Five Questions about Maseratis Final Chasing: Peer Accomplice? The perpetrator faces death penalty?

 Five Questions about Maseratis Final Chasing: Peer Accomplice? The perpetrator faces death penalty?

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Five Questions: What is the background of the girl who caused the accident? Or face the death penalty? (Source:)

On the evening of July 3, a BMW car caught fire on the spot and caused casualties after a Maserati chased a BMW car in Yongcheng City, Henan Province, which was then highly concerned by the public.

Luxury car collision, drunk driving, female driver, microblog show off wealth, illegal land use... In this case, which has been labeled many times, there is still a mist that needs to be removed urgently. Can the absence of surrogate driving be a reason for drunk driving? What is the background of the perpetrators family? What kind of punishment will the perpetrators face?

The crash of a luxury car caused an uproar of public opinion

The car rear-end case, which aroused great public concern, occurred on the night of July 3 in Yongcheng, Henan Province.

Police investigation results show that at about 7:00 p.m. on the evening of the incident, suspect Tan Momou drove a Maserati car and friends Zhang Momou and Liu Momou to have dinner in a barbecue shop in Yongcheng District. At 22:20 p.m., three people returned to Tan Momous car after drinking.

At 2223 hours, the suspect Tan Mou-mou drove a Maserati car, carrying Liu Mou-mou and Zhang Mou-mou from the parking point. Around 22:36, Tan Mous vehicle and parked on the roadside of a number of vehicles, was stopped by the surrounding crowd. After stopping, Tan Moumou, for some unknown reason, started the vehicle and ran away after rubbing off the other vehicles.

People at the scene remember that passengers in the back row of Maserati had asked the driver to drive away quickly.

Photo Source: CCTV News

At 2242 hours, Tan Mou-mou was driving to the intersection of Donghuan Road and Yongxing Road when he rear-ended with a BMW car with equal signal lights. The BMW car caught fire immediately after being knocked out for tens of meters.

In an interview with CCTV, Li Chaoliang, a police officer in the accident section of the traffic police brigade of Yongcheng Public Security Bureau, said that after inspection and appraisal, Tan Mou-mous accident-causing car had a speed of 120 to 135 at the moment of the accident.

Eventually, the car rear-end traffic accident resulted in two deaths and four injuries. On July 4, the public security organs, suspected of endangering public safety, have taken criminal compulsory measures against three suspects in the vehicle.

Police briefing. Photo Source: @Ping An Yongcheng

u2014u2014 Can it be a reason for drunken driving when driving instead of arriving?

Drinking without driving is a common sense of traffic regulations that every driver knows. But Tan not only drank before driving, but also drank a lot.

After police testing, Tan Mou blood test, alcohol content is 167.66, belongs to drunk. The three people in the BMW car, on the evening of the incident, were tested and did not drink.

According to Zhang Mou-mou, a passenger on the vehicle responsible for the accident, the three people drank one bottle of red wine, two bottles of Japanese sake and several bottles of beer, CCTV reported. Witnesses in the barbecue shop also recalled: Drinking beer, how many did not pay attention at that time, it can be seen that three people obviously drank too much.

In addition, several people had called for a surrogate driver before the accident, but the surrogate driver had not arrived. Zhang Mou-mou said to the media, I said to call a surrogate driver, the surrogate driver has never come, and then we will wait in the car.

The suspect Zhang Moumou. Photo Source: CCTV News

u2014u2014 What is the background of the perpetrators family?

In addition to the bad nature of the case itself, in this case, the identity of Maseratis owner has repeatedly attracted attention.

According to media reports, the 23-year-old driver has just graduated from a vocational school, and her micro-blog flaunts rich constantly, showing a large number of photos of luxury accessories. But after the incident, its microblog has been emptied.

Suspected Tans microblog. Photo Source for Netizens: Surging News

In fact, Tan Moumous family background is really not thin. Media reports show that Tans family has made a fortune from fur sales and has been engaged in this business ever since. Company staff told the media that the company mainly receives donkey skin, after drying and other treatment, then sold to donkey skin processing enterprises. In the past few years, the benefits have been better and some money has been earned. These years are not so good.

The staff also introduced that Tan Mous father was busy with his work and had less discipline for his children. (Tan Mou-mous father) regretted very much, slapped himself, whats the use of things happened?

On July 5, media reporters learned from Yongcheng Public Security Bureau that the Maserati vehicle was owned by the owner of the accident.

In Tanjias warehouse, workers are using forklifts to carry donkey skins. Pengchao journalist Wang Xintu

u2014u2014 Is his fathers factory suspected of illegal land use?

After the incident, whether his fathers factory is suspected of illegal land use has also become the focus of public opinion.

A factory worker told reporters that the factory has changed the nature of the land into construction land, and some of the unchanged land has been cultivated by villagers.

In the afternoon of July 8, the media came to the town where the factory was located to inquire about the land and resources of the factory. The director of the institute, surnamed Zhu, said that the land used by the Tan family for construction was approved by the Yongcheng Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, and the existing factory buildings were also subject to relevant construction procedures. The enterprises are currently in a state of shutdown. The amount of land occupied by the specific procedures for examination and approval can be consulted by the Yongcheng Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning. The town territory is not clear.

On the evening of July 8, the leader of Yongcheng Natural Resources and Planning Bureau responded to the media that the relevant departments would be arranged to verify the land occupied by a fur sales company in Tan, confirm the land information and land occupied, and then reply.

The vehicle causing the accident. Photo Source: CCTV News

u2014u2014 How will Tan Moumou be sentenced?

After the incident, as the perpetrator of Tan Moumou will be sentenced, but also one of the focus of attention of netizens.

Anxiang, director of Beijing Dexiang Law Firm, said that drunk driving itself has directly constituted a dangerous driving crime, but in view of the serious circumstances and consequences of the case, it also constitutes a crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means, that is, causing serious injury, death or causing heavy losses to public and private property by other dangerous means.

Anxiang said that in the case of two crimes at the same time, the heavier one should be punished, that is, the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous means should be dealt with. The specific sentences should be fixed-term imprisonment of more than 10 years, life imprisonment or death penalty.

The scene of the accident. Photo Source: CCTV News

u2014u2014 Are the passengers on the bus suspected of committing a crime?

Meanwhile, two other people on Tans car have been taken criminal coercive measures by the police. Anxiang attorney said that the key to whether other colleagues on the Maserati are suspected of committing a crime depends on whether they are accomplices in the crime.

Anxiang specifically explained that it was not a crime to drive by a drunk driver. However, if there are acts of encouragement and assistance in the process, then it constitutes an accomplice of the crime of endangering public safety by dangerous methods, and should bear corresponding responsibility according to this crime.

In addition, Anxiang further explained that in this case, the passenger sitting in the back of Maserati had asked the driver to drive away immediately after the first accident. Such acts should be recognized as directives in law, and peers are also identified as principal offenders, which can be convicted and sentenced according to the conviction of the driver.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Youyuan Garden_NO4712