Officials were killed in late-night demolition: Officials will verify the legality of demolition

 Officials were killed in late-night demolition: Officials will verify the legality of demolition

According to CNN, in the early morning of July 3, the headquarters of Xiaolizhuang Penthouse Reform Project in Naocheng District organized more than 50 staff members to demolish Wang Enzhongs house, which was expropriated from Xiaolizhuang. During the demolition process, villagers alerted the police and asked about the situation on the spot. At that time, the relevant staff of the headquarters Zheng Shaohua, Hu Huadong, Gong Qi, and so on. Li Shuqi is on the spot. The suspect, Wang Mou, drove a Toyota family car (license plate No. Yu LW** 188) crazily and crashed into the location of the headquarters staff. Zheng Shaohua, Gong Qi and Li Shuqi fled, while Hu Huadong fled and died instantly when he was hit by a car. Wang Mou was injured and sent to the doctor.

Reported that local residents said that Wang was the son of Wang Enzhong. At that time, Wang Mou learned that someone had come to demolish the house and drove angrily into people.

Relevant head of Propaganda Department of Naocheng Municipal Committee introduced to Pengfeng News that Wang was not satisfied with the standard of compensation for demolition and relocation. He learned that after the house was demolished that night, Wang hit someone with his private car. The demolition site is located in the city centre, old and dilapidated, has been said to demolish, studied for many years, this demolition is the urban village shed reform project launched in 2015, procedures are involved in 443 households, 441 households have been demolished before the incident, only two households do not agree with the demolition. The project of the shed reform is to dismantle one piece and make a bid to hang one piece. The location of these two households is the location of the resettlement house, which has affected the relocation of the demolished households. The reason for the demolition at night is that diesel cars and large machinery can not enter the city during the day. After the accident, another family had been demolished. At present, the demolition has been completed.

Demolition site. Yang Xutu

Zhongxin reported that Hu Huadong was the director of the office of the Health Bureau of Naocheng District and also the director of the film of the demolition area.

A deputy director of the office of the Health and Health Commission of Naocheng District told Peng Mei News that the deputy director of the Health and Health Commission of Hu Huadong Departmental Area was not clear to the specific department. In October 2016, the District Health and Health Commission was established by the merger of the District Health Bureau and the District Family Planning Commission. Before the merger, Hu Huadong served in the District Health Bureau. The specific duties were not clear. After the merger, Hu Huadong was transferred to the two cities create together for demolition work.

Hes been running on both sides. The deputy director said that after the incident, the unit offered condolences to Hu Huadongs family members.

According to CNN, Wang Mou, who hit the man, worked in the local construction department.

The suspect, Wang Mou, is about 30 years old and is not seriously injured. The aforementioned person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Naocheng Municipal Committee said that Wang Mou had been detained on July 8 and that the public security organs were dealing with the cases. Officials have set up a number of groups, including the implementation of the demolition is legal and cases will definitely enter the judicial process, the official notice will be released to the outside world. VarnewsFontSize = wwwstore. getItem (fontSize); if (newsFontSize!= null &&newsFontSize!!!!= (newsFontSize!!=) {$(. news_txt){.News FontSize). addClass (newsFontSize). attr (size, newsFontSize); $(#+newsFontSize). addClass (+newsFontSize). addClass remolings (removeClass (remotingClass (w, h) {jwplayer (divId). setup ({flash player://fi) The w w/v3/js/jwplayer.flash.swf , file: url, image: defImg, width: w, height: h};} varplayUrl=, wrapperId=player_wrapper, $wrapper=$(#+wrapperId); if (playUrl) {play (wrapperId, playheight,,$wrapper. width (), $wrapper.

Henan officials led the demolition team late at night and were killed by the official: the police have intervened

An official in Henan led the demolition team late at night and was killed by a car crash. Local residents said that government officials were involved in the collision and that Hu Huadong, the head of the office of the Health Bureau of Naocheng District, Luohe City, was also the head of the package for the demolition area, while Wang, the collider, worked in the local construction department.