Easy Moment Voice Edition: Do you know all the Zen phrases of Gu Man?

 Easy Moment Voice Edition: Do you know all the Zen phrases of Gu Man?

What do you have to do to ease your bad mood after work or school every day?

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Last question: Have you ever treated a person sincerely and been disappointed?

Weixin netizen Fang Tian-funny said:

April Chen Mengping, a Weixin netizen, said:

Just for a while. I had a super good relationship with a colleague before. She would tell me everything and always play with me. Then I left my job and went to Guilin to travel with her. I dont know where I didnt do it well. She didnt contact me when she came back. I took the initiative to ask her to tell me where I might not do it well. She said nothing. I have never contacted you again. I feel that I am grieving.

When I first fell in love with my girlfriend, I was especially willing to show my love for her before and after others.

One day when I was shopping with my girlfriend, she saw a dress.

I rushed to pay for it in order to look big.

I took out my credit card and switched it to the waiter.

Then she grabbed it and said no.

If not she is a sensible woman, a word touched me for a long time!

Its not good if your wife knows about it.

Editor-in-chief, Miss Brother and Sister Dabo, Hello, I would like to order a song of Han Hongs Deep Depth for Mr. Yang. During four years of college, he not only brought me along academically, but also opened my eyes, changed my life and thought a lot. We soaked in the laboratory together, studied together, rescued the hanging project overnight, shared hardships and glory, and the common efforts of the two procedural dogs. Li, I will graduate soon. I am suddenly hospitalized with appendicitis. The only time I have to lie in bed all day for four years is when I drip in the hospital. I dont have a happy family. I envy not only those who have a family, but also ordinary single-parent families. Its graduation time. He writes all the graduation materials for me. He also takes care of me, fans me, helps me to go upstairs and downstairs, delivers materials to and fro, and sleeps tiredly on the bedside. Im really lucky to meet him. I hope all the loved ones can encourage each other to work together. The future life will be very good. I also hope that all the families will be peaceful and happy. I hope the host and Xiao Fang can complete!

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