Chilavert spoke out again about Messi: The championship of the Americas Cup is for Brazil.

 Chilavert spoke out again about Messi: The championship of the Americas Cup is for Brazil.

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There is no doubt that Brazil will win the Americas Cup. South American Football Federation is killing football. Since we live in a democratic world, why do they want to ban Messi? Players should join in and boycott the South American Football Federation. In an interview with the media, Chilavert said: VAR is to legalize corruption in South American football. We need to know that the company that built VAR was involved in the FIFA door incident before.

Indeed, in Argentinas semi-final against Brazil, Argentina would have had the chance to get two penalties if it had followed the consistent penalty criteria of the current Copa America. Unfortunately, for these two obvious fouls, the referee refused to use VAR to make a penalty. Messi was outraged by such a move. Messi criticized the South American Football Association directly after the game, saying that all of them were Brazilians, and Argentina was treated unfairly.

On the other hand, Chilavert scolded South American Football Federation President Alessandro Domingos in front of the media: I think Messi did a good job because its the only way to expose reality. Domingos should not be found alone, but should be continued. These people suck blood from clubs and turn themselves into millionaires. When Argentina and Colombia tried to host the next Copa America, Domingos asked the two countries to exempt themselves from the tax of the Copa America.

It is undeniable that Messi is indeed the focus of this Americas Cup. In the semi-finals, Argentina missed two penalties. In the playoffs, Messi was sent off directly because of a physical contact. In the future, Messi is also likely to be banned from two official Argentine national matches. Willing to help Argentina win the championship, but also so take care of Messi naturally very angry, and Chilavert on Messis side has become a natural thing.

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