Taking Dad to Study Abroad finds out the way for parents and children to grow up

 Taking Dad to Study Abroad finds out the way for parents and children to grow up

In the play, four groups of family problems are very representative. They are Huang Chengdong and Huang Xiaodong, who have no details about their children. They replace Wu Hanxiang and Wudandandan with money, Liu Ruoyu and Chen Kewen who have lost themselves in giving up their career for their children, and Ju Lushayi who overwhelmed her daughter with the extreme idea of looking for a girl to become a phoenix. Home, the audience can see the shadow of different families around them. Every representative and topical story shows the exploration and efforts made by parents and children to find a better way to live together and to pursue real happiness in life.

Yao Xiaofeng, a director who is good at filming family drama, explores the new way out of Chinese-style parent-child relationship by taking his father to study abroad. At the same time, he also sets up a brand-new educational concept: parents and children grow up together in the harbour of home to find the most suitable way to get along is the real happiness of a family. Righteousness. He also expressed his thoughts on family problems and parent-child issues such as how to be a parent, whether the independence of children and the accompanying of parents really contradict each other through TV plays. It is worth mentioning that Take Dad to Study Abroad not only pays attention to the influence of the original family on the children, but also focuses more on the parents. The process of educating the children to grow up is also the process of the second growth of the middle-aged parents. According to director Yao Xiaofeng, the role of parents is no longer the guide on the way of childrens growth. Passers-by, but peers, are also gradually learning how to manage marriage, become qualified parents and reap new opportunities in the tests of personal emotional problems and childrens education.

No one can accompany a child for a lifetime, long or short, and she will have her own life in the future, but if you say to accompany a child for a while, you will spend your life. In the end, Wu Hanxiang spoke the voice of many parents, which aroused the audiences deep thinking. Director Yao Xiaofeng also expressed his educational philosophy: Not only children need to grow up, but also parents need to grow up. This society is changing. I always hope to be a friend of my children and spend time with them. But at the same time, I cant lose my life. I need to learn to let go and grow up with my children.

Take Dad to Study Abroad is not only the story of four families growing up, but also the story of the rebirth of four groups of parents and children. As a result, children become more mature and sensible. Parents also find their own new direction in life. In the process of growing up together, parents and children find their own happiness and realize their personal transformation together. With the second growth. Take Dad to Study Abroad breaks the routine of family drama, creates more three-dimensional and vivid characters in the humorous comedy atmosphere, and dramatically shows the real family emotional contradictions by studying abroad, breaks the routine to show a picture of the original family, and then shows the release between parents and children. Start, learn to love a new education model, for the audience to reveal a happy life, harmonious family relations of new ideas.

The TV drama Take Dad to Study Abroad was produced by the Enlightenment Film Industry, directed by Yao Xiaofeng, starring Sun Honglei, Xin Zhilei, Zeng Shunhuang and Jiang Yi, and starring Liu Mintao, Tu Songyan and Yang Ji in particular. Tan Jian-ci, Lin Xiyue, Chang Yuhong and Kang Keren co-starred every night in Oriental Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Tencent Video and Tencent Video. IQI, Youku and other platforms are popular, and will end on July 9.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Hu Mengyao_NK5655