Victims of female graduates from Zhejiang University: Family members of victims give up civil compensation

 Victims of female graduates from Zhejiang University: Family members of victims give up civil compensation

New Beijing News today (July 9), 11.13 Zhejiang University GirlsMurder has made new progress. The reporter of the Beijing News learned from the lawyers deputy office of the victims family members that the case was not heard in public at the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court this morning (July 9), and the sentence will be handed down on the day chosen. The victims father, Tan Ying (not her real name), said that he had given up filing criminal incidental civil compensation. My only requirement is that he be sentenced to death.

The Beijing News reported earlier that Tan Ying, a graduate of Zhejiang University who returned from studying in Britain, lost contact with her family when she was visiting Lotus Peak in the West Lake scenic spot at noon on November 13, 2018, and her whereabouts were unknown. On November 16, the West Lake Scenic Spot Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau notified that suspected Tan Ying was found at 22:30 on November 15 on the cliff slope at the top of Lianhuafeng Mountain and confirmed by medical staff that she had no vital signs. Tan Ying was murdered by the police on-site investigation and forensic identification.

On November 17, 2018, Hangzhou police successfully arrested the suspect Xiong Mou (male, 24 years old, Guangxi native) in Quanzhou County, Guilin City, Guangxi. On November 28, the Hangzhou Peoples Procuratorate approved the arrest of Xiong Mou on suspicion of intentional homicide and compulsory indecency.

This afternoon, a reporter from Beijing News learned from Liu Bin, an attorney representing Tan Yings family members and a lawyer of Zehou Law Firm in Zhejiang, that the Hangzhou Intermediate Peoples Court heard the case in private. According to his introduction, the prosecution and the defense have basically no objection to the fact that Xiong Mou killed Tan Ying, and have launched a debate on the sentencing part. The defendant Xiong Mou has a mean motive and cruel means of committing a crime. We insist that the death penalty is legally justifiable. As for the defenses view, it said that it was not convenient to disclose other information because it was not heard in public. The case will be adjudicated on a selective basis.

Source: Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper: Chengyu_NBJ11143