Wonderful Story - The First Chamber (New Legend)

 Wonderful Story - The First Chamber (New Legend)

The college entrance examination arrived on schedule, and hotels were overcrowded. Manager Qin doubled the price of the room, and parents of candidates came to ask whether there were any vacant rooms, especially the 602 first-rate room. Even if the price was 888 yuan for four hours, there was an endless stream of people to ask. Manager Qin consciously paid two noon room charges in order not to leave a message for others when General Wu came to inspect.

In the morning, manager Qin sent his son back to the examination room. The front desk said that General Wu had come and was visiting the sixth floor. Manager Qin hurried up to the sixth floor and saw a man in a straight suit standing at the gate 602. He looked up at the three words Champion Room on the door.

Manager Qin expected that this was General Wu. He rushed to introduce himself to General Wu and reported the latest hotel operation with him. Speaking of the hour room of the college entrance examination these days, manager Qin was very proud and reported on the marketing strategy.

Wu listened, smiled, pointed to the words on the 602 door, and asked with interest, Did this room really produce the champion? Have you ever seen him?

Manager Qin said, Since I became the manager here, I have paid special attention to the city or district champions every year to see if I have stayed in our hotel. This City champion is a guest who lived in the hotel eight years ago. I have never seen him before. The front desk has checked the identity information of the guests. He is the real champion of the college entrance examination. General Wu nodded and then asked, Whats the price of the first-rate house now? Manager Qin said, Four hours at noon, 888 yuan.

Wu frowned and stopped asking about the champions room. He turned to a busy waitress and said, Sister Li, come here! The waitress came over. Manager Qin saw her in her forties. She was a little familiar. Sister Li came over and greeted manager Qin with a smile. Wu always said, This is the waiter I just recruited today. You quit her from this hotel on the day of the college entrance examination eight years ago. It took me a long time to get her back and be nice to her later.

Manager Qin was uneasy. He didnt understand how General Wu knew about it. He ran to Sister Li and apologized to her in a low voice. Sister Li said generously, Nothing, its all over! The manager of Qin looked at her and asked, Why does Mr. Wu know about your dismissal and come back to you specially?

Sister Li said, You still dont understand? He was the examinee whom you regarded as a thief eight years ago. He was young and promising, and he was too poor to live in a hotel at that time, but only four years after graduation, he became the new and old head of the hotel.

Soon after, General Wu called manager Qin and sister Li and came to 602 together. Manager Qin did not know what Wu was going to do. He looked at Sister Li anxiously knocking on the door of 602. The more his son Qin Ming stretched out his head, the manager of Qin quickly gave him a wink. General Wu said to Qin Mingyue, Young man, how was the exam? Its much safer to live in this room! Qin Ming laughed more and more, looked at his father and said, I never believe this. My dad has to let me live in this room, but he cant beat him! ____________

Just then, the door of 602 opened. A fat man waved to them and said impatiently, Its noisy. Why are you talking at our door? My son has an exam in the afternoon. Go aside!

The big boy stood up, lowered his voice and said, Sister, Im sick. I didnt sleep well last night. I took some cold medicine. Im dizzy. I always want to sleep. Now Im too sleepy to open my eyes.

There were many guests. When Sister Li was busy, she waited for lunch and suddenly remembered that the big boy was still sleeping in the storage room. Should she be late? Sister Li was frightened by a cold sweat. She threw down her bowl and rushed to the sixth floor. As soon as she got out of the elevator, she saw a big boy rushing over, followed by manager Qin. Manager Qin shouted, Sister Li, catch the thief! Hes in the storage room! Sister Li picked up the elevator and stuffed the big boy in. She said, Come on, youre late! Then she put out her hands and stopped manager Qin.

The more stunned Qin Ming was, the more he asked, What happened later? Li Jie said, Later I was fired. That boy is General Wu. Later, Sister Li lowered her voice and said, You know, General Wu was the top student in the college entrance examination of this city that year. He kept a low profile and did not let me go out to talk about it!

The more surprised Qin Ming was, the more discontented he said, How can my father do that?

Sister Li was surprised and said, Who is your father?

Qin Mingyue said, That silly manager of Qin!

As they were talking, a dry cough suddenly came from behind. Qin Mingyue looked back. Manager Qin accompanied Wu and stood behind him. His face rose like an eggplant. General Wu laughed and said to Qin Mingyue, I tell you, I did book Room 602 that year. The examination room was far from home. I was sick again those days. My father booked me a four-hour room with a bite of his teeth. After the first test, I came here to ask the price. I was so distressed that I dared not enter the room. Just then, a parent who accompanied the exam looked for a room everywhere. I made a deal with him in private and sold him the room. I was really sleepy at that time. Fortunately, I met Sister Li. Otherwise, I might doze off in the examination room.