Toolias Roasted Mutton Skewer, a comedy feature of Heroes of Rat Gallbladder

 Toolias Roasted Mutton Skewer, a comedy feature of Heroes of Rat Gallbladder

Netease Entertainment reported on July 9 that a comedy special edition of the film Heroes of Rat Gall was released recently. The video was edited in the new form of Xiao Yues Crosstalk, which exposed the relaxed and funny shooting tidbits of many leading actors in the studio. It made people more hopeful for the film to be shown.

Powerful supporting roles also show good comedy skills. Cai Ming, who plays Feilumens landlady Flower Sister, contributed a full-blown burst-type scream in the interlude. After that, she responded and said, Why should I call so long? Yuan Hong, who plays the role of police officer in Xingtiecheng, opens his mouth with a line of big ballast flavor after shooting with dignity and dignity, which also makes people laugh.

Yue Yunpengs Mascot of the Drama Group studio gobbled up: What Im good at is eating.

Of course, Xiao Yueyues appearance is indispensable to the comedy special. In the video, Yue Yunpeng is unwilling to show his weakness after watching the Sichuan Opera actors face-changing stunt. By dressing up as a dirty beggar, Yue Yunpeng acts as a black face and turns into a coal-digging teenager in seconds. After that, the director and staff behind the monitor laughed loudly. They were simply men who grow up laughing at everyone and incarnated as mascots of the theatre team, which made Yuan Hong and Tian Yu unable to resist kissing and showing their love.

Yue Yunpeng once joked in cross talk about what he was best at eating. In this shooting of Hero of Rat Gallbladder, he also showed his eating essence to his hearts content. Not only in the break time holding the cake cant let go, in the role of Yan Dahai, in order to fit in with the character set, there are also many scenes devouring raw fried bread, there is also a scene of drunk with the kidnapper crab played by Yu Yang. The two people hold hands tightly and hate each other very much at night. u3002 In addition to the funny side, the special also reveals the hardship of the shooting scene, repeated shooting in the smoke of breathlessness, underwater fighting and so on, the actors are also very dedicated, no complaints.

The comedy Hero of Rat Gall is co-produced by Dade Film Industry (Tianjin), Sorber (Beijing) International Film Industry Investment Co., Ltd., Quark Media (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd., Wentou Holdings Co., Ltd., Beijing Wenyun Huaxia Film and Television Investment Co., Ltd. and co-directed by Shu Huan and Shao Dan. Yue Yunpeng, Mr. Toolia, Han Tongsheng, Tianyu, Cai Ming, Liu Wei, Yuan Hong, Dapeng, Xing Jiadong, Lei Jiayin, Yu Qian, Huashao and other powerful actors will be jointly performed. The film will be released nationwide on August 2.