Why should China implement the Change moon exploration program?

 Why should China implement the Change moon exploration program?

The first moon image released by the China National Space Administration in November 26, 2007 on Change 1

Lunar exploration can prepare mankind for the development and utilization of lunar resources. The moon has found that there are more than 100 minerals on the moon, including rich oxygen, silicon, titanium, manganese and aluminum, and 5 of them are not on earth; there is a rare ideal nuclear fusion power source on the moon, helium -3, which can meet the energy needs of the earth for thousands of years and the moon is therefore The Persian Gulf is known as the Persian Gulf in twenty-first Century; because the moon has no atmosphere and has a large area of land, a solar power plant with high power generation can be built on a large scale to make it an energy base. Special alloys, steel, medicines and optical fiber can be produced by the special environment of high vacuum and low gravity on the moon. There are also unique tourism resources, where you can enjoy the beauty of silence, enjoy a large circle of ring-shaped mountains, see the unparalleled earth, and experience 1/6 gravity.

Lunar exploration can drive and promote the development of basic science and high technology. It includes cosmology, space astronomy, space physics and solar system chemistry, as well as information technology, new energy technology, new material technology, optoelectronic technology, robot technology and telemetry technology, and can also promote the common development of interdisciplinary and permeation of multidisciplinary. For example, because the moon has little atmospheric and geological activity, the rock is badly damaged, where the study of the moon rock is equivalent to the specimen from 3 billion 900 million to 4 billion years before the study of the earth, so the moon is the best specimen to study the origin and evolution of the earth. The exploration of the moon can understand many information about the early atmospheric state of the earth, and even help people to understand the history of the origin and evolution of life, the earth and the solar system and the whole universe, and understand the relationship between the spatial phenomena and the earths natural system, and thus understand the position and role of human beings in the space of the universe.

The moon has no atmosphere and a global magnetic field, the internal energy is close to exhaustion (the monthly earthquake is only about 100 million of the earthquake), the geological structure is extremely stable, the back of the moon is not disturbed by the earths radio waves, and the surface has the characteristics of Gao Jie net and weak gravity. These characteristics are ideal for astronomical observation, so the moon is the best platform for the construction of large moon based observatory. Because the moons gravity is only 1 / 6 of the earths gravity, and there is no wind on the moon, it is more convenient to build huge telescopes and observatories on the moon than on the earth. The geological activity of the moon is much weaker than that of the earth, and its effect on the observation of the telescope is very small, which is especially advantageous to the long optical, infrared and radio interferometric systems. Especially on the back of the moon, there is no interference with the environment, so it is most suitable for radio astronomy observation.

In order to overcome the difficulties caused by lunar exploration, especially on manned lunar landing, a series of high and new technology must be developed, which promotes the leap forward development of many technologies. For example, the implementation of the 1960s American Apollo manned lunar landing project led to the emergence of a large number of high-tech industrial groups in the United States, such as new computers, ultra high strength and high temperature resistant materials. Later, many technical achievements, such as artificial intelligence, robot and remote control, were transferred to the people. Therefore, it promotes the development of science and technology and the prosperity of industry. In the last 10 years of twentieth Century, the United States has been able to maintain high speed and high growth in the high and new technology fields such as information, biology, new materials, and so on, to a large extent, thanks to the thousands of applied technical achievements derived from the Apollo project.

Apollo spacecraft astronauts on the moon

The exploration of the moon can promote the development of deep space exploration. It can make technical preparations for a wider range of deep space exploration, and can also serve as a springboard for future deep space exploration. It is reported that if the moon is used as a springboard to Mars, because the moons gravity is small, it will greatly save the cost of starting Mars. In addition, through the exploration of the moon, the moon has rich water ice resources. If it is used, it can not only meet the needs of lunar astronauts, but also decompose hydrogen and oxygen, and add fuel to the manned spacecraft with the moon as a springboard.

The exploration of the moon can promote the sustainable development of the countrys economy. The optimization of technology and the two development can drive the development of technology in the economic field. For example, barcode was invented to control the thousands of components and components used in the Apollo manned lunar project, and now barcode technology has been widely used for the price of goods in supermarkets. The ICU is also born in the need of Apollos plan to carry out health tests for astronauts on the moon. The leaves of the instant noodle seasoning come from the dehydrated vegetables from the space food. It was first used in the Apollo project to allow astronauts to eat space food containing vegetables. At present, the hollow blow molding manufacturing technology used by all kinds of fashionable air cushion sports shoes is also transferred from the technology of Apollo astronauts lunar landing boots. Under the guidance of Apollo manned lunar landing technology, we have also developed some new products such as color Doppler, heart rate meter, laser surgery, digital thermometer, smoke detector, food drier and household electrical appliance energy saving system.

Map of future production of materials on the moon for production

Lunar exploration can also promote international cooperation in the field of space. Because lunar exploration project has a high starting point, distinctive features, and needs innovation, it is highly scientific, exploratory and open, so it is suitable for space international cooperation.

Through the implementation of the lunar exploration project, China can master the key technologies of the unmanned lunar exploration, and realize the moons surround, landing, inspection and sampling and sampling, forming a series of functional units, such as detector, deep space measurement and control network and launch vehicle, and independent innovation of the lunar scientific research results. The foundation for the sustainable development of space science and deep space exploration is to establish a scientific, technological and engineering system and an innovative team for the exploration of Chinas deep space.

Chinas lunar exploration symbol is called the moon. It draws a round moon in Chinese calligraphy with a pair of footprints on it.

In space technology, Change project can gradually achieve a number of major breakthroughs, the first arrival of extraterrestrial objects, the first landing on the extraterrestrial planet, for the first time from the outside of the planet back to the sample. The breakthrough of these technologies can promote the development of space engineering system integration, deep space TT & C communication, new launch vehicle and space launch and other spaceflight technology development, and promote the development of information technology, new energy technology, new material technology, MEMS technology and telemetry science.

In space science, through the first distance and contact detection of the stars and the space environment outside the earth, our understanding of space science can be deepened greatly, and a new platform for the research of astrophysics, space physics and material science in China is established, and the innovation and development of these disciplines are promoted. It will lead to more basic interdisciplinary crossover, penetration and common development.

According to the track and depth of the rabbit, the density, porosity and friction coefficient of the lunar rover can be deduced.

Lunar exploration project can also promote the sustainable development of Chinas economy. In the past few years, the rapid development of Chinas economy has been at the cost of high energy consumption and high pollution to some extent. The impetus of the lunar exploration project to high and new technology will inevitably feed back to the economy, and the economy with high and new technology is low energy consumption, low pollution and high efficiency, which is in line with the direction of sustainable development.

Based on the above reasons, the implementation of the Change lunar exploration plan has an important role in promoting the national economy and peoples livelihood and technological development.

(Hang Tianren)