The story of Xi Jinping and a 28-year-old bicycle

 The story of Xi Jinping and a 28-year-old bicycle

At that time, under the age of 29, Xi Jinping, with the feeling of I want to do things for the people and sing a melodious song ofFarmhouse Musicwith the people, took the initiative to invite him to the grass-roots level and come to Zhengding County, Hebei Province.

For more than three years, he lived in the office, ate in the dining hall, stood in line with everyone to have dinner and squatted under the tree to chat. He temporarily set tables on the streets to listen to the opinions of the masses; opened the door of county committees and county government organs, and invited old farmers carrying dung baskets to come in and talk; let county Party cadres take to the streets to conduct random questionnaires...

Xi Jin-bian keeps the working habits of light cars simple and obedient, running all over the grass-roots level. It is always his style of work to go deep into the front line and master first-hand details.

Whether the party in charge or as the leader of the country in planning the overall situation, Xi Jinping has always been down-to-earth, realistic and pragmatic, and insists on going deep into the grass-roots level and consulting the people.

Investigation and research are the foundation and the way to accomplish things. Without investigation, there will be no voice, let alone decision-making power.

On July 19, 1989, Xi Jinping, then Secretary of the Ningde Prefectural Party Committee, led the head of the relevant departments and went deep into the underground party village where the township government is located.

It is well known that in Zhengding, he has traveled all villages; in Ningde, he has traveled nine counties in three months, and then most of the towns; in Zhejiang, he has traveled 90 counties and cities in the province in more than a year; in Shanghai, he has traveled 19 districts and counties in only seven months...

Look, hear, ask and plan with all your heart. Xi Jinping enters workshops and mines, communicates with front-line workers, listens to enterprise reports, and points out the direction for local economic development.

Forging the elite army, concentrating on the great cause of the army. Xi Jinping boarded the deck, entered the cabin, mounted the chariot, entered the platoon, and inspected the footprints of the three armies.

On the way of investigation, Xi Jinpings plan of strike while the iron is hot is impressive. On-site office should be arranged in a timely manner, and after deployment, the progress should be inspected, and there should be a start-to-end working mode. Under the above-mentioned rate, we should carry forward the pragmatic spirit.

Scientific decision-making comes from peoples daily life of chatting with the people, and from the innovative practice constantly promoted at the grass-roots level.

Seeking truth and pragmatism, asking the peoples original intention, condensed in an ordinary 28 bicycle, but also written in the vast land of Chinas era answer sheet!