Mother: Life is not so easy

 Mother: Life is not so easy

Gao Junyu

Little Rain and Mother

Advertisement of Reader-on-Demand by Gao Junyu

Where not, soeasy! Ten years ago, an advertisement for a CD-ROM made Gao Junyu, an 8-year-old Guangzhou girl at that time, a well-known child star all over the country. She was cordially called CD-ROM girl. These days, Gao Junyu has become a net red again: this year, she got 568 points in the college entrance examination, which exceeded 113 points in the undergraduate course line. Before that, she had successfully passed the college entrance examination of broadcasting and hosting major of China Media University.

How did you pick up the advertisement of the point reader in those days? What are the harvest and annoyance of child star in her growth these years? Are you satisfied with your college entrance examination results? What are your plans for the future? With these problems, Ziniu journalist contacted Gao Junyu and her mother, Ms. Li.

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Start shooting advertisements in your mid-4s

Nearly 300 shots were taken back and forth.

In 2009, Gao Junyu, an 8-year-old reader-on-demand advertisement made her popular all over the country. Her sweet smile and well-known advertisement words were impressive.

Gao Junyus mother, Ms. Li, laughed and told Ziniu News that in fact, it was a natural thing to make some reader advertisements in those years, because Xiaoyu began to make advertisements since she was over four years old. At that time, Xiaoyu was in kindergarten middle school. A brokerage company found the kindergarten and said that some advertisements needed children to take part in shooting. At that time, the staff had a good first impression of Xiaoyu, so they left a business card for the kindergarten teacher. At that time, I was hesitant. First, I was worried that my child was too young. Second, I didnt know that the agency was unreliable. However, kindergarten teachers advised children to try. At that time, I discussed with my childs father and decided to let the child have a try because I thought the child could exercise as well. In this way, Xiaoyu successfully filmed a toothpaste advertisement.

The director kept praising the childrens spirituality and performing well, which changed my mind a lot. Ms. Li told Ziniu News that since children have such special skills, why not let them try more? As a result, opportunities flooded in like a sluice. When the third advertisement was filmed, the light rain had played a leading role.

Among all the advertisements, the most impressive one is undoubtedly the one that clicks on the reader: Where cant you click on, so easy! Advertisements are well known. Children are 8 years old when they shoot some advertisements for reading machines, and they have enough experience. This may be the reason why Xiaoyu is particularly well-behaved. Ms. Li told Ziniu News that up to now, Xiaoyu has taken nearly 300 advertisements, most of which were completed in kindergartens and elementary schools. In addition to advertising, Gao Junyu has also participated in some film and television works, and has cooperated with Zhang Jiahui, Zhong Liti, Zeng Zhiwei, Chen Pei Si and other stars.


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Never regard oneself as a star nor delay study

Ms. Li told Ziniu News that the most children have received for so many years is advertisements, but few films and TV works, which is actually considered. The advertising cycle is very short, usually one or two days, and children can use the weekend to shoot. But the period of making movies and TV plays is relatively long, and we are worried about affecting childrens learning. Ms. Li said that her father and Xiaoyus views are very consistent, that is, childrens growth can not deviate from the normal trajectory, can not leave the atmosphere of getting along with classmates and teachers on campus. Childrens advertising can enhance self-confidence, exercise language and expression, we do not reject all shooting, but also do not intentionally go this way, but strive for a balance.

Ms. Li told Ziniu News reporter that in fact, during the shooting of the advertisement, the children were also carrying textbooks to do their homework, and they were also scrambling to read in the interval between shooting. You cant play wild just because you go out to shoot advertisements, which delays your studies.

In addition to the balance between advertising and academic work, Gao Junyu has to face the balance of getting along with his classmates in school. Ms. Li told Ziniu News reporter that because she had received many advertisements, Gao Junyu was a little star in the eyes of many students. How to deal with the relationship with her classmates, she and her childrens father also had a lot of brains. Ive been reminding my children that you are recognized for making so many advertisements, but you have the expressive power of the camera. Youre just an ordinary kid in life. Keep humble all the time.

To Ms. Lis delight, Xiaoyu did a good job of humility and low-key in school. Occasionally, some students used advertising words to tease, Xiaoyu also laughed. For so many years in school, Xiaoyu has been actively serving as a class representative for the students, and also actively participated in various recreational activities of the school, and always get along well with the students.


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Too much attention and black, mothers original note-taking communication method

Although many people are impressed by that soeasy advertisement, it is impossible to grow up with soeasy all the time. Ms. Li told Ziniu News that although Gao Junyu had always regarded herself as an ordinary child during her growing up, her parents also gave her enough care. But as a well-known Little Red Man in the country, there are still many troubles in the light rain in life.

Many troubles come from outside. Because of the little star halo overhead, Gao Junyu has been bearing much more attention than normal children. The child always feels that he is under the magnesia lamp. Every move, every word and deed is stared at by people. The pressure is very high. Ms. Li told Ziniu that it was the intentional black light rain that made people angry more than paying too much attention. At that time, I was still studying in the second year of junior high school. In that year, some netizens rumored that Xiaoyu had also taken the college entrance examination, and only got 403 points, with very poor results.

Ms. Li told Ziniu that at that time, her own lungs were going to explode, and she was particularly worried that the rampant spread of such rumors on the Internet would affect the mood of her children. Unexpectedly, the light rains endurance is quite strong, in turn, comfort me. Say that everyone pays attention to my achievements every year, I should turn pressure into motivation and never relax my study. At that time, I was very gratified to feel that the child really grew up.

In addition to external pressure, light rain is also facing pressure within the family. Remember the third day of junior high school, the children ushered in a period of rebellion, and many things with parents, we can not listen to what we say. Ms. Li told Ziniu that at first she was very angry, but calm down and think about it, many things that children do not accept are their own mood and tone, not their views.

Therefore, Ms. Li originally created a set of notes exchange method, not face-to-face disputes, but during the day when the children go to school, write their views on the notebook. In the evening, when the child comes back and sees his notes, he will also reply to me in his notebook. Ms. Li told Ziniu News that with this way of communication, the gap between parents and children was significantly less, and Xiaoyu passed the rebellious period smoothly. This set of note-taking communication method we have been using, in addition to daily communication, they also extract some positive energy sentences, encourage each other.

College entrance examination

Key word

Choosing the Arts Examination in Grade Two of Senior High School, the score of the College Entrance Examination is 113 points above the undergraduate level.

After 10 years, Gao Junyu became popular all over the country again, which is due to this years college entrance examination. Gao Junyu scored 568 points, more than 113 points on the undergraduate line. Before that, she had successfully passed the college entrance exam of broadcasting and hosting major of China Media University. In the eyes of many netizens, as an art examinee, such results are excellent, but Gao Junyu himself is not satisfied.

I made predictions based on one model, and I felt that my grades did not meet my expectations. Gao Junyu told Ziniu News that he was not satisfied with his achievements. The key reason was that he had a high self-demand. I never regard myself as an art examinee, but always ask myself as an ordinary examinee, and always try my best to get the best results.

Why did Xiaoyu take the art examination? Ms. Li told Ziniu News that this was actually quite accidental, not deliberate. Although children have actively participated in the schools art activities since they entered high school, they have also become hosts and literary and artistic committees, and the typhoon has been widely praised, but until the second year of high school, children never thought about the art examination.

Ms. Li told Ziniu News that up to the second year of senior high school, Xiaoyu was still a little confused about the future, what kind of university to take, what kind of career path to choose, and so on, without a particularly clear understanding. Fortunately, at this time, the school organized a study trip to several schools in Hong Kong to exchange ideas and guide children to explore their future career. After returning from Hong Kong, Xiaoyu had his own ideas. As soon as I came back, the child told me that he preferred to do things that suit him. He liked broadcasting and hosting very much. Whether he could take this as his goal or not? Ms. Li told Ziniu that she was very happy that her child had a clear idea. She accompanied her daughter and pushed backwards together. To achieve this goal, what direction should she go? The final conclusion is to find a professional teacher to learn broadcasting and hosting systematically and try the way of art examination.

Although from the second year of high school, the children have followed the professional teachers to learn broadcasting and hosting, but in addition to the concentrated training before the art exam, the children have not delayed their normal learning, which is my most proud place for children.


Key word

Girls want to be a bridge to let the world see the most beautiful China

After the college entrance examination, many children have completely relaxed, traveling, chasing dramas, playing games, and enjoying themselves. But Gao Junyu is the opposite, with a full schedule.

The children are too busy before the college entrance examination. There are many English teachers missing. This vacation has to be made up for. Ms. Li told Ziniu News that the children are very strong. Although their English level is good, they have been trying to find a higher level and are preparing for IELTS.

In addition to studying, Gao Junyu has a new endorsement to shoot this holiday, and also participates in the recording of some TV programs.

For the future, Gao Junyu also has his own considerations. The child has always said that since he chose to take the road of broadcasting and hosting, he should strive to be the best broadcasting host. Ms. Li told Ziniu that the recent trans-oceanic debate between Chinese and American presenters was of great concern to Xiaoyu, who wanted to be able to participate in such a debate when he had a chance in the future.

Gao Junyu told Ziniu News that China has a 5000-year-old culture and is becoming stronger and stronger, but many parts of the world are still prejudiced against China. I want to be a bridge. I hope that in the future, as a host, I can tell Chinese stories well, convey Chinese voice and let the world see the most beautiful China.

Source: responsible editor of Yangtze Evening News: Xun Jianguo_NN7379