NBL Round 15: Guangxi continues to lead Shaanxi 5-point victory over Henan in 14 consecutive victories

 NBL Round 15: Guangxi continues to lead Shaanxi 5-point victory over Henan in 14 consecutive victories

Wuhan Contemporary 102-121 Anhui Wenyi

This match is against Wenyi Anhui in Wuhan Contemporary Home Stadium. In order to strengthen the fight and height, Wuhan contemporary will be Suhao first.

At the beginning of the match, Fuentes successfully hit the inside line twice, and Wuhan team scored 4 points in a row. Anhui Wenyi did not panic, relying on Rochesters play to exceed the score. Wuhan contemporary Li Hanshengs high-difficulty layup and Greens mid-shot help the team to stabilize the score, Fuente and Zhang Yong caused fouls successively, and after the penalty, Wuhan led by 14-10. Wuhan contemporary Yueshun, Su Haiqiang, Fuentes and Zhang Yong scored successively, the score was rewritten to 22-16 at one stroke, Anhui Wenyi asked for a suspension. Anhui Wenyi still failed to stop his opponents from scoring. With Tang Jies breakthrough shot in the first quarter with 6 seconds left, Wuhan Contemporary led 8 points to the second quarter, 31-23.

In the second quarter of the competition, the contemporary momentum of Wuhan is like a rainbow. After Su Hao caused his opponent to leave the boundary, Green used his personal ability to score 2 + 1 with 11 points difference. After Greens penalty, Zhang Yong hit Wuhans first three points in the game, 45-27, and Wuhans team was 18 points ahead of its rivals. Subsequently, the Wuhan Contemporary Competition took a steady lead. With the excellent play of Zhang Yong, Li Hansheng, Fuentes and Green, the Wuhan Teams leading edge came to 20 points. Towards the end of the first half, Zhou Qixin whistled 2 + 1 to help Anhui reduce the difference to less than 20 points. 69-51, Wuhan Contemporary entered the second half with 18 points advantage.

In the third section, the offensive momentum of the leading Wuhan team continued. Greens two consecutive front rebounds resulted in fouls by his opponents. After two penalties were all advanced, the Wuhan team gained another 20-point lead. Anhui Wenyi strengthened the defense, even offered a full-court press, which caused some trouble to Wuhan Team. Driven by strong defense, Anhui Wenyi fought back and entered the second half. Anhui team succeeded in reducing the difference to only 4 points. Wuhan Contemporary Hand Feeling is totally absent, and after being chased by the other side, it seems a little flustered. Anhui team took the opportunity to score, winning 27 points in a single quarter, and overtaking the score by 90-81.

The final battle, Wuhan team relied on joint defence to successfully resolve the opponents first attack, but Rochester in the next round hit three points, the difference reached 12 points. After breaking through, Li Hansheng of Wuhan team hit a mid-range shot, and then Fuentes grabbed the rebound and passed Zhang Yong, which caused the opponent to foul. After Zhang Yongs double penalty, Wuhan team reduced the difference to less than 10 points. With 3 minutes and 20 seconds left in the game, Zhang Yong hit another three-point shot, Ren Kai burst into the penalty area with a wonderful dunk and detonated the whole court. Three seconds later, Zhang Yong snatched the layup and helped the team narrow the difference to 11 points. In the last two minutes, the Wuhan team was still scoring positively and did not give up at all. Unfortunately, the defeat of the third quarter made Wuhan unable to return to heaven. Eventually, the two sides each played a good half-court game, Wuhan Contemporary in the case of a fantastic start, 102-121 to defeat Anhui Wenyi.

Wuhan contemporary Zhang Yong 26 points, German Green 25 points 9 rebounds 8 assists, Fuentes 22 points 15 rebounds.

Anhui Wenyi Rochester 45 points 11 assists, Zhou Qixin 27 points, Holman 14 points 15 rebounds, Yang Wenbo 10 points.

[Post-match Voice

Zheng Wu, contemporary coach of Wuhan: Soho performed very well in the first half. He cut in and attacked many bright spots. Zhang Yong is also very good. (Wuhan Team) The offensive momentum is good. The interior attack, according to the requirements of the preparation meeting, takes advantage of blocking and disassembling to find opportunities, the effect is very good. The second half was a little poorly adjusted. Unlike rivals, such as Rochester, the performance is really very good. Its half the game. Were in the first half. Theyre in the second half.

Hefei original Venus walrus 109-101 Luoyang

In the first quarter of the competition, Hefeis original home battle was the first to enter the state, and the foreign aid Tuckers series down-frequency attacked frequently with high quality. The Venus Walrus in Luoyang has a general feel, but at the same time, it can not restrict the other sides excellent play of foreign aid at the defensive end, and is always passive on the field. At the end of the first section, Venus walrus in Luoyang lagged behind by 17-23.

In the next quarter, with the deepening of the competition, the Venus Walrus feel warmer, but the team is still not in place in terms of control errors, giving opponents the opportunity to fight back. Hefeis original scoring momentum remains unchanged, the rapid transformation of offense and defense makes it difficult for rivals to fight, 51-38, the end of half-match, Hefeis original leading 13 points.

In the second half of the match, the Venus Walrus in Luoyang took the initiative to enhance the defensive intensity, cut off the original teams pass from outside to inside as far as possible, and once restricted the opponents excellent performance. Driven by strong defense, the Venus Walrus in Luoyang reorganized the teams offense, scoring 38 points in a single quarter, almost filling in the teams first half of the backward score. At the end of the three sections, the Venus walrus in Luoyang was only two points behind.

The real contest between the two sides took place in the fourth quarter. Hefei originally took the lead in starting a difficult game. Foreign aid Tucker hit unreasonable shots one after another, relying on stable performance to become the pin of the team. Tucker creates scoring opportunities for teammates through effective scoring while scoring successively, revitalizes the teams offense, and leads the team to maintain its leading edge to the end. In the end, the Venus Walrus in Luoyang lost 101-109 to Hefeis original creation, but it is still difficult to win.

Hefei original Tuck 47 points 12 assists, Tian Yuheng 15 points, Liu Zihao 12 points, He Junjian 10 points, Yu Huanya 10 points.

Luoyang Venus Walrus Liang Cheng had 24 points, Nongli had 20 points and 10 rebounds, Breton had 19 points, Xue Shiwei had 11 points and 13 rebounds, and Guanye had 11 points.

[Post-match Voice

Li Jianxin, head coach of Venus Walrus in Luoyang, said that the team members performed poorly in the first half, failed to defend the other sides foreign aid and made more mistakes themselves. In the second half, the score was caught up, but a mistake at the last crucial moment led to the loss.

Luoyang Venus Walrus player Liang Cheng: There were too many mistakes in the first half, and the defense did not perform well according to the coachs intention. In the second half, we tried hard to catch up, but we didnt grasp the key moment.

Yang Zhihao, the original coach of Hefei, did well in the first and second quarters, but failed to defend well in the third quarter. He was attacked by too many quick attacks and counterattacks. In the last quarter, Tucker maintained a stable play and finally won.

Hefei original player Tian Yuheng: In the first half of the game, the coachs ideas were implemented, and the defense of foreign aid and rebound protection were well done. In the second half, a lot of counter-attacks were made, the score was caught up, and finally by recovering the defensive strength, we won. Well learn from that and well need to be more focused when we take the lead in the future.

Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry 91-103 Guangxi Weizhuang

Hunan Jinjian rice industry in this round at home against the League leader, Guangxi Weizhuang, coach Huang Wenlong chose to change the formation at the beginning, dispatched Huangzhen, Wang Xin, Deng Yuxin, McMorrow, Mayos starting line-up, Guangxi Weizhuang because of large foreign aid injuries, can only use single foreign aid to fight.

At the beginning of the match, Hunan Jinjianmi Industrys active change of position achieved good results in the opening. Mayo assisted Huangzhen and McMorrow to cut points under the basket continuously. Then he hit a high-difficulty jump shot from the free throw line with the help of McMorrows block and tear. The home team started the game aggressively. Guangxi Weizhuang, by virtue of its excellent strength, quickly adjusted its condition, hitting two points and three points in succession, which surpassed the score. Hunan Team blossomed in the series of Mayo, and the team was very integrated. In the second half of the first quarter, Hunan Team gradually controlled the initiative of the game. Guangxi Team was 8 points behind and asked for a suspension. After the suspension came back, Guangxi Weizhuang steadied his position, made many mistakes and scored points in the counter-attack. Finally, after the first competition, Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry temporarily led Guangxi Weizhuang by 3 points with 24-21.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Hunan Team sent Jiang Junqi and Wang Xin to match McMorrow in order to strengthen the offensive ability of the interior line. In order to prevent the opponents from rushing to grab the front rebounds, Guangxi team chose the defensive strategy of shrinking the interior line, but at the same time, it also gave Mayo and Deng Yuxin more space to play in the exterior line. Mayo did not fail to live up to expectations. He hit a three-point mark in the opening of the second quarter. Guangxi team Jones shouldered the heavy responsibility of the teams attack, the two teams launched a long tug-of-war in the middle of the second quarter. At the critical moment, Deng Yuxin, Jiang Junqi and Mayo of Jinjian rice industry in Hunan broke out successively, and in a short time of one minute they reached a small climax of 10-1, expanding their leading edge to 11 points. After a short adjustment, the Guangxi team adjusted its condition in time and did not let the score expand further. With Wang Xin hitting the whistle and laying up, Hunan finished the first half with a lead of 55-49 and 6 points.

Hunan Jinjianmi industry is very difficult in the face of high-intensity defense. Guangxi team has narrowed the score gap to three points, and Hunan team has asked for a suspension. Returning to the field, Hunan team was more patient in the half-court positional attack, playing high-quality conduction ball coordination for three consecutive rounds. However, the offensive of Weizhuang in Guangxi has not diminished, and it frequently uses counter-attack to score points. At the end of the third quarter, Guangxi Weizhuang overtook the score 71-70.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Hunan team showed a strong desire to win. Wang Xin took offensive rebounds many times and hit the basketball well. Deng Yuxin killed the inside line many times, resulting in fouls. During this period, the teams of both sides played difficult points and the score remained deadlocked. Subsequently, Guangxi team Jones suddenly broke out and led the team to a small wave of 8-0 climax. Hunan Jinjian Rice Industry urgently sent Mayo to play, and achieved immediate results. Under the leadership of Mayo, the teams offensive end regained its rhythm. Zhao Ye and Wang Xin frequently scored under the basket. At this time, the integrity of the Guangxi team showed its advantages. The team blossomed many points and kept the score advantage around 10 points. The game has entered the rhythm of Guangxi Weizhuang. With the passage of time, Jinjian rice industry in Hunan eventually lost to Weizhuang in Guangxi by 91-103.

Hunan Jinjian rice industry Mayo 29 points, McMorrow 13 points 11 rebounds, Wang Xin 13 points, Jiang Junqi 12 points.

Guangxi Weizhuang Jones 37 points, Li Minghao 20 points 13 rebounds, Chen Jinlong 13 points, Chen Keliang 12 points.

Hebei Xianglan 122-136 Guizhou Guwutang Tea

In the first competition, Guwutang Tea of Guizhou took the lead in gaining the ball right and attacked on the interior line by Ottoler, a big foreign aid. Hebei Xianglan had been prepared for it. It formed a double-fold in the interior line. Ottoler failed to attack many times. Hebei Xianglan seized the opportunity to fight back many times and bite the opponent tightly on the score. At the end of this section, Hebei Xianglan strengthened the fight for offensive rebounds, and with 1 minute and 30 seconds left in the first quarter, he successfully rebounded with Hayess pull bar, forcing Guizhou Team to request a suspension. After the suspension, Guizhou Guwutang Tea adjusted its state in time, strengthened the aggressiveness of interior attack and achieved good results, helping the team to lead 36-33 at the end of the first quarter.

At the beginning of the second quarter of the competition, with the help of a tacit guide ball, Hebei Xianglan hit the mid-range shot many times. Guizhou Guwutang Tea Inner Ottolers power is not diminished, Outer Sun Rongxiao hit two-thirds in a row, the combination of internal and external points will be extended to eight points, Hebei Xianglan was forced to request suspension. Back from the suspension, Hebei Xianglan strengthened the control of defensive rebounds and gradually narrowed the score gap. However, at the critical moment of scoring, the number of errors in Xianglan gradually increased, and the offensive end failed to continue the excellent hand feeling before, which led to the difference being pulled apart again. At the end of half-time, Hebei Xianglan was 58-68 behind.

Guizhou team relied on big foreign aid Ottoler to score continuously on the inside line, while Smith, a small foreign aid, also assisted his teammates to score points continuously. On the contrary, Xianglan of Hebei Province could only catch up with sporadic shooting scores, and the score difference was gradually increased to 23 points. Afterwards, Hebei Xianglan actively adjusted its condition and hit a small wave of 10-0 with defensive counter-attack, which won the team a breathing opportunity. Guizhou Guwutang Tea Double Foreign Aid showed its dominance once again, scored successively by using the advantage of high block and dislocation. At the end of the third quarter, Hebei Xianglan 85-104 lagged behind Guizhou Guwutang Tea.

At the end of the contest, Hebei Xianglan foreign aid Robinson showed an eye-catching performance, scoring 10 consecutive points for the team to stabilize the situation. Guizhou team played steadily and steadily, always grasping the advantages of interior and rebound, and many times defused the opponents attacks. In the final stage of the final stage, Hayes led Xianglan to launch the final counter-attack, but the difference was too big, and there was little time left. Finally, Hebei Xianglan lost 122-136 to Guizhou Guwutang Tea.

Hebei Xianglan Robinson 40 points, Hayes 30 points, Dong Mengchao 14 points, Ma Weilong 12 points.

Guizhou Guwutang Tea Ottole 40 points 17 rebounds, Smith 36 points 15 rebounds 14 assists, Sun Rongxiao 25 points, Yao Guangguo 12 points.

[Post-match Voice

Hebei Xianglan Coach Liang Da: Todays game is still lost in the interior, rebound statistics lost 33, basketball is the biggest problem. From todays game, our foreign aid attack is too fierce, but the transfer of the ball is less, domestic players have less opportunities, and in the future, we still need to strengthen foreign aid to domestic and foreign players in tandem. In addition, today is still lack of hard work, poor defense, can compare a lot of gaps, go back to grab will and rebound in mind.

Hebei Xianglan player Ma Weilong: Todays rebound is a little worse, then continue to work hard, the rebound problem needs to be solved by the whole team.

Zhang Guodong, Tea Coach of Guwutang, Guizhou Province: Today, the players of both sides play very hard. Our advantage is obvious. It is directly reflected in rebounds. On the whole, the game is very exciting.

Sun Rongxiao, Guizhou Guwutang Tea Player: Before the match, the coach arrangement is better, and the players are running in better and better. I hope to achieve good results next.

Shanxi Xinda 89-84 Henan Credit Shop Old Wine

Due to Troys suspension penalty, Xinda Shaanxi played by Mayork single foreign aid. At the beginning of the competition, Feng Jiawei snatched the fast break and set the first record for Xinda in Shaanxi Province. Shaanxi Team maintained a very high defensive intensity at the beginning, and Harris made only one three-point forcibly in the first five shots of old wine in Henan Credit Shop. After gradually adapting to the rhythm of the game, the two teams also found their attacking status. Henan Credit Shop wines mainly rely on the excellent performance of double foreign aid to increase the teams score, while Shanxi Xinda takes advantage of the multiple blossoms of domestic players to tighten the score. With Cui Xiaolong of Henan Team hitting three points at the whistle and the end of the first quarter, Xinda of Shaanxi lagged behind Shengdian Old Wine of Henan Province by 7 points from 22 to 29.

In the second quarter, Feng Jiawei and Mayork were successful in three seconds. Xinda of Shaanxi started 4-0. In this section, Henan team foreign aid Josh feels hot, the difference between the two teams also continues to stick around 6 points. Shaanxi Xinda, led by Captain Rexia Ti, had a bad feeling on the outside, and the whole team went into the inside line one after another to make killings and nibble at the score. At the end of the second section, Rexia Ti played a central role again, hitting two points and three points, 42-44. Xinda of Shaanxi Province tracked the score to only two points at the end of half-time.

Starting from the second half, he shot well on the inside line of Xiaohang, 44-44. After nearly two quarters of catch-up, Xinda of Shaanxi finally tied the score. In the second half, Shaanxi Xinda took the initiative to strengthen the breakthrough of the interior line and scored constantly. At the same time, the continuous strong play also caused Henan team to fall into foul trouble prematurely. In the third quarter, 2 minutes and 38 seconds, as the Mayork line caused Harrisons fourth foul, Henan Team, which had stayed for the last quarter, was forced to replace it. Shaanxi Xinda seized the opportunity to quickly hit an offensive climax. Harris had to return soon after the end of the game and hit three points as soon as he returned, helping Henan to lead 70-66 into the fourth quarter.

In the end, the two teams started off off off the three-point line and the score difference remained at 4 points. Subsequently, Shaanxi Xinda Mayorks interior advantage was finally demonstrated. Henan team replaced Josh with Harris to enter the final battle when the score was approaching with the success of continuous interior strokes. With 2 minutes and 24 seconds remaining, 79-82, Mayork put down the outside line of the rebound and scored three points. The receiver of Xiaohang took off and hit the ball. Shaanxi team stubbornly equalized the score. With 1 minute and 09 seconds left in the game, Mayork again fouled Henan Team under the four-man bag. In 2 penalties, Shanxi Xinda scored 83-82, successfully exceeding the score. At the last moment, Feng Jiaweis smart air-cut inside line shot was successful, 85-82, and Xinda of Shaanxi was three points ahead. Finally, with better control of key balls, Shanxi Xinda reversed the old wine of Henan Credit Shop with 89-84.

Shaanxi Xinda Mayork has 22 points, 19 rebounds, 19 hot Xiati points, 14 points in Xiaohang, 14 points in Gaoyan and 13 points in Feng Jiawei.

Henan Credit Shop old wine about 27 points, Harris 23 points 16 rebounds, Tang Jian 10 points.

[Post-match Voice

Li Weigang, the old wine coach of Henan Credit Shop: It was a tough game. Obviously, the other side played better and prepared better than us. Although the other side is a very strong team, even if it is a single foreign aid, the overall performance is particularly good.

Tang Jian, a veteran wine player in Henan Credit Shop, said that both sides played a wonderful game and dedicated a wonderful match to everyone. Thank you.

Shanxi Xinda coach Park Mingsu: First of all, we lost to Henan team in Nanyang last time. Todays game is well prepared. Because it is a single foreign aid campaign, no matter who the domestic athletes lack before the competition, not only foreign aid, but also the lack of any one person can not be said to be spiritual collapse. So todays game was tough, but it was also won. Thank you.

Shaanxi Xinda player Rexia Ti: Because just now Park Dao also said that this game, last year we also had two matches because of the single foreign aid played harder, but eventually won the game, and finally won the championship last year. Today is also a single foreign aid, the last game is also a single foreign aid halfway, and finally win the game. I think its such a difficult game that we all work together to win the final game. I think thats the essence of a champion.

Beijing Buckdeer 99-112 Chongqing Huaxi International

The Beijing Bucks are joined by Holyfield and last years veteran Marquis. In the first quarter of the game, the two teams did not make much trial after the opening, and directly entered the game state, and because the two teams play in similar ways, this game is destined to be particularly difficult for both sides. In the first quarter of the competition, the two sides came and went, not compromising each other, and the score was always sticky. 23-24, Chongqing Huaxi International temporarily led by one point to enter the second quarter of the contest.

In the second section, the weakness of the Beijing Buckslack of concentration in defense is exposed again. The rhythm at both ends of the teams attack and defense is slightly chaotic. At the same time, the teams inadequate control of the mistakes leads to a decline in the score. Chongqing Huaxi International Vietnam War was more brave, seized the opponents mistakes and hit back one after another, and led the outside shooters to play, in one move, the score gap was widened to 10 points. At the end of half-time, Chongqing Huaxi International led 54-44.

After adjusting the rest of the midfield, the long silent Beijing Bucks foreign aid Holyfield regained his touch, hit the basketball well and rebound well, creating opportunities for the team to attack again. With the cooperation of Li Ziming, Zhao Boyang and Wang Qipeng, the Beijing Bucks tied up with their rivals in the last quarter.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the backward Beijing Bucks sounded the trumpet of counterattack in an attempt to narrow the score gap while attacking fiercely. But the team was distracted and there were many unnecessary mistakes again. Chongqing Huaxi International firmly controls the rhythm of the competition with more tacit teamwork and does not give opponents any chance. In the end, the Beijing Bucks lost 99-112 to Chongqing Huaxi International.

Beijing Bucks Holyfield 28 points 18 rebounds, Li Ziming 19 points, Marquis 18 points, Zhao Boyang 15 points, Wang Qipeng 11 points.

Chongqing Huaxi International Brown 40 points 14 rebounds, Yu Xiang 21 points, Zaizev 17 points, Wang Yang 13 points, Gao Yuxiang 12 points.