When a woman was brainwashed by a fake policeman to withdraw 250,000 remittances, the real policeman intercepted her.

 When a woman was brainwashed by a fake policeman to withdraw 250,000 remittances, the real policeman intercepted her.

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Women were brainwashed by fake policemen to take out 250,000 families and were intercepted by real policemen when remitting money (source:)

Modern Express News: Youre involved in a kidnapping case, and youre going to spend 15 years in prison if you dont remit money... Recently, Tian Mou, a villager in Taizhou Medical High-tech Zone, received a call from a self-proclaimed Beijing public security officer. He was so frightened that Tian Mou, who had accumulated 250,000 yuan of deposit book for many years, took it to the bank to prepare the remittance. Modern Express reporters learned that bank staff found Tian Mous face unusual alarm for help, in Tian Mou is preparing for the key time of remittance, the police rushed to stop it in time, and told it was a fraud.

At 3 p.m. on July 8, the Pearl Police Station of Taizhou Public Security Medical High-tech Zone received a warning from the staff of Jiangzhou South Road Agricultural Bank that a middle-aged woman in the bank was panicking to remit money to a strange account and the amount was huge.

After receiving the alarm, Chen Lin, the police of the Pearl Police Station, and others rushed to the scene quickly. The police verified that Tian Mou, a villager who lived in the newly-built village of Mingzhu Street in Taizhou Medical High-tech Zone, received an unfamiliar telephone call a day ago, saying that he was a staff member of the Beijing Public Security Bureau. The other party told Tian Mou that a kidnapping case involved must be remitted immediately. Payment to them, or they will be imprisoned for 15 years, and then use Wechat to talk to Tian Mou on video. In the video, the other person pretends to be a policeman in police uniform, and threatens Tian Mou with words, asking her to transfer 250,000 yuan in her bank card to a safe account (the other party provides a bank account).

Faced with the verbal accusation and evidence, Tian believed in the truth after panic, so he rushed to Jiangzhou South Road Agricultural Bank with his familys accumulated deposit book of 250,000 yuan, ready to remit the money to the other partys designated safe account. When the police arrived, Tian had transferred all the deposits to a bank card under his name. We are preparing to remit money to each other, but fortunately it was stopped in time.

Facing the restless Tian Mou, Chen Lin carried out legal education and anti-fraud knowledge propaganda on the spot. Tian suddenly realized that he had been deceived and almost drifted all his 250,000 yuan family.

At present, the police are investigating the fraud.

The police warned that there would be no so-called national security account in the public prosecution law and other political and legal organs. If you ask people to transfer money, remit money, provide bank password or claim to conduct fund review by telephone or short message, please do not believe it, so as to prevent cheating. In such cases, we must remain calm and call 110 for advice or assistance from the police at the first time.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express Network: Chengyu_NBJ11143