Fortunately, this is not a womens show that sells anxiety!

 Fortunately, this is not a womens show that sells anxiety!

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For ordinary women, age has been so cruel that what about female stars? Age can almost become the deadly threshold of their career.

When you are young, people who eat melon like to watch the gossip of female stars. But when you are over 30, if you are not married, you will probably be regarded as homosexual by people with ulterior motives. Tian Fuzhen is the best example.

Therefore, compared with ordinary women, the pressure and anxiety of female stars as a special group can be imagined. Recently, there is a documentary called Women 30+, which takes womens age as the starting point, invites representative female celebrities aged about 30 and over to capture the most authentic state of the guests at this age stage.

I just flipped over the issue, which happens to be what everyone calls old leftover girl Jon Chen.

Chen Jon, born in 79, has just turned 40 this year. Although there are many old leftovers in the entertainment industry, there are few golden leftovers like Chen Jon. Fortunately, Chen Jon is still as beautiful as ever, even more confident and proud than when she was young, and age has not become an obstacle to her career has been good, but the marriage has not been implemented.

Asked, Will you be anxious about your age? The answer is, of course, yes. People are anxious, regardless of age.

It is said that after 30 years of age, things will become more gentle, less acerbic, will not be too harsh, some are calm, some are calm, because you begin to feel that there are no big ups and downs, there is no big joys and sorrows, life is the accumulation of every step, happiness is also.

Chen Jon also has a set of logic for life, because there are not so many happy things in life, so it is necessary to accumulate small happiness, in order to complete a good day.

Women have a certain fear of the growth of age, whether they are married or not, so the market of skin care products will be so big, because everyone is dreaming of keeping youth forever.

There is a lack of understanding of women in society. For example, once you enter the cycle of being married and not having children, your career will be seriously frustrated. You may not be able to get a promotion, or you may not be able to raise your salary, because everyone is waiting. Maybe one day you are pregnant and waiting for delivery. Maybe one day you will start taking maternity leave. This is for enterprises. It is unwilling to say that nature does not support useless people after all. If you are unmarried, at a certain age, enterprises still dare not use you, even if you get married one day, even if you quit your job one day, even if you get pregnant one day.

Female stars are even more difficult. Once you get married and have a baby and wait for your role, it will be a 180 degree shift. If you dont get married, fans will rush you in addition to your family, and sometimes even the directors team will rush you.

When Jon Chens mother was worried that she would become a widowed old man in the future, she smiled and said, Dont worry, then I am also a rich widowed old man.

She believed in her life and that she could live happily alone.

From Chen Jons outlook on life, we can see a womans confidence in life and the future, as well as her inner softness, but there is no anxiety.

It is rare that such a documentary with the theme of womens age has no anxiety about selling. When everyone starts to talk about age, we can choose to ignore it, because in our life, only we know how to live and how to live.

I hope every woman around me can live the life that she wants in her heart. Dont be bound by reality or assimilated by society. You are you, the best you are!