Hundreds of millions of indiscriminate charges at Manzhouli Port were notified by the State Council to the General Administration of Customs in response

 Hundreds of millions of indiscriminate charges at Manzhouli Port were notified by the State Council to the General Administration of Customs in response

On 8 July, the Joint Investigation Team further found that the political station of Manzhouli Customs is not high, the sensitivity is not strong, and the understanding of the Central Tax Reduction and Fee Reduction Policy is not deep, especially on the issue of the disguised rise in the price of log fumigation Service of the subordinate enterprises, the lack of strict management, unclear responsibility, improper implementation and weak supervision seriously affect the Central Governments tax reduction and fee reduction. Policy effect and port business environment.

The General Administration of Customs ordered the Manzhouli Customs to take immediate and effective measures to correct the problems exposed and publish the results of the rectification to the public; ordered the Manzhouli Customs Party Group and the Manzhouli Customs Discipline Inspection Group to make in-depth inspections, to conduct the examination of the party disciplines of the main responsible personnel, and to hold them seriously accountable in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Ni Yuefeng, Director of the General Administration of Customs and Secretary of the Party Committee, stressed that the decision-making and deployment of the Central Committee of the Party and the State Council on tax reduction and fee reduction must be fully implemented. The State Port Administration Office should actively cooperate with the leading group on clearing up port charges, urge all port offices to conduct comprehensive investigation and make sustained efforts to promote all localities. We should conscientiously implement the central governments plan for clearing up port fee items and reducing unreasonable fee standards. Customs directly under the central government should make a thorough rectification, resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of changing the pattern of arbitrary charges and changing the face of arbitrary price increases, constantly optimize the business environment at the port, so as to enable the vast number of import and export enterprises and the masses to obtain tangible good results. Place.

Next, the General Administration of Customs will inform the whole system that the national customs should take this as a precaution, combine with the theme education of never forget the original intention and remember the mission, improve the political position, enhance political sensitivity, and constantly strengthen the learning and understanding of the spirit of the central tax reduction and fee reduction policy to reduce the burden of enterprises, so as to convey it in place at all levels without leaving blind spots. While vigorously promoting the deep integration of customs inspection business, we should synchronously promote the comprehensive integration of other management fields as soon as possible, straighten out and improve the management mechanism of enterprises and institutions affiliated to the Customs as soon as possible, further implement management responsibilities, and effectively prevent risks.

The government of a small city with a population of 250,000 randomly charges 100 million yuan a year for roll-call by the State Council

The inspection found that the Manzhouli Municipal Government, with the consent of the relevant parties, charged the enterprises for port property service fees (later renamed as port facilities maintenance fees). This income is mainly used to repay the loan principal and interest of port infrastructure construction, port maintenance and other expenditures. At present, the city charges 8 yuan per ton of transit goods, 105 million yuan in 2018 and 445 million yuan in January-May 2019.