Two men commuted rape four times and killed a 15-year-old girl after being released from prison

 Two men commuted rape four times and killed a 15-year-old girl after being released from prison

Sichuan 15-year-old girl killed suspect: two rapes in prison and six months after release (source: original)

Chen Moukui, who was released from prison twice for rape, reached Xiaoxiao, a 15-year-old girl, less than half a year after his release.

Unfortunately, Xiao did not report the case until his daughter disappeared for more than 20 hours. Ultimately, what we found was a body tied to hands and buried in the woods.

According to villagers, Xiao Xiao is the third girl Chen Moukui violated and the second victim of death. The first girl to be raped was Chen Moukuis neighbor 30 years ago. At that time, Chen Moukui was not sentenced to death because of his minor age.

When Chen Moukui was released from prison for the first time, he quickly married and seemed to be on the right track. However, in the summer of 2007, when his wife was pregnant, he committed rape again against young girls.

Fortunately, the second victim broke free of the rope and sought the help of adults and reported the case. This time, Chen Moukui was sentenced to 15 years. However, it was such a former rapist murderer who was commuted four times after his second imprisonment and finally released in January 2019.

Less than half a year later, the tragedy happened again.

Three people were killed

Chen Moukui is from Baijia Village, Gongxian County. Although Xiao and Chen are not more than three or four kilometers apart, they belong to different counties and villages.

Baijiacun people are wary of Chen Moukui. His two previous rapes were committed in Baijia Village. According to Red Star News, after Chen Moukui was released from prison with a commutation of sentence, villagers in Baijiacun once reminded each other that adults with girls must look after their children.

But the Xiao father in the neighbouring village does not seem to have a clear record of Chen Moukuis case. He had just become a workmate with Chen Moukui recently. Because he was a neighbor villager, Xiao Fu was still not alert to Chen Moukui even when he inquired about his daughter and appeared near his home many times.

On July 4, an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred in Gongxian County, Yibin City, where Chen Moukui lived. Gaoxian County, the next county where Xiaojia lived, was also affected, and cracks appeared in the house of Xiaojia. Perhaps the villagersattention is focused on the earthquake disaster, and no one pays too much attention to what Chen Moukui does near the Xiao family.

Xiao Xiao did not go home that night. Father Xiao speculated that he might have gone to his classmateshome because he would go to school to get the notice the next day. Until the morning of July 5, the school teacher found Xiao Xiao absent and called his parents to find out the abnormality, so he urged Xiao Father to call the police.

According to the clues provided by the villagers, the police took Chen Moukui under control on the evening of July 5. Early in the morning of July 6, Xiao Xiaos body was found under the active search of villagers in the two villages.

According to a police report on July 6, Chen Moukui confessed the crime of killing Xiao Xiao.

Zhang Guangyu, an expert in criminal psychology and a teacher of the Peoples Public Security University of China, tried to simulate Chens criminal process: At noon on July 4, Chen first asked Xiao father to find out who was in the family, and after knowing that only father and daughter were there, he left on purpose. After Father Xiao went out to play cards, he returned to the family of Xiao and was ready to commit a crime.

At 4:00 p.m., Xiao Father saw Chen Moukui coming from behind his house, while the battery car was parked in his yard. In fact, Chen Moukui had done something by this time. Zhang Guangyu believes that from Chen Moukuis previous two ways of committing crimes, the third crime will still control the victim first, and hide the victim in the place he thinks safe and hidden, and then commit crimes.

Zhang Guangyu analysis, Chen Moukui or deception, or kidnapping, Xiao Xiao moved from the Xiao family to the nearby woods. Some villagers saw Chen Moukui washing his hands next to the paddy field in the afternoon, when he might have committed a crime and his hands were stained with blood.

Details remain to be investigated by the police.

Tuyuan: Xiao Xiaos circle of teachers and friends

Bad Habits Die Hard

On July 12 this year, Chen Moukui turned 45 years old. Two-thirds of his life was spent in prison.

According to the existing reports, it is known that Chen Moukui has been in prison for rape and murder of girls for the first time since he was fourteen or fifteen years old, and has committed a third crime since he was forty-five years old. It is less than three years since he left prison and returned to society.

What impact will a long prison career have on a person?

The film Shawshanks Redemption tells us that most prisoners who have lived under high pressure and strict working conditions for a long time will experience a process from pain to numbness and adaptation, and even feel strongly uneasy about leaving this environment. In the movie, an elderly criminal who is released on parole chooses to commit suicide because he cannot integrate into the society.

But Zhang Guangyu believes that Chen Moukuis crime is more like a typical criminal personality.

He lived in prison as a teenager, and most of the people he met were criminals. The long-term living environment is enough for him to form a criminal personality.

On the other hand, according to the information disclosed by the media, Chen Moukui committed three crimes against teenage girls, all of which were committed by bundling, hiding, raping and even ultimately killing. Zhang Guangyu said that this is a typical type of crime. The object of crime and the way of action follow a set of principles. Its like rapists committing rape, indecent criminals committing indecent crimes, rarely in collusion.

It is noteworthy that Chen Moukuis hiding place of Xiaoxiao is not the same as the place where the body was finally thrown away. According to Red Star News, after controlling Xiao Xiao, Chen Moukui hid Xiao Xiao in the forest Rotten Field Bay not far from Xiaos home. The burial site was near an abandoned brick factory, 3 kilometers away from Xiaos home, but only 400 meters away from Chen Moukuis home.

Thirty years ago, Chen Moukui first raped and murdered a girl, and he also moved her body to a more remote place. Zhang Guangyu believes that this is also in line with the behavior of such criminals as Chen Moukui. In the course of his crime, he orderly chooses to contact, infringe and bury the body, and chooses to commit crimes at night. He does not want to be disturbed.

He wants a good sense of control. Research shows that the perpetrators of such violent and aggressive rape usually have extreme male chauvinism. He does not care about the feelings of the victims, and will objectify the object of the crime in the course of the crime, thus reducing his guilt.

Zhang Guangyu told China News Weekly that such recidivists and recidivists are difficult to completely reform. As long as there are certain incentives, he can continue to commit crimes.

Four commutations

After the incident of Chen Moukui, it triggered a discussion between the public and the public. It is difficult to understand why a person who has already had such a bad criminal record as rape and murder can get four commutations of sentence after the Second Palace.

According to information released by China Judicial Documents Network, Chen Moukui was sentenced to 15 yearsimprisonment after committing rape for the second time (2007), but was commuted in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2017, with a total of 3 years and 7 months. He was eventually released from prison in January 2019.

For the first three commutations, Chen Moukui should apply the old version of the commutation provisions. Yin Qingli, a lawyer, told China News Weekly that the two versions of commutation rules implemented after November 8, 1997 and July 1, 2012 do not have special provisions for rape and other crimes.

However, the Supreme Peoples Courts Provisions on the Specific Application of Law in Handling Cases of Reduction of Sentence and Parole, implemented on January 1, 2017, emphasizes that for intentional homicide, rape, robbery, kidnapping... Violent sex offenders sentenced to more than 10 years in prison... If the sentence is commuted for more than two years, one commutation shall not exceed one years fixed-term imprisonment, and the interval between the two commutations shall be more than one year and six months.

According to the information available at present, most of Chen Moukuis commutation was implemented before the new commutation provisions. Yin Qingli believed that if he performed well and scored well during his sentence, commutation should not be too problematic. And even if the new commutation rules are more stringent and detailed, Chen Moukuis latest commutation does not violate the new rules.

Ma Bingze, director of the Center for Criminal Psychology Research of China University of Political Science and Law, said that the prison should evaluate Chen Moukuis performance in prison in accordance with the law. However, the risk assessment of criminalsrecidivism is a worldwide problem and challenge. Many prisons have focused on developing scientific assessment mechanisms.

People may behave differently in high-pressure prison environments and after relieving high-pressure prisons, especially sexual crimes, which are more difficult to assess. Zhang Guangyu added that even if China has a system of reporting regularly to local police stations for released prisoners, police stations can not always be monitored.

From the case of Yibin girls murder, it seems that parentssafety consciousness is too weak, and their daughters cant rest assured that they havent returned home all night. Zhang Guangyu said that rural parents, in particular, should enhance their awareness of prevention and vigilance, which is the most basic protection that families can achieve at this stage.

Yin Qingli adds that stopping sexual abuse of young girls is a worldwide problem, and heavy punishment alone does not necessarily solve all the problems. How to solve the problem at other levels is more critical, such as the incorporation of sexual assault records into personal integrity files, social school and family tripartite cooperation mechanism, and so on.

Killed 2 days after the disappearance of a 15-year-old girl: The child was buried when found

On July 6, Xiao Mou, a 15-year-old girl from Shahe Middle School, Yibin County, was killed. The head teacher circled his friends and said that the girl had been confirmed killed and buried when she was found.