Please Refrigerator Mao is not easy to love co-rent life

 Please Refrigerator Mao is not easy to love co-rent life

Maos good friend Zhou Zhennan surprisingly appeared in the program. He gave Mao a sincere comment in VCR: Mao is a person who is afraid of being alone, shy, especially loyal and maternal love. And he is very helpful. He has to pay for his meals and rental. In addition, Mr. Maos room also has a kind of magic that people want to stay when they go. According to Zhou Zhennan, Maos room is like a small supermarket. Sushi, duck neck, flour, noodles, all kinds of meals, snacks, drinks and drinks are available. Zhou Zhennan also revealed that Mao likes to drink, but the amount of alcohol is not large. After drinking, he will send information to everyone, such as take care of yourself, how are you lately, and protect yourself. Mao is not easy to express himself that he likes drinking. He often sends messages to his friends in a slightly tipsy state, and even expresses Hua Chenyu.

Mao is not easy to give life advice to college entrance examination students, if they have a dream, they will stick to it.

Just after the end of the college entrance examination, Mao did not easily give some life advice to the candidates in the program. Mao did not readily admit that he had entered a difficult period during his senior year and internship, and knew clearly that this was not the life he wanted, and his way out of the difficult period was simply to participate in the program. But he also said that others were not encouraged to participate blindly.

Mao is not easy to chat about the conflict between inspiration and rhythm of life. He confesses that decompression relies entirely on internalization.

For Maos uneasy anxiety, Mr. He said that in the final analysis, it is the conflict between his creative desire and the rhythm of life, which can not be achieved by hard work. There are opportunities for artistic creation. In the face of these pressures and anxieties, it is hard for Mao and Chu to Tucao, but now more is internalized. For such a way of handling, He advised him to express, share with others is also the process of combing, anxiety in the heart will become a kind of pressure.

Alcohol mixing commemorates the closing of ice worship and deeply understands the wisdom of young peoples life

In commemoration of the last episode of season 5 Please Refrigerator, Wang Jiaer and Mao did not mix wine with the chef Xiaojie on the spot easily. Mao is not easy to name his wine Xiaolu, implying his unforgettable life experience; Wang Jiaer named his wine Summer Snow Beach as his idol Yang Zi; Xiaojie named his wine heartbeat. Looking back on the owners of refrigerators this season: Papi sauce and Peng Yuchang, which are mostly outdated food materials; some are basically roommatesfood materials; some are mainly parents food materials, such as Zhou Dongyu, Guan Xiaotong and Yang Zi; some are famous refrigerator counterfeiting cases - pools containing newly purchased food materials; and of course, Li Yuchun and Shen Yue, which are full of ritual and lifestyle, are still struggling behind these refrigerators. The state of life of young people in battle.

In these refrigerators, you can see the hard work of young people on the way to struggle and even will be done. However, chefs can still make delicious dishes from the food stored in the fridge and send them to the owner of the fridge. For young people, even if life is not very comfortable now, life is still a bit difficult. But now that you have these moments, there must be something worth enjoying and cherishing. Good happiness depends on whether you find that the so-called best food in the world is in your refrigerator, and the joy of your life is in your present day.

Please Refrigerator is about to end warmly. It leaves audiences with wisdom of life, such as fireworks in Li Yuchuns delicate life, Shen Yues sense of fun and ceremony, Peng Yuchangs moderate relaxation... They are all influencing the young people of today. From the first season to the fifth season, Please Refrigerator takes the refrigerator as an incision to show the ordinary and real side of the celebrity artistslife. It touches the audience with the contents and topics that strongly resonate with each other. And always adhere to the positive and upward way of life to the public, advocate young people to live a healthy and quality life, hope that young people in the wisdom of these artists to find their own way of life, make their lives more splendid!