The final announcement of the movie Craftsmanship protects Chinese traditional culture

 The final announcement of the movie Craftsmanship protects Chinese traditional culture

The final announcement of the movie Craftsmanship (Source: Netease Entertainment)

Taking the story of Wu Tengfei, the master of Chinese wood carving art, as the prototype, the film was shot from Dongyang, the capital of world woodcarving. It tells the story of Lu Mingsong, a woodcarver, who persevered in art and his entanglement in his family and career.

The Trailer begins with the powerful words of Lu Mingsong, played by Ma Shaohua, whose side face is solemnly absorbed in the flowing light and shadow, as if in memory. Next, the short screen shot switch, several leading actors appear in turn, they are in different scenes, as if all living things, each has its own brilliance. But fate still closely related to them, from the past to the present, from laughter to parting. In the camera room, some people grow up, some people compromise, but the lively and melodious music is like daily life, with the inherent rhythm to accommodate everyones joys and sorrows. Along with Lu Mingsongs teachings, it seems that we are also following the charactersmemories and moving forward together.

Initial heart is not changed, is the ingenuity is the heart of China.

Excellent traditional Chinese culture is the spiritual lifeblood of the Chinese nation and an important source of developing socialist core values. In recent years, Chinas excellent traditional culture has been constantly brushing screen network, Chinese character fever, poetry fever, national treasure fever, the Palace Museum fever has emerged in an endless stream, Chinas excellent traditional culture is being transmitted to various forms of media at home and abroad. Now the film should also always implement this idea, dedicated to telling good Chinese stories, so that traditional culture live up and fire up. In recent years, Chinas film market has developed rapidly. The market is complex, opportunities and challenges coexist. In todays film market full of commercial films, we look forward to more reflections of Chinas excellent traditional culture, hope that through the big screen, through the film Craftsmanship to open a new cultural chapter.

Source: Netease Entertainment Responsible Editor: Du Jiayue_NK6020