The difference between true love and non-love can be reflected from the understanding of romance

 The difference between true love and non-love can be reflected from the understanding of romance

So when a lot of people are first pursued by a person, they do a lot of romantic things for you. You dont appreciate it. They also feel annoying, troublesome, need to escape and need to refuse.

Looking at the moon is romantic, so is eating the same sugar gourd. Even sitting behind his bicycle without an umbrella in the rain is not bitter, but romantic.

Sadly, after a period of passionate love, when your relationship enters a flat period, you begin to be unwilling, you feel bored.

You begin to find that this man knows nothing about romance. There are no flowers, no gifts, no grand weddings, no diamond rings, no romantic trips, no candlelight dinners...

If you think about it casually, you will feel that he has treated you badly, that he is insensitive, that your life is simply too boring, and that there is no sense of romance.

You regret it. You think you married wrong. Actually, its just that you dont love him anymore. Youre tired of it. So the things you used to feel romantic with him are getting tired of now.

Now he did not give you such romance, because he is working hard for the normal operation of the family, to earn food for the family, to earn a car and shelter house.

And thats his ability. He thinks buying you a flower is still romantic, but what you want is more than just a flower. You think a bunch of flowers, a car of flowers is really romantic.

No candlelight dinner, no band accompaniment, no beautiful coast, even a roadside stall, eat a bowl of snacks, you feed me, I feed you, is also very romantic.

Later, I feel no longer romantic, but you are tired of each other, things or those things, people or people, but your initial heart is no longer, your initial heart is no longer.

In short, when you really love each other, its romantic to look at each other at a glance, and when you dont want to look at him again, you wont feel romantic even if you have a candlelit dinner and a room of flowers.

The mood changes with your heart. In many cases, the environment is not important. What matters is how you feel. If you think you used to be very romantic together, but later not romantic, it may not be lack of romantic behavior, but you no longer love each other.

Because when there is no true love, you think that those romantic expressions can be eaten as meals, and when there is true love, you find that eating together is a very romantic thing. Events are not important. What matters is people.