National Post Office: Establishing and Implementing the Blacklist System for the Trustbreakers in Express Industry

 National Post Office: Establishing and Implementing the Blacklist System for the Trustbreakers in Express Industry

The Guiding Opinions put forward several new measures which are more targeted, practical and effective from four aspects: reducing enterprise costs, promoting transformation and upgrading, creating a fair environment and improving the level of security.

u2014u2014 Reduce the cost of enterprises and reduce the burden of enterprises. Including reducing institutional transaction costs, deepening the reform of release of uniforms in express delivery field, further optimizing the approval service process, and shortening the approval time of express business operation license to less than half of the statutory time limit. Promote the whole process of online management of one network to achieve the enterprise run once at most. Promote tax reduction and fee reduction, guide private express delivery enterprises to fully enjoy the tax policy relief and preferential measures, and effectively reduce the burden of express delivery enterprises.

u2014u2014 Strengthen enterprise cultivation and promote transformation and upgrading. Including improving the quality and efficiency of enterprise development, promoting private express headquarters to become stronger and better. Deeply promote the express delivery to the countryside project, express delivery into the area project and boarding, boarding, boarding project. To guide private express delivery enterprises to go out and cultivate express delivery enterprises with first-class international competitiveness. Enhance the innovation and development ability of enterprises, and cultivate specialty and new express delivery enterprises. We will improve the level of enterprise management and resolutely curb punishment for custody and unreasonable charges at the end of the countryside. Deeply carry out professional title evaluation of express engineering technicians, promote the establishment of skill level recognition system, improve the professional skills competition system in the industry, and strengthen the joint talent training mechanism.

u2014u2014 Strengthen organizational coordination and enhance the level of security. Including promoting pro-Qing exchanges between government and enterprises, creating a clean business environment, fully guaranteeing the legitimate rights and interests of private express enterprises, and helping enterprises to solve the difficulties and problems faced in their development. Promote the level of spiritual civilization in the express industry, actively organize and carry out various activities to create spiritual civilization in the express industry, and promote the formation of a civilized and upward, vigorous and promising industry atmosphere. Strengthen the implementation of policies, refine and quantify policy measures, promote the landing, implementation of policies, and effectively promote the healthy development of private express enterprises.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Wang Xiaowu_NF