The American medias usual means come on again! Fighting 10 in Yongxing Island

 The American medias usual means come on again! Fighting 10 in Yongxing Island

CNN claims that China has deployed at least four J-10 fighters on Yongxing Island in Xisha. (Source: CNN)

CNN reports that the pictures show four J-10 fighters parked side by side at Yongxing Island Military Airport, adding that judging from the picture information, these J-10 fighters have been deployed for at least 10 days. The report interviewed academics and former U.S. officials to speculate and even fantasize. Among them, Benjamin Ho, a military researcher at the Lajalenan Institute of International Studies, Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore, said that there may be more than four J-10 fighters deployed. Schuster, former director of the United States Pacific Command Joint Intelligence Center, said the Chinese deployment was aimed at proving that here (Yongxing Island) is their territory and can send military aircraft there at any time. Reyton, a researcher at Griffith University in Australia and a former Royal Australian Air Force officer, told CNN that China may allow a J-10 squadron to conduct air defense identification area cruise missions in the future. This deployment may be an early training deployment and the future may become a new normal.

This kind of coverage in the American media is nothing new. Three years ago, they hyped Chinas deployment of J-11 and Flying Leopard on Yongxing Island, Xisha. At that time, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying stressed that the Xisha Islands are undisputed Chinese territory, and that Chinas construction and deployment in its own territory is entirely within the scope of sovereignty, which is natural and justifiable. Wu Qian, a spokesman for Chinas Ministry of Defense, also responded that Xisha Islands are Chinas inherent territory. Chinas military deployment within its territory, whether in the past or now, whether temporary or long-term, whether deploying such equipment or deploying such equipment, is Chinas legitimate right. It is purely ulterior motives for the United States to repeatedly speculate about the legitimate and legitimate military activities of the Chinese side.

Why did American media hype the tension of the South China Sea again? A report on VOAs website on the 21st may provide some explanation: the ASEAN summit will be held on the 22nd. Before the big diplomatic activities in East Asia and even in the world, American media often hyped the topic of the South China Sea in an attempt to create hot spots.

Air Force expert Fu Qianqiao told the Global Times in an interview on the 21st that if the PLA wants to protect its territorial sea and airspace, it must deploy at military airports accordingly. Our deployment of military aircraft on our own national territory is entirely within the scope of sovereignty, and outsiders are not entitled to gossip. Its no use saying three things and four things. China can deploy as it should. Fuqiao believes that it is necessary for different troops to go to the island airport for corresponding training. There are great differences between land and island training, whether in flight, maintenance and support. It is a normal arrangement for the troops to carry out corresponding training.

Source: Global Times Responsible Editor: Yao Wenguang_NN1682