Gun fans are crazy about blackmail: we should quote Neymar for 1000-year instalments

 Gun fans are crazy about blackmail: we should quote Neymar for 1000-year instalments

At the moment of Azars termination and Bogbas transfer stagnation, Neymars transfer is undoubtedly the latest flow maker, and fans from all walks of life have begun to discuss this issue. Interestingly, though, Arsenal, with a shy pocket and rumors of only 30 million in funds, were supposed to be the proper melon eaters this summer, but it seems that their fans are somewhat unwilling to be lonely and have signed Neymar for their team on the Internet to do a lot of tricks.~

According to the British media Sun, Arsenal fans believe that the team has a chance to sign Brazilian superstars, which of course requires conditions. Then they posted a poster on the social networking website, which said, Greater Paris, can you accept the interest we will pay you in the next 100 years of 220 million euros?

Well, its a joke. Its not only a installment payment, but also a 100-year period! It seems that Arsenals policy of tightening money in the transfer market has completely tormented their fans. Whats more, other netizens reply below: I think 1000 years should be more appropriate!

Of course, there are also many rational Arsenal fans who participated in the comments. Surprisingly, many fans have expressed their rejection of Neymars coming to the team for the simple reason that the Brazilian style of football is too self-serving, and in recent years, more and more developed a glass man physique. Its impossible for the Cronks to pay for the superstars of this class. The poor Arsenal and Emery, with their rich history, will be panicked if they have no food in their pockets. I wonder if Arsenal, who have been out of the Champions League for two years, will be able to return to their familiar position next season with this squad?

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