When she fell down at Disneyland, I wanted to hug her.

 When she fell down at Disneyland, I wanted to hug her.

From the video, we can see that the tourists around are all wearing short sleeves and shorts. It can be seen that the weather was hot and hot. It is also enough to see what kind of heat the staff needed to endure in the clothes and headdresses of the puppet.

Disney dolls are filled with cotton. Imagine wearing a two-layer down jacket in the heat, and youll understand why Meimeis staff fainted from heatstroke.

This is not only because of her responsibility to protect the fairy tale world for children, but also because Disneyland has strict working rules.

My friend once enrolled in the Princess Selection of Disneyland, but she is not tall enough, so the final actors to play Minnie - Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck need to be less than 1.6 meters tall, while Gaofeis actors must be higher than 1.85 meters tall.

The actor had to start tidying up her costume an hour earlier, and no skin or hair was allowed to show. So my friend played Minnie, her scalp had rashes in the summer, because her hair was firmly fixed by the hairnet and the safety rope in her headdress.

Besides entering the theatre by themselves, Mickey, Minnie and Donald Duck need to practice signatures to ensure that all the signatures they get are uniform.

And there is absolutely no possibility of two Mickey Mouse in the same place, in order to create a fairy tale world for children that can not be questioned.

However, we all know that no ones life is a fairy tale.

Although we know that Disney is not a black-hearted factory, and that the treatment and safety of its employees are guaranteed, they are still under a lot of pressure outside of work.

In Shanghais Disneyland, the chipmunks strange head was knocked heavily by a female visitor, causing concussions in the actorsbrains.

Mei Mei was not only hurt by the weather and work itself, but also by Shanghai Disney. A male tourist in black tugged her ears on Mei Meis headdress and twisted her headdress. Mei Meis actors should leave with the accompaniment of staff even if they felt head discomfort.

As mentioned earlier, the dolls head cover is full of metal brackets and safety ropes. If you are dragged like this, you may be in danger of life.

The answer is no, for example, the following confusing statement: You are only risking heatstroke, my son saw a real head in Mickey Mouse!

Others will put their own selfish desires above the safety of other peoples lives. They do not understand this kind of pay, but speak ill of each other.

Audiences who make loud phone calls in theaters, occupy loving seats on buses and subways, ignore the elderly passengers around them, shout at waitersdiners, take-out boys will report when they order service at the door (they may have fallen on the way to deliver meals for you), and diners who make them lose their jobs are lowering the bottom line of the society, like a beating rice. Chi, Minnie and Donald Ducks hands.

I hope everyone can give more goodwill to people like my mother, because when you open the door, you may see my father holding thelittle princessin his hand. ?

Later, we learned that no ones life is a Disney fairy tale.

But still, some people are guarding other peoples dreams, taking the initiative to order meals for cleaners and take-out brothers, peers who take the initiative to help you put your luggage on the luggage rack on the train, the teams that send the examinees to the National College Entrance Examination every year, or a simple understanding and smile in life.

Yes, Im sure you wont be the destroyer of other peoples dreams, but if even one of 100 people comes out, its enough to plunge another persons life into the abyss of no longer trusting others.

Fly to the universe, infinite!

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