College students spend money to find someone to substitute for the course to become cyber black product expert: a reflection of dishonesty

 College students spend money to find someone to substitute for the course to become cyber black product expert: a reflection of dishonesty

Xin Jing Baoxun has something to do or doesnt want to attend class, and is afraid of being named by the teacher, so he will find someone to replace him in the QQ group and pay some remuneration. In order to cater to the needs of individual college students, substitute class groups emerged as the times require, forming a network black product. Today (July 9), education experts told reporters in Beijing News that it is an act of dishonesty for college students to find someone to replace their classes, or even spend money to find someone to replace their classes.

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Substitute undergraduates for junior college students

At 8:00 a.m. on July 8, information on supply and demand of substitute classes began to appear in several substitute classes. Professional substitution, the price is easy to say. There is a long-term discount. Chen Xin, a 20-year-old pseudonym, sent messages almost simultaneously in the QQ group of the Beijing University Substitution Headquarters and the Beijing Haidian Substitution Headquarters. In order to win more opportunities for substitute classes, Chen Xin joined more than a dozen substitute classes.

As a junior college student, Chen Xin has been helping undergraduates substitute classes since last year. For the first time, he took a 90-minute public lesson for his high school classmates. When we chat with the students in class, we realize that most of the substitute classes are charged.

Through QQ search, he joined several substitute groups, and advertised among them to find customers. Chen Xin said that there are many people who need to substitute for classes. Business is not worrying, but there are many times when prices are not close. Currently, the price of substitute classes varies from 50 yuan to 100 yuan for 45 minutes each class.

The price of substitute courses is related to distance and time. For example, the farther the school is, the more expensive the price is. The earlier the course time is, the more expensive the price is. Additional items such as taking notes in class and responding to classroom questions also require additional costs. Chen Xin said that most of the substitute courses are public courses and elective courses. Few people find substitute courses in professional courses.

In a number of groups, the reporter saw in addition to substitute classes, there are also some substitute information. Xiaomei, a professional substitute who publishes information about substitute courses, said that the majority of the substitute groups are students at school and those who have just graduated. She earns more than 1,000 yuan a month by doing substitute courses.

The reporter contacted a student who needed to substitute for the class. screenshot

After replacing the class, the reporter received a fee of 100 yuan. screenshot

Replacement lesson for 50 yuan per lesson

New Beijing News reporter search found that QQ has a large number of school substitute groups, the number of groups also varies from more than a hundred to nearly a thousand people. Most of the group names are Substitution Group of a certain university and Substitution Headquarters of Beijing. As soon as the replacement information is released, a group of friends will ask about the specific situation of the replacement, or directly turn to private chat.

Reporters joined several substitute groups, and soon found a member in the group published a message saying, Next Tuesday morning class, who can go? Reporters immediately asked for the request, the other side soon sent voice calls, said that to find a 20-year-old woman, instead of friends to Beijing University of Architecture for two public classes, a lesson of 50 yuan.

Were going out for a few days and we cant get back to class. You remember, you cant go without naming, you have to go to the end.The netizen also specifically told,When naming, youd better raise your hand, dont shout out, so as not to be found by the teacher.

Owing to Xiaohais daily absence from classes, he dared not take any more risks. He had to choose a substitute class to deal with the teachers roll call. He said there were six classes on Monday and Tuesday, including two morning classes, with a maximum of 250 yuan. When the reporter asked for a higher price, Xiao Hai said: At this time last year, I also looked for alternative classes, only 200 yuan for two days. The price is much higher this year, not so much money. Because the price was not close, Xiao Hai said he could only ask for help from his classmates. When students have time, they will also help with the lessons, without giving money, but they need to invite their classmates to dinner.

Advertisements are still being advertised in the class group as the holidays are approaching. screenshot

Half-and-half extraction of intermediaries

New Beijing News reporters investigate and understand that there are intermediaries hidden in the class group. Intermediaries pretend that students join the group, work around, and then send people according to the specific requirements and regulations of customers to draw commissions.

Chen Xin told reporters that he had been used as a substitute to make money for intermediaries. He said that the intermediary pretended to be a student in the substitute group, looking for someone who could substitute for the class. The intermediary is very dark and only gives half of the price, Chen Xin said. He replaced two classes at a low price before he knew that he would find the students who needed to replace the classes, so as to ensure that he would not be earned the difference.

Netizens Bubble is a substitute intermediary. She calls herself widely connected, and has more than ten substitute classes under her command. You can find all kinds of substitute classes. From age to skin color, even wearing glasses, bubbles said, you can find people who meet the standards. She said she had regular work, spare time to replace classes and assign tasks. Every single substitute business, she draws 20 yuan to 50 yuan.

Expert: Finding someone to substitute for a lesson is a matter of honesty and credit.

During the visit, a public course teacher at Beijing Architectural University told reporters that he had heard about studentsreplacement classes, but he believed that the students who did so were a minority. Most students are disciplined. He said that there were hundreds of people to listen to the big class, and the names and looks of the students did not match up. As for replacing students, the teacher said that once such deception was found, it would be dealt with seriously.

College students are unwilling to take classes by themselves, find someone to replace them, or even spend money to find someone to replace them. This is an act of losing credibility. Chu Chaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, said that the purpose of going to school is to learn knowledge, but in the process, it is irresponsible to try to skip classes. He said that in order to prevent students from skipping classes, some colleges and universities have taken many measures besides naming names in class. Like punching in class, fingerprint checking in, etc. There are even school teachers who take pictures of their classmates after each class as evidence.

Chu Chaohui said that although some truancy students think that the content of individual courses is single and the form is dull, they are reluctant to attend classes because of this, but students should maintain integrity and not cheat. On the other hand, schools and teachers should also increase curriculum diversity and attract more students.

Source: Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper: Chengyu_NBJ11143