Zhang Benmei and Coming to China won the U12 Championship: I am now the best player in East Asia.

 Zhang Benmei and Coming to China won the U12 Championship: I am now the best player in East Asia.

From July 6 to 7, the 28th East Asian Hope Cup Table Tennis Championship was held at China Table Tennis Institute in Shanghai. Zhang Benmei and Zhang Benmei won the championship in both group and individual events with all-win results, especially sweeping three young Chinese players 3-0 in womens singles.

I am very happy to win the game and become the champion. I am the best player in East Asia now. After the match, the Chinese-Japanese girl told the surging journalist in less fluent Chinese, I want to be as good a player as my brother (Zhang Benzhi-he).

Zhang Benmei stood on the top podium.

Dimension Reduction Strike

East Asia Hope Cup Table Tennis Championship is a traditional youth table tennis event in East Asia, including Malone, Ding Ning, Liu Shiwen, Zhang Benzhi and other world famous players have participated in the event, which has become an important Youth Table Tennis event.

It is the fourth time that the competition has been held in China Table Tennis College and only young people under 12 years old are allowed to participate in it. A total of 9 teams from China, Japan, Korea, Taipei, Macao, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Korea participated in the competition.

The competition is divided into four events: womens singles, mens singles, womens team and mens team. After two days of competition, the Chinese Taipei team won the mens team gold medal, while the Japanese team won the womens team, womens singles and mens singles three championships, among which the womens group achieved four consecutive championships.

Among the many competitors, the most notable is undoubtedly Japans 11-year-old Junior General Zhang Benmeihe. This is not only because she is Zhang Benzhi and her sister, but also because she has shown absolute strength in her peers, and even can challenge U15 and U18 players.

Zhang Benmei and interviewed.

Last month, Zhang Benmei and one person participated in the U15 Womens Team Competition, U13, U15 and U18 in the International Table Tennis Federation Taicang Youth Competition. In her personal events alone, she made 20 appearances in three days, with U15 second, U13 third and U18 in the top 8.

Zhang Benmei is more likely to take a dimension reduction blow against the young players of the same age group. Not only did she win all the team and womens singles competitions, but she also won three Chinese young players in singles competitions successively. The score was 3-0 (3 wins in 5 games of juvenile competition).

For her competition, I am very satisfied, the last time Taicang may be a small big, there are many U18 players, and she just turned 11 years old, so it was a little hard to play with them. Sun Xue, the head coach of Meihe, told Peng Mei News.

This time, they are all children under 12 years old. If she can play it properly, she will still have some advantages. Sun Xue believes that Zhang Benmei and Japan have been the best players of the same age group, We played a lot of competitions, but also made many plans for her strengths and weaknesses.

Zhang Benmei and coach Sun Xue.

Study hard and play table tennis well

Last month in Taicang, Zhang Benmei and he failed to win a championship because of too much competition and too much physical expenditure. After the game, the little girl lay wrongly on the table with tears, while her teammates and coach Sun Xue comforted her.

After half a month of adjustment, Zhang Benmei and finally in the Kingdom of Table Tennis on the highest podium, she naturally appears very happy. After winning the championship, she told the surging journalist that her most desirable way to celebrate was to play -- I want to go to Disney or Universal Studios.

One day after the competition, Meihe toured Shanghai with other East Asian Hope Cup contestants. They visited the Table Tennis Museum, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Bund, the grandeur of Shanghai center, the beauty of love, and all kinds of Shanghai snacks in Town Gods Temple.

She likes to drink pearl milk tea very much. She is very happy to buy milk tea. A staff member accompanying him told the Peng Mei journalist. In fact, after the last defeat in Taicang, it was Pearl Milk Tea that helped the little girl pick up her smiling face again.

Zhang Benmei and in the competition.

Although still a child, Meihe has begun to harvest mini-sister in China. In this years cup of hope, several fans in their early 20s came to see her play and gave her a gift. I gave her a handbook and told her she must study hard.

In fact, Zhang Benmei not only plays table tennis well, but also never misses her cultural lessons. Coach Sun Xue has mentioned on more than one occasion that Meihe often ranks first in the country in the performance of culture classes in Japanese primary schools.

Mother taught me from an early age, learning well, table tennis will play well. The little girl said shyly that her achievements benefited from her family education. She also disclosed her daily study and training plan to the surging journalists.

Exercise begins at 5:00 p.m. and ball practice from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. Every day; after dinner, practice a lesson from 7:10 to 8:10 p.m. and after a rest, practice backspin and serve again from 8:30 p.m. and finally finish the days training with physical fitness.

At the end of every days training, it was 10 p.m., and Zhang Benmei-he finally had his own relaxation time. At this point, she would pick up her favorite comic book, Detective Conan, which was the same as other children. ?

Zhang Benmei and his brother Zhang Benzhihe. Information map

I want to be as good a player as my brother.

As Japans most potential star of hope, Zhang Benmei and nature have attracted the attention of domestic and foreign media. In the Hope Cup competition, the little girl will attract a lot of flashlights wherever she goes, which will invisibly cause her a lot of pressure.

After all, there is her brothers influence there, we will also pay more attention to her, we will try to do some psychological counseling, so that she does not care too much about these things. Sun Xue frankly said that too much attention will indeed make beauty and be affected.

The competition also attracted Japanese media to report. A Tokyo TV reporter revealed that Meihe is very concerned in Japan. She has been shooting pictures of Meihe training and competitions at home and abroad. At least we can win two gold medals at the 2024 Paris Olympics.

This is reminiscent of Fukuhara Ai, who was filmed in various documentaries since childhood. Of course, Meihes idol is not a porcelain doll. Her idol was Liu Shiwen, but recently became her brother, Zhang Benzhihe.

I think my brother has been working hard recently, so hes my idol now. The little girl spoke in less fluent Chinese and her voice was very tender. In the future, I will be as good a player as my brother.

Because of her brothers role model, she always wants to follow her brothers lead. Sun Xue and Meihes parents still want her to go her own way. You can take your brother as an example, but you dont always look at your brother, you have to strive to have your own life of table tennis.

Zhang Benzhi-he also praised his sister through his personal social platform: Beautiful and powerful! Congratulations on winning the Hope Cup in East Asia and breaking my record. (The record mentioned here should be the youngest double crown record in the history of the East Asian Hope Cup, while the youngest champion in the history of womens singles is Liu Shiwen, who was under 11 when she won the title in 2001.)

Meihe is a very smart and cheerful child. If she is willing to continue her efforts, she will surely have a good future and become a very good player.

Next, Zhang Benmei and Japan will participate in singles under the age of 12. The girl is obviously more confident about playing at home. If I do well, I should win the first place.

Source: Responsible Editor of Pengmei News Network: Cao Liyuan_NS1806