Liaoning defendant sentenced to death in the case of 6 deaths and 20 injuries caused by car collision with students

 Liaoning defendant sentenced to death in the case of 6 deaths and 20 injuries caused by car collision with students

At about 11:30 on November 22, 2018, Han Jihua drove his father Han Yushengs black Audi A6 sedan, owned by Liao CSF060, on the streets of Jianchang County, waiting for the opportunity to commit a crime.

At 12:18, on the road near Jianchang No.2 Primary School in Jianchang County, Hongqi Street, more than 60 students were led by Wang Xiuling and Malan, who crossed the road from east to west and marched along the road. The defendant, Han Jihua, took the teachers and students of the team as the main target of driving impact, and then drove backward from South to north to speed up the collision. The crowd, after knocking down and crushing many people, drove away from the scene.

At 12:52 on the same day, public security officers stopped Han Jihuas Audi car at the section of Qingshiling Road, Bajiazi Township, Jianchang County, 306 National Road, and arrested it.

The defendant, Han Jihua, killed six students and injured 20 others to varying degrees in this driving crash.

The court held that the defendant, Han Jihua, had a narrow mind in order to vent his emotions and retaliate against the society. He deliberately drove into the crowd and fled the scene after knocking down and crushing many people, resulting in 6 deaths and 20 injuries, of which 6 were all children, 18 of the 20 injured, seriously endangering the public. Common security, whose behavior has constituted the crime of endangering public security by dangerous means, should be punished according to law.

The fact of the crime charged by the public prosecution organ and the conviction of the charges should be supported.

The defendant Han Jihuas criminal motives are shady and mean, his subjective viciousness is deep and insane, the cruelty of criminal means is abhorrent, and the tragic scene of the case is shocking. Its criminal acts not only violate national laws, seriously endanger public safety, but also violate natural law and human relations.

As the father of the defendant, Han Jihua, although the law can not require all people to young, young, and young people, but absolutely prohibit harming innocent people.

The defendant Han Jihuas behavior has seriously broken through the legal and moral bottom line, seriously impacted the social order and good customs, and caused irreparable harm to the victims family.

Although the defendant, Han Jihua, faithfully confessed his crime and confessed his guilt in court, which constituted a confession according to law and had no criminal record, the consequences of the crime were extremely serious and the circumstances of the crime were extremely bad, which could not be punished lightly.

According to the facts, nature, circumstances and degree of social harm of the defendant, the court makes the above judgment according to law.

During the trial of the case, the Huludao Intermediate Peoples Court strictly abided by the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law, appointed defenders for the defendants, appointed legal aid lawyers for the victims, organized pre-trial meetings, listened to the opinions of both the prosecution and the defense, and formed pre-trial meeting reports to ensure the smooth and orderly conduct of the trial. In the trial, the prosecution and the defense fully cross-examine and debate, fully guaranteeing the litigation rights of the litigant participants.

The public prosecutor, the defendant and his defender, the victim and his litigation agent all attend the court to participate in the judgment. Relatives of victims, some NPC deputies and CPPCC members, media reporters and people from all walks of life attended more than 100 people.

Audi has not decelerated at the entrance of primary school in Huludao, Liaoning Province. Several students were hit and flew

At noon on November 22, 2018, some netizens reported that a car accident happened at the entrance of the second primary school in Jianchang County, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, causing injuries to students. The reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Jianchang County Committee that a car accident did happen in the second primary school of Jianchang County, and some students were injured and sent to hospital. Five people were killed and 18 injured in the accident.

Audi Primary School entrance collision killed 6 people and injured 20 drivers as the son of the village branch book

Workers of the Public Security Branch of the Bajiazi Economic Development Zone of Jianchang County Public Security Bureau said that the man was caught by the police while driving the accident vehicle Audi A6 to the countryside after knocking down several preschool children in front of the second school gate of Jianchang. The specific situation is under investigation. According to the reporter, the perpetrator was Han Jihua, son of a branch book in Qingniushan Village, Laoda Zhangzi Township, Jianchang County.