Liu Yifeis version of Mulan goes online. Women A get up and theres nothing wrong with men.

 Liu Yifeis version of Mulan goes online. Women A get up and theres nothing wrong with men.

The most exciting part is the inside play.

Its so chivalrous and fierce!

Yi Jie felt that Liu Yifei was really suitable for the image of Hua Mulan, and the face of Tianxian was full of tenacity and tyranny.

Look at her previous blockbuster movies. That heroic heroine is like Mulan Benlan.

Moreover, Liu Yifei did not intentionally dress up as a mans handsome manner, but from the inside out of the spirit of the air emanated from the inside.

Simple black striped suit with high waist trousers, handsome and elegant

Street-style jeans jackets are wearing their own fairy effect, but also people have to wear.

The contrast between the fairy shape and the grand offensive atmosphere is the most fascinating!

In addition to the fairy sister, there are many super-powerful female entertainers in the entertainment circle. They are trying to tell you that as long as women A get up, there will be no man!

Cate Blanchett

When it comes to female stars who have exploded A, we cant forget Cate Blanchett, the great devil. In fact, Cate who just came out hasnt been so attacked yet. Its also a proper fairy.

Slowly it became cooler and cooler. In this part of the movie The Pilot, Xiao Li grew softer and softer under the powerful atmosphere of the Big Devil.

Even if you wear a skirt, you cant hide that domineering spirit.

Especially in 2014, with Zhou Xun and Emily Blunt filming the suit blockbuster, the Queens attacking temperament sincerely broke people 800 times.

In Carol, the Queens offensive temperament is brought to its full play.

She has never had a black history on the red carpet. From the beginning to the present, every set of designs is beautiful to explosive. The sequined embroidered dress on the 71st Academy Awards red carpet in 1999 was made by John Galliano. It has no fancy hairstyle, no excessive decoration, but it is still amazing.

All the clothes on her body are accessories. She doesnt need too much decoration at all. Just stand there and win easily.

Handsome trousers, elegant evening dress, gorgeous embroidery suit.. No matter what form can be perfectly controlled, beautiful meticulous

Of course, no one doubts Cates business ability: only six actors in film history have won the Oscar for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress at the same time, and Cate is one of them.

Now Cate is 50 years old, and the wrinkles on her face do not destroy her beauty, but make her look more storytelling. Who can resist the graceful gesture that belongs exclusively to the top female stars and the dazzling aura of self-confidence from the bottom of their hearts?~

Tianhai Youxi

In Japan, there is a saying that all Japanese men should thank Tian Haiyou for not coming out. After looking at the pictures of her youth, you can see why everyone said that. Its a beautiful man coming out of Japanese cartoons.

In junior high school, Tianhai Youxi joined the school drama class because she was outstanding. Because of her height, she often played male roles in reverse. It was from then on that she had the idea of becoming an actress.

At the age of 26, Tianhai Youxi became the youngest and most handsome male volunteer in Baozhong (an actor who specializes in male roles). As a result, a large number of super-girls were harvested.

Later, she entered the Japanese film and television circle, starring in many TV plays, from The Tale of Genji to later The Queens Classroom, BOSS and so on, no matter how the shape changes, that powerful minute can break people off the atmosphere has never changed.

Independent Queens role is just tailor-made for her.

Not only in front of the screen, but also in private, she is still slay. She is 51 years old and maintains an independent personality regardless of her career or love. Talking about why she wont get married, she said, Because men will betray you, but sports wont.

They also have their own unique emotional outlook. They like to keep a safe distance: they can make boyfriends, but they dont want to live together. They need their own space.

Having an independent personality, being confident at all times, and being able to radiate their own charm regardless of age may also be the way many girls aspire to live.~

Seo-hyeong Kim

Many people are fascinated by Jin Ruiheng. It should be because of these pictures. She is tall and tall. She is wearing a black suit. She can feel a strong atmosphere three meters away. Even the work pictures taken freely are like blockbusters.

Others call her Korea Tianhai Yoshi, because Kim Ruihengs make-up and appearance in Sky City are similar to The Queens Classroom starring Tianhai Yoshi.

Kim Ruihengs life, like her momentum, A to burst. She came out in 1999 and for a long time did not meet any good roles. She always played soy sauce in her plays.

It wasnt until 2008 that there was a turnaround. In the Korean version of The Temptation of a Wife, Shen Aili, the second woman, was the one dressed like clothes.

But because of her excellent acting skills, she was labelled villain, and it was very difficult to receive other scripts in the next one or two years.

But she was not silent, and even later she directly acted in a movie called The Wicked Girl; and when the characters in City of the Sky and herself failed last year, Kim Ruiheng became popular directly.

In addition to her good looks, now in her 40s, she still insists on keeping fit on time, and her figure is too good to be good.

Every inch of muscle is just right.

As we can see from Mr. Jin, gold will always shine if we dont give up.

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