Disney stunned can not untie the headset media: for childrens fun regardless of human nature?

 Disney stunned can not untie the headset media: for childrens fun regardless of human nature?

Disneys dolls are full of childrens fun, but the doll actors are bitter. Indeed, no job is easy, but when the rights and interests of these doll actors are not guaranteed, it is far from the fairy tale world of beauty.

In many peoples eyes, Disneys dolls are woven into a fairy tale-like world.

But what can be seen is childlike interest, and what can not be seen is bitterness. These two days, Disney Snow White actors told about their own experience of the post, on the micro-blog hot search, the topic gained more than 200 million reading.

The actor tells his own story to the camera: when applying for a job, he is strict with his height and appearance, and when he succeeds in applying for a job, he cant wear self-timer in his work clothes, otherwise he will be fired, and he will have to deal with all kinds of unsuitable tourists. In addition, security guards throughout the park are monitoring the actions of Disneyland employees.

Coincidentally, a video of the Hong Kong Disney doll Mei Mei fainting from heatstroke during a tour is also spreading. After the Mei Mei fever collapsed, the staff immediately went forward to check, after confirming that Mei Mei can not continue to tour, will help it leave the scene.

To the dissatisfaction of many netizens, during the whole process, the staff did not untie the heavy headgear and overalls for Mei Mei to ventilate it. Some netizens expressed their anger that this was an act regardless of the safety of the doll players life.

Mei Mei was lifted from the whole process, did not take off her headgear and clothes.

But according to Disneys rules, in order to protect childrens hearts, all dolls can not take off their headgear in front of tourists. This rule is reasonable. On the one hand, it is based on the protection of childlike innocence, on the other hand, it is also the maintenance of corporate image, so as to avoid tourists from getting angry at the cartoon image they play because they dont like a certain actor.

But which is more important when the enterprise regulations are faced with life safety? The answer given by Disney is undoubtedly far from the beauty that dolls bring.

I. Disney dolls are sad behind their loveliness

Meimei, a bear prototyped by Mickey Mouses girlfriend Minnie, is known for its cuteness and has always been Disneys most popular image. But Mei Mei is also one of the most disastrous images. In the online search, besides the fainting of the actor, Shanghai Disneyland also had the event that tourists patted the head of Rose and Rose, which led to concussion of the actors brain.

Not only Meimei but also many dolls in Shanghai Disneyland felt uncomfortable when tourists slapped their heads, and even were sent to first aid.

The reason for the risk of heatstroke and injury is that the cute doll actually wears a dozen kilograms of headgear, which is equivalent to carrying two large watermelons. In order to shape the head cover, the inner part is a steel skeleton, so even if an outsider pats it casually, the dislocation of the steel skeleton will bring harm to the puppet player.

The suit on the doll also weighs 10-30 kilograms, not to mention walking and dancing, even standing is not easy. Its hard for outsiders to imagine the hard work of wearing heavy overalls and holding up their hands during the decades-long cruise.

Its easy not to have a job. Its really an adults conscience. But in Disney, which seems to be always happy, this hard work and risk is inevitably overshadowed by the huge contrast. Moreover, the professional protection of the doll industry has been rather awkward.

Apart from Disney and other large amusement parks, most of the dolls are part-time, such as shopping malls or brand promotion sites.

Many part-time students are willing to try this part-time job, because compared with other part-time jobs, the income of puppet acting is relatively high, and they can earn two or three hundred yuan a day.

But few people are willing to work part-time for a long time, because when they try, they will find that it is a hard job no matter how much money is hard to stick to.

Not to mention the inconvenience of action, but also often encounter bear children, plus doing is a day, equal to walking sauna. Because its a part-time job, you cant expect the employer to give the actor any protection.

But Disney, which employs a special person to play the role of a doll, also has little protection for the rights and interests of the actors.

2. Disneys protection of the rights and interests of doll actors is not enough.

As a large playground, Disney employees are not so much employees as actors, and they have to enter the role throughout.

For example, if a child wants to find Spider-Man, the staff can only answer, Spider-Man has gone to save the world, but he hasnt come back yet. This collective fairy tale world is built entirely to give visitors a deeper sense of substitution. Thats what the Snow White actor mentioned.

Attention to detail has created a fairy tale world that lasts for decades, but it inevitably turns Disney into a company accustomed to discipline.

Every employee has to undergo brainwashing training, watching animation related to role playing for a long time, until the role attached. Every year, they have to undergo re-employment review, and their body, skin and mental status are under review to avoid getting rid of the joke.

Netizens expressed dissatisfaction with Disneys failure to protect employees.

Even if every employee smiles and greets others, always showing a happy side, it can not hide the heavy and harsh work. Disneys rules for employees are very complicated, such as the princess role player, who must interact with no less than 172 people an hour and be laid off four times before reaching the standard.

This harshness can easily lead to inequality between employers and employees. In Tokyo Disney, there was a case of puppet actors suffering from severe arm pain and thoracic outlet syndrome after wearing overalls for several months. Disney employees also went on strike because of low hourly pay and long rehearsal time.

This is related to Disneys operation. Disney, which has been popular all over the world for decades, was a ladder for low-income people to change their destiny, creating a middle-class family.

But nowadays, Disney has become a model of low pay in the United States and elsewhere in the world. Hong Kong Disneyland, where Meimei fainted, has been losing money for several consecutive years, and the biggest expenditure is employee pay. Reducing labor costs will only lead to more roses falling due to excessive hard work.

Returning to the specific events, the treatment after Meimei fainted, even if a few people thought it was devoted to work and thus sprouted cheap touches, could not change the fact that Disneys image was damaged.

The phrase protecting the innocence of children is not a reason to ignore the safety of life. You know, the so-called childlike innocence is to look at the world with the purest eyes and love the world. Its essence is compassion.

Even if we cant get rid of brainwashing training and low salary system, Disney needs to protect employeesrights and interests more.

At the very least, these recreation infrastructure providers should come up with safeguards against high temperatures to prevent doll actors from stuffing and fainting in high temperatures. Disneyland people should not and can not understand this basic humanistic concern.

Source: New Beijing News Author: Editor-in-Charge of Ye Kefei: Li Hang_BJS4645