was dissatisfied with the teams performance for the first time, and urged the team to gradually adapt to the intensity. Then, after the second game, he said, We come here not to lose less or win, but to really win.

Li Nans words were immediately realized in the third summer festival, but the process was ups and downs. With the first three quarters of the campaign leading, the Hornets began to launch a fierce counter-attack in the last quarter. Player No. 11 of the other side used a ball that separated Zhou Qi to push the counter-attack momentum to a climax.

Just like Yi Jianlian, who killed the knight in that year, Fang Shuo, the teams centre-back, once again showed his ability to fight hard at the critical moment of Fang Chaoju. In the final Hornets will catch up with the score, Fang Shuo first used the loudest decibel roar to keep his teammates calm, and calmly corrected his teammate Hu Jinqius wrong choice of passing. In the end, he also scored a key 2 + 1, which put an end to the Hornetsanti-super score.

Zhou Qi also restored his state, scoring 17 points to maintain the leading position in the opening stage of the mens basketball team, 9 rebounds and 4 blocks, guarding the teams paint area.

Guo Allen, who scored 12 points, continued to attack the opponents defense with his own breakthrough killing skills.

The cohesion of this mens basketball team can really be felt intuitively on the spot.

In the last four seconds, the mens basketball team took the lead by 82-80. Guo Allen stood on the free throw line, many domestic fans began to shout MVP, but Jimmy-Vidas, a former rocket trainer from the United States, immediately went to the sidelines to stop all the noise that would interfere with Guo Allen; during the game, the players were always cheering for their teammates and reminding themselves of the problems they saw on the sidelines; and finally the whistle sounded to win. Later, the absent captain Zhou Peng came to the dressing room to welcome his teammates back and applaud them one by one. Before the final mens basketball team left the stadium, there was a cheer in the dressing room, followed by the slogan One, two, three, China.

The joy of victory is reflected in every player. Next, the Chinese mens basketball team has more time to practice in warm-up matches and a higher stage, the World Cup. With more patience and support, maybe this China will bring us more surprises after that.

Source: Netease Sports Author: Ma Le and O Luting Editor-in-Charge: Ma Bile_NS4800